Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Fun Are You Going to Have This Weekend???

We have some dear friends who are going to a primitive shoot this Saturday! How fun this will be! I am feeling a little left out on this venture. A Primitive gathering is so much fun. They are going to be going to beautiful Ft. Buenaventura in Odgen Ut. Can't you just smell the campfires burning? Can't you hear the BOOM, from the guns as they are fired? Can't you see the tents all set up and waiting for you on Traders Row? Can't you hear the bagpipers playing? Maybe Kirkmount will be there playing as well......................... Naomi and Daniel, keep yer powder dry! Have a blast and win an awesome prize!!!!We could go to this, except that we are still feeding cows, and calving. So we stay to home, and have a good time here on the farm. We have a couple of places we can go on our farm, to have a picnic. One is down by the creek, and the other is a place our family calls "the flats". We do all of our Easter playing on Saturday, an we have a a big fire, and roast some hot dogs or a hot link or two, or maybe a brat or a chunk of steak! And we can't forget the inevitable marshmallow! It just isn't a picnic unless someone has some bits of grass or dirt stuck to their face! :-) Most of our family will come, and we will have some potato salad, and maybe some home made dry ice root beer! We will hide baskets, and maybe some eggs and other treats, an we'll all go home smelling like smoke! Our DIL says she is having a baby this weekend! And she may! Her blood pressure has been high and they are keeping a good watch on her. But they may end up starting her if they can't get her pressure down. Being started is not too bad, except for the pit! BUt we are hanging on by the skin of our teeth, because we are having a baby shower for her this thursday!!! We may just have to have it another time! LOL

I joined a Primitive Laundry Room swap over to Chars.....http://charsethman.blogspot.com/The Pickled Pepper Patch a while back, and these are the things I made and sent out to Kim who lives in Ohio, and was my swap partner. My treasures she sent to me are still in the mail and I'm getting excitied ! (Can't wait to see them......LOL)

So, what is it that you are going to be doing in your neck of the woods this weekend? ♥♥♥


Parkers said...

I am going to be up in Island Park, I think, working. I better call to find out. He He Most places have some type of Easter brunch, but not us. Off season and all.

Gayle said...

We live 10 minutes from Fort Buenaventura, and can you believe we've never been there for their Easter weekend festivities? We're headed to St. George for the Art Festival.

Tausha said...

I am such a bad mom, I am dreading this weekend. Espescially now that the weather people say that it is going to be crappy! Lovely!!!!
I am thinking that I am going to go to blockbuster tomorrow and rent some Wii games-stop the boredom before it happens.
I have to tell you that I love that I know that you love popcorn. Sometimes I forget about this little quick treat. I now have a reminder-thanks!!
Good luck with the school thing. Doens't sound like it is a super fun situation, but itsn't that what us moms live for-drama?

Beth at Aunties said...

Hello friend,
We are going to enjoy a Easter egg hunt with grandpa at his senior living Residence and then host a YSA Ice Cream Social after Saturday Evening session of conference. It is our Stake conference and our kids and grandchildren will be else where. So we will enjoy this special time to rejoice in our Savior's resurrection.
Enjoy your Easter whether inside or outside!

dbirdfamily said...

This would be the Amazing Bird Woman's Mom and we did have a fabulous time at the Rendezvous it was a lot of fun and the weather was great not to hot and not to cold. Dead Eye and son shot and had a great time...Dead Eye won 3 second places. Well Mercy Ottis you will have to join us next year...Lets go do some shooting like we talked about. Bye for now from Mulberry