Friday, July 31, 2009

I Would Die For That

.....OK......this is the part where you find out, (as if you didn't already know) what i can't do on blogger...... i have learned how to get the video here to my post, but i still haven't learned how to get it where i want it..........(which was at the end of this post) hum. so if any of you, with your vast amounts of untapped knowledge can help me out, i would truly love it!

the first time i saw this video it was on my niece caralee's blog. and she's right it's incredibly powerful.

now for the rest of the post, the part that was supposed to come before the i am again, saying that time is flying by at breakneck speeds! i have been busy, but it's your best guess at what i've been busy doing. just everyday living i think. lol my sister asked me why i wasn't blogging anymore.......oh my heck, i thought i was! but i guess it was over a week ago that i even posted a tiny tadbit. who knows what i'm doing.....dishes? watering? picking the beans......again, laundry? watching grandchildren? (which is fun) cooking? (which leads to more dishes...)
whatever it is i've been doing, i still can't seem to get all the non-bedroom stuff out of my bedroom! anyone else have that trouble? hum, just as i suspected. i . am. the. only. one. that. would. possibly. have. this. habit. (way to go.) lol

our community recently celebrated pioneer day (called longhorn days here) and a few of my children were involved in an old fashioned melodrama. he ain't done right by nell. our oldest daughter was the director, our oldest son was the hero(ahhhhh) and another daughter and two daughters in law did the pre show. one of our dil also sewed costumes. it was presented in the outdoor amphitheater where we had to bring our own chairs, got to boo at the villain, cheer for the hero, and make lovey sounds for the heroin. it was so fun to watch so many of my kids preform. we

are a family of hams i do believe!

my son, the hero....(who really is a good guy) lol

this is my friend naomi, who played the "granny". she was a hoot. don't you just love the villain? he was great!

i love this floor! i am considering doing this , or should say having it's cement. acid stained?

this is our niece caralee, her daughter lilli who is 22 mo, and brand spankin new baby carmen elizabeth. she weighed 9lbs 2.5 ounces, and was 22 inches long. They live all the way across the country in philadelphia pa, going to dental school. Isn't that a sweet baby? well, two sweet little girls.

here, is where i wanted the video...........sigh, oh least i got it to my

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is what happens when I tend our 2 yr old grandson and blog at the same time. The scary truth? This is two days in a row! Two different tubes of mascara! lol

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's crazy how fast the summer is passing! My bench is all black washed and done. I'm pleased with the outcome. I took pictures out in the sun..... so it's hard to see all the color changes very well.

I had so much fun with the spray paint, that I decided to re-do a couple of other little projects. For some reason I hadn't thought of spray paint to do either of these I was putting them off cuz I didn't want to paint them with a brush.......lots of cubbies and drawers.... These are both TS finds. The blue one, I used the same method as for my bench, the black one came brick red and I used it like that for a couple of years. I just painted it black and sanded it down. This one has a home, and the other one does not. ( I refer you to the paragraph after next where I make a slight mention of life time patterns....... lol)

my "new favorite" color

it's not really so shinny.

AND......I still to
this project
that I started
before I broke
my wrist........ (refer to again to patterns......)
We are busy with summer happenings, and plans for vacation. In a nut shell this is what is going on in our life...... The plans we had for California are off, but in the mean time we are busy getting ready for Rendezvous at Ft Bridger which is the first week of Sept. LBC is learning the art of changing wheel lines, riding his dirt bike, weeding in the garden, swimming at the lake, and he has out grown his moccasins, and is sewing himself some new ones. I'm proud of his sewing skill! I'm still trying to finish my period clothing.....(this has been on going for the last 11 years that we have gone to Bridger and camped there....)( I see a pattern in my life that I'm not all together comfortable with...) LOL . Our SIL is still working in Wy and job hunting for another job where his family can be together. We have a couple of married kids that are house hunting for houses in their budgets..... LBC is preparing for 7th grade.........and all the adventures he is sure are waiting for him there...... :-) Our SIL "B" got the job promotion he applied for!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! DH's garden is giving us wonderful veggies already............. we have plenty of water for our hay crop....... the pigs went to the butcher the other day.......Yumo Bacon and ham on it's way!..... we are trying to decide if we want to tile the kitchen floor, an we are trying.......... to begin........... to pour a patio, to keep the lawns watered and mowed, and, our grandsons have learned how "fun" it is to crawl out the upstairs window and walk on the roof.................We've had some good visits with family and friends, had some fun road trips.......have stayed up too late, have slept in when we should not have.....and we have laughed and enjoyed each others company while sitting around our fire pit in the evenings, slapping at mosquito's and eating smores!

