Thursday, December 30, 2010


Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Brrrrrrrr! It's cold!
I saw the cutest scarves just a week or two before Christmas at Happy together. It's an easy fun tutorial.
I had to make some. And then I had to make some more! Really, you should go check them out! I thought they were way cute, and happy! (can a scarf really seem happy?) LOL
I had a old Chenille pillow sham with coolie pompoms on it, which kept calling my name. I decided it'd be fun in a little scarf.

Here's the end result.

I liked them so well I made one for myself, some more for others, and one for you!

Along with this "happy" little scarf, I'm sending you a bar of yummy soap, for soaking in a hot bathtub after playing in the snow, and a surprise!

To Enter,
Simply leave me a comment on THIS post.

This has been for the most part another wonderful year chuck full of blessings. Even in the face of saddness, we have been very blessed! I really can't complain, nor should I! :-)


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Heros, kidneys and some Christmas

I have a young friend, Megan, who has a friend, seriously she is a young mom and is in need of a kidney. Megan gave her one of hers today. She is my hero. What an incredible gift! What an incredible sacrifice for Megan to make. Wow.
I also have a niece who received a kidney yesterday, a gift from a Donner who had lost her/his life. I'm so grateful to a family somewhere, who allowed the donation to take place. My niece has two little children and has been strapped to an in home dialysis's system, and was in need of this gift. Another Hero, only this one from the other side of the Veil.
I pray both young mother's bodies will except these kidneys. I know they still have a long road ahead of them.
Oh but, Megan really is my Hero.

Thought I would share a bit of home Christmas.
These old skates are some of my treasures. They are Uncle Glades Ice skates. He is 80 something. He grew up in the Stone House, and these were his skates as a boy. Remember my chicken coop? Well, the chickens "scratched" these skates up a few years ago. They were buried in their run. I am glad to have them and I wonder what else is buried under there.

Old wagon at the end of my sidewalk

This little door was the outside door to our attic before we remolded the house, an now it sits outside my front door. The bucket is home to our branding irons.

This nativity is in the spare bedroom where the grands play and sleep. They can touch it, and as you see, they do. lol Wow, someone needs to wash some windows.......

This nativity sits a top the computer desk in the dinning room. It's just like the one I got in Primary when I was 10. We wore mine out and I felt lucky to find another at the TS. This one shows the scars of air soft guns and a raging battle (which was not supposed to be fought inside...)gone Arie!

looking down the hall......we use these Santa hats and needed a place to have handy access

This is my "Walton-esk" tree in my living room. It still needs it's popcorn and cranberry garland.

This last picture is what I saw one morning on my walk, not far from where I park my car, which is only about a quarter of a mile from my home. Kinda weirded me out for a day or so....
Here's whats left of a cougar track after rain and fog. Its bigger than my hands can circle.

Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas preparations. Don't forget to read some Christmas stories, and watch some good Christmas movies. Maybe somehow in some small way we can be a Hero for someone this Christmas Season!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family photo's...good times? the end, yes!

When you get your family together for pictures is it kinda like pulling teeth?


These sweet little cherubs are our grands. Number 8 is coming in Jan.

It's a real task to get everyone on the same page...........and keep them there!

But I love the outcome anyway! Makes me smile!

These are all my guys!

Our teen has had the opportunity to be apart of his cousins Young Mens in building "Mater". They've entered him in every parade round about, an have won first place each time. They play a cd of his voice, and drive him backwards up and down the parade route. The Young Men ride in the back and sometimes they get really get him bouncing. Friday afternoon they gave him a Christmas makeover and took "Rudolf the red nosed Mater" to strut his stuff in the light parade, where they once again took first place! Summer shot of Mater
Rudolf the Red Nosed Mater in the light parade.

Gum ball turkeys our daughter made us for thanksgiving. Aren't they cute?

Their little pilgrim hats are made from tootsie rolls.

My woolly puppy

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. So many things to be thankful for. It was great having our children and their families here under the same roof.

Some years ago we started a new family tradition of going to see a movie on Thanksgiving night. This year we saw Harry Potter. Have you seen it? Did you like it? I'm not a purist when it comes to HP, I enjoy the books, as well as the movies. One of my daughters is always so disappointed in the movies because they are not like the books . lol

We went after Christmas trees yesterday. It was cold cold cold. We got some beautiful trees , Pinion from the south slope of Tabby Mountain. Hopefully we will get ours up tomorrow for home evening. The Mr has the flu, and I think it would be nice if he keeps it to himself! lol The sky is flat this afternoon, I think we may get some snow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

For the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the skies, for the love which from our birth over and around us lies, Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise.

