Thursday, December 30, 2010


Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Brrrrrrrr! It's cold!
I saw the cutest scarves just a week or two before Christmas at Happy together. It's an easy fun tutorial.
I had to make some. And then I had to make some more! Really, you should go check them out! I thought they were way cute, and happy! (can a scarf really seem happy?) LOL
I had a old Chenille pillow sham with coolie pompoms on it, which kept calling my name. I decided it'd be fun in a little scarf.

Here's the end result.

I liked them so well I made one for myself, some more for others, and one for you!

Along with this "happy" little scarf, I'm sending you a bar of yummy soap, for soaking in a hot bathtub after playing in the snow, and a surprise!

To Enter,
Simply leave me a comment on THIS post.

This has been for the most part another wonderful year chuck full of blessings. Even in the face of saddness, we have been very blessed! I really can't complain, nor should I! :-)


Carpe diem.......Seize The Day


~Leslie Lemke~ said...

I would love to be entered into your scarf and soap giveaway!!
Thanks for sharing

primitivebettys said...

I loved reading this! Good for you on your walking. I did start it this year, but some how lost my routine. That is a goal for me in 2011 though. :) Happy New Year to you too!

Your scarves are the sweetest! I would love to have a chance to win one. :)

Cowboy mom said...

Here I am 41, and loved to hear your thoughts on just walking. I need that I've struggled with walking regularly since September when we began remodeling we're pretty much done now and I needed the reminder to just walk. I've never done it for anything other then the reasons you gave. I just want to stay healthy. Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Gayle said...

Mercy - What darling scarves you made - I love that pom pom fringe! So perfect for keeping warm on a cold winter day! I'd love to take part in your giveaway!

Mimi Sue said...

Those scarves are just adorable and you're right, they're happy! Hope your New Year's is safe and fun. Mimi

Eric and Caralee said...

The scarves are adorable! Makes me want to make some myself! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Love Caralee

cottageprims said...

The scarves made me smile to.Count me in on the lovely giveaway.I'd look so stylish walking the dogs and then it would make others smile too.LoL.Have a joy filled and blessed New Year!~Amy

Jessica said...

I saw Kim's scarf that you made for her over New Year's and I so want to win one from your blog! They are darling. :) Enter me for the drawing! ♥

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

can I still enter? I LOVE those! you are so talented!

Julie Harward said...

I made some home made scarves this Christmas, nine of them but I like these even better! (Our hot tub sits on our back deck half under the stars...and I walk outside everyday unless it is 30 with the wind blowing! LOL)

Parkers said...

I must say, the clam chowder is good, but I do have a WAY better one that you should try...I'm just sayin. Anyways, I would also like to be entered in your giveaway, your stuff looks great. Also, I really, really, really wished we lived by you, Jade would've had a blast spending "family time" with you all sledding and all. I might have even enjoyed it, might have. Love you!

mariebeers said...

Your scarfs are just too cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kellie said...

Those scarfs are adorable! Enter me in your drawing!