Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Good Morning. It's Wednesday already! I am joining Leslie today for Whatch working on Wednesday. Visit her blog toady and see what everyone else is working on today. I am done with these "quick" mini samplers that took me fooooorever to finish. lol They are leaving my home today! We have school and that seems to take up a big chunk of my day.....then it's off to pot luck and cards with all my girls and my Mom. I am working on this little tool carrier. It was a TS buy, and I had painted it and stained it, but didn't like the way it looked. So, I am re painting it, (this is the undercoat color)and then I'll letter it and distress it. It will go in my DH office here at home.

This is what I want to letter on my carrier....the old ranch name and our brand....not sure of the graphic yet...

I have been working on painting this sign for awhile also. This is is our school room/spare bedroom/sewing room/craft room! lol

I woke up this morning around 2, I was restless from the dreams I had been having and I sat up to look at the clock and realized it was off. I woke up DH, who is on call this week and told him the power was off. It was nice he was on call because his truck was home and he had all his tools. Our transformer had tripped and wouldn't hold. Come to find out our welder had shorted it out, and when that was unplugged the recloser held fine. I was glad to get the power back on, and that we didn't have to call some other lineman out of bed to come fix our troubles, especially when it was our own fault! Whew! I NEED to clean up in my yard!!!!! It's even free dump week all this week......So I am hoping Friday that DH and I can take a load to the landfill.....:-) Three generations of farmers have lived in this old stone house, and farmed this land....and there are
three generations of "stuff" stored here! No joking...... Have a good one! ..........Kassie, we'll miss you today. :-( ♥


Janene said...

You have been very busy!
What you are working on looks fantastic!
Hope the power stays on for you!

Leslie said...

I"m behind on checking in with most bloggers, including the "Whatcha Working on Wednesday" posters. The mini stitcheries are oh so cute :) I have this really tiny frame that I have been wanting to stitch something simple in like "Simplify" and sit on the shelf above my sink. It will probably only take a few hours but I just haven't started

I'm sure the tool carrier and sign will look awesome when finished :)

Have a great day!


UPON A HILL said...

All the electric work; I don't understand, but you sure are doing some great work on all those projects. You are one busy girl. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of these projects.

Mimi Sue said...

I love your little projects. I usually make a few of these for the boutique at Festival of Trees. I am on the Kids Korner committee so I have to come up with 10 projects. They always sell out so I keep making them! Those petroglyphs are so wonderful. The graffiti kind of makes me sick though. Why do people do things like that? Mimi

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Those samplers are beautiful! Way to go.