For the beauty of each hour of the day and of the night, hill and vale, tree and flow'r, sun and moon, and stars of light, Lord of all, to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.

For the joy of human love, brother, sister, parent, child, friends on earth, and friends above, for all gentle thoughts and mild, Lord of all, to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.
This is our year to have all of our children, my Mom, my Sis, and a nephew home for Thanksgiving. There will be 23 of us. I am looking forward to it all. I had some pictures to show you but for some reason my cord will not work with my laptop, and so, I'll wait. We were able to get a couple of summer projects done after all. We poured cement and graveled the drive ways. YES!!!!! I LOVE IT! We also have laid laminate floor on the kitchen, dinning room/keeping room and wash room floors! How NICE it feels! Thank you dear Mr.!

I have a new puppy...........I'm not exactly sure how it came to be that I have a puppy, and no one is more surprised than I am myself. And to top it off, I'm the one who reached down into the box outside the grocery store and picked her up and carried her to my car, and drove home with her! Ahhhh, she's a cuddle though. What kind of dog is she? Good question. Maybe a border collie/great Pyrenees cross? She has a white wool coat, and big feet, and she has doubled in size in just the few weeks that I've had her. The brother that was in the box with her, looked like he was very boarder collie. So who knows. I took her walking with me today, Ugg. The first half mile was like dragging a dead dog down the side of the road. LOL It took me 2o minutes longer to get my walk in, but I know it'll get better, and she'll be good company.

We have new turkeys at my house, and one of them will be our Thanksgiving feast. Long somewhat silly dramatic story about these birds but I'll spare you the details and just tell you how Thankful I am that all 3 of them are in the chicken coop!

I have some links for you today, some freebies from other blogs. The first one is for a turkey, from Kris
This guy made me smile.

I have a thing for old bottle brush trees and I think her homemade ones turned out fun.

These last links are for counted cross stitch patterns. SORRY I don't have a picture for each of them.

On sat., I went to a funeral for a friends husband. It was a beautiful service, full of peace and love. Between that and Thanksgiving, I've been pretty reflective, and feel overwhelmed with gratitude.
I'm so very blessed for sure. I'm grateful for so many many things, and hope and pray that I can become a truly grateful and kind person. Hugs to Sylvia, who is so full of love that when I'm around her, I am always inspired to become a better woman than I was before. I am very Grateful for my 5 daughters. The two that I gave birth to, and the three that my sons have brought into my life. I love you all, and I'm grateful for your support and the way you love and nurture not only your own, but family that belongs to others. Thanks for showing me how it's done!
I'm so grateful that the Mr. is alive and breathing, and yes, I'd rather sweep up that mud than have him gone from my life! He is my everything!
I'm grateful for this old stone homestead house that I am privileged to live in, and for those that built it and raised families here.
I hope you all have beautiful and safe Thanksgiving day. I know your hearts are as grateful and full as mine! Till next time, Enjoy
...............and gobble till you wobble!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last Friday, our daughter hosted a Halloween party. We all came dressed up, well that is everyone except our teen who has decided dressing up is for "little kids" The Mr wanted to know where that left us......second childhood?

We played some Halloween Jeopardy, tossed some candy corns, ate yummy treats, and visited.

The Mr. had the scariest costume of all. No kidding, he made a couple of kiddos cry! Ya, and one of them was our own grandson! He took one look at the Mr and he started to cry and made a bee line for the door! He was getting outta there , away from that scary guy!
Another of our grandsons was so leery of him, and try as he might, grandpa could not get him to come sit on his lap. He would come stand and look at him, and talk some, but sit? No way.
Well, I sat on his lap. I wanted to get a head of the seasonal rush! LOL

We have the ward Halloween party tomorrow night, whatda think? Should the Bishop wear his red suit again? I wonder how many kids he could scare there? LOL


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just visited a new to me fun website, A Murder Of Crows Prims . I'm going shopping there tomorrow! ;-) Jenn from over to Taylor's"farmhouse" attic introduced us via her post today.

The rain has stopped, and I am headed out for my walk!

Isn't the fall beautiful!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Swept away!

While at rendezvous I had the good fortune to run into to this kind lady and her broom! ( here she's trying to fly away lol) Through her I was able to locate the broom trader, which up till that point I had not seen. I bought myself a couple of whisk brooms and of course now that I'm home I wish I would snagged myself a full sized broom.

AH, all is not lost because they have a web sight! PIONEER BUCKETS AND BROOMS and below are some pictures of their beautiful brooms.

This one is a pot scrubber. My whisks are not this fancy.

I love this last one.

If you have any interest in some handmade brooms made in the 18th/19th century style, here's a great place to find one. PIONEER BUCKETS AND BROOMS
We're going after a load of wood tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to being up in the mountains. Hope you all are having the same beautiful fall weather we are enjoying.
Have a great weekend!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

all good things must come to an end......

Rendezvous came....and...sigh.....went......

Hallooooow the camp!
Fort Bridger Rendezvous is a Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Rendezvous. Where folks dress in pre 1840's clothing from head to foot, and sell and buy pre 1840's things. It's held every year on Labor day weekend, inside of Historic Fort Bridger Wyoming, which is also in the town of Ft Bridger Wyo. Most of our family dresses in mid 1750's era, or as colonials and long hunters, which isn't really rocky mountain fur trade, but it is pre 1840 and we love it. Our one daughter and her family dress southwest, or more in the style of Taos traders. We are still learning and researching and that's 9/10's of the fun for us. Our teen took first place on Friday's tomahawk throw, which won him 30 dollars in traders bucks, We were all excited for him. He didn't do so hot the next day, but it still gave him some ump to keep practicing for next year.
Here's our family. We were all here!!!!! You can tell we're in Wyo.... the w.i.n.d. was blowing! LOL We had a really good time and are already talking about next years rendezvous. We camp out of the fort in the "tin tepee" area in our campers and tents. In order to camp in the fort, or in the "primitive camp" as it is called, everything we would use and wear would have to be pre 1840. Tents, bedding, chairs, tables, dishes, clothing all the time, our coolers in wooden boxes, etc. We have talked about doing that, but then we always decide we like our campers and it would cost a ton to go 100% primitive. But we still talk about it. Maybe someday we'll just do it.

The next picture was taken on traders row inside the fort. Men and women come and set up their period tent's and sell pre 1840 type goods from them, and it's called traders row.

This young man and his brothers are Kirkmount. They play Celtic music which is mostly composed by themselves. They are really gifted.

These next pictures are just random shots of family

sorry this next picture is blurry. Kids met while they were out shopping, an I enjoyed seeing them visiting.

more of traders row....

I met this lady on Monday morning. I loved her outfit and her broom. You can see she's trying to ride it! LOL I'll tell you more about her broom in another post and give you a web sight whee you can buy handmade pre 1840's brooms and whisk brooms.

This is a daughter, tossing a frying pan in the frying pan toss. ( she is the one in front bending over )

Bath time rendezvous style

I love love love to watch the Native American dancers. In fact I don't feel like I've really been to Rendezvous if I haven't seen them dance, nor heard the bag pipers play. Two of my favorite things about rendezvous.

a couple of "longhunter" sons looking at a traders wares.

Back at camp, a daughter getting ready to go to the Fort. Over 40,000 folks come to Rendezvous. And sometimes it feels like that many are camped right next door! LOL For the most part, we circle our wagons so to speak, and our little kids play inside our circle and we don't notice so much that there are a ton of people camped right next door!

The Mr. trying out a rocking chair....we came very close to buying it...... it was a folding one, no nails nor screws holding them together. Very comfy to sit in.

Another view from traders row. AND my next rendezvous love, Indian clothing..... I have been talking about "moving" the Mr and I up 100 years and trading in my linen and buckled shoes for leathers and hawk bells instead!

All 5 grandsons.

That's my back. We're inside a traders tent having a look see. I'm wearing a linen petticoat (skirt) and a linen short gown (jacket) a shift, socks that go to my knee, buckled shoes and yes, stays. Oh also, a linen cap and a cotton kerchief. I'm carrying the Mr's haversack because I left my "pocket" back home in Utah lol

This is our oldest son and his little family.
They didn't know we were spying on them. :-)
( son is the one holding his long bow, dil is holding on to the wagon, gs's are in front left side of pic )

Well, can you believe it's early fall? Heavens I really can't! I have bottled peaches and salsa and frozen some ( very little but some) zuk. I'm helping a daughter make salsa this week, going to a fun fabric store with a good friend, going to book club, and planning cub scout pack meeting!
I have been called to be the Cubmaster in our ward. No more nursery for me, in fact today was my last day. I was pretty sad. It's so tender. But on to cubs. I've been there before, some 20 years ago...... but I am looking forward to it and all the fun that it will be.
I've been walking every day but Sundays since March, and my word, I have even lost weight! Just simply walking. I am still amazed.
I have enjoyed visiting your blogs but haven't been much of a blogger or commenter. Just busy like all of you. All of our projects DID NOT get done this summer, and so I have to hope for the next. However, I have enjoyed doing so many things that I can't or shouldn't complain. The fall is beautiful and this after noon we went for a drive up Rock Creek to view the beautiful fall colors first hand. It was pretty.
So everyone, have a great week, and keep yer powder dry!
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