I hope your Summer is passing as pleasantly as ours is! I hope you get to have Vanilla soft ice cream cones from McDonald's ! ( I know, my scope is small lol. BUT I LOVE them!


This week we are going to go see some of this.....

and some of this

and some of this

and some of this

and some of this

WaHoo! I love a Rodeo


No, I have not yet, been to see my good friend Harry Potter. LOL However, that's in the plans for next week.... :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

something fishy is going on...

Good morning MONDAY! I don't have my bench done yet...........I did do some more on it, but am not done yet.............DH and I took our 4 oldest grandsons and LBC to the Whiterocks Fish Hatchery on Friday. It was fun. OK, it would have really been fun if we could have let them throw a line in..he hehe he he!!! The young guys that work there gave us a tour of the inside, and then came outside and fed the big trout while we were standing beside them. The fish practically jumped out of the water in their frenzy to eat! We all got wet, which just added to the boys delight! We had a good time.


Our oldest daughter, mom to a 2 yr old, and the "wandering" twins, is expecting a BABY GIRL in Dec. We are all excited for another baby, and the girl variety to boot!

Mary Jane has been making laundry soap again. If you haven't already tried homemade laundry soap, go check it out!

Char has the neatest makeover posted today on Monday Makeovers, I'm so up for this one. In fact I have a dry sink sitting in my bedroom as we speak that I have been wanting to "makeover" . I think it will come out into the kitchen and hold my two gallon glass jars. If you are in the mood to do a redo, go have a look see.

Have a good one! ♥

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whew! That's what I have to say about the past few days! On the 3rd, our DIL and her two sons were staying with us, and our other DIL and Paislee were here also. The guys went off on a primitive trek, and Ang had to go in to work at midnight, so we girls were having a chick flick night. We got the little guys, and the big ones that were here off to bed and then we watched Step up, which I had not seen before. I dreamed all night that I could dance. Not really. But it sure made me want

Here are our 2 oldest sons, wearing 18th century clothing and gear....

The morning of the fourth was nice, and our trekers came home and had "second breakfast" with us. But by early afternoon, we had hale. This kind of storm just doesn't happen much here where we live. BIG Marble sized hale. It sure played havoc on the corn and tomato leaves, not to mention the flowers. Here is start of the hale. I couldn't believe how much water it put done in just a matter of minutes. But by 1:30 it was over, and the sky cleared off and it was a beautiful day once again. Our daughter had a BBQ up to her home, and we went there in the evening, We had yummy food, and then the guys had fireworks galore. Some of them they had brought home from MO. when they had worked there the past winter and spring. It was fun to sit in my lawn chair and ohh and ahhh.

Sunday evening, LBC and our 3 year old grandson had a small accident with the riding lawn mower. 3 year old was hurt, has a nice little dent in his head and some scrapes. But other than that, he's OK. LBC was a knot head, like 12 year old's can be, but he felt pretty bad that his showing off caused his little nephew to be hurt.

Sunday was also our DIL Angie's Birthday. Mine was Monday, and she and I and LBC and P-JO went over the mountain (70 miles ish) to Price. We had a fun afternoon and topped it off by going to Cold Stone and indulging half the way home!

Yesterday, our twiners who are 6, ran away. They had been sent to their bedroom to have a small time out, and they snuck out of their bedroom window. Our daughter called me after they had been gone for apx 20 minutes, and she was worried, so my two sons and I went up and helped her search. We looked everywhere we could imagine, and called and called and the time just wore on and pretty soon I was feeling fairly panicky and called my DH who came home from work to help us search. I had also called a neighbor who lived close by, (maybe 1/2 mile away) to see if maybe she had seen them, and she hadn't but she came to help us look too. The water going down the creek wasn't as high as it had been, but there is an irrigation pipe with an open head gate that had us worried. Pretty soon it was nearing three hours and nothing. Their dad is working away in Baggs WY, so he was not even home. Finally my daughter called dispatch and they were sending a deputy to her home. In the mean time, another neighbor came to his field to work on his swather, and my son asked him if he had seen them, he hadn't but he also stopped what he was doing to help us search. He found them. They had crossed the road, and were down in the willows along the creek. They didn't hide from him because he doesn't live here, he just has hay down this way and so he comes and goes. In talking with them, they were mad at their mom, so they decided to run to a tree house they had in the Russian olive trees, and from there they went to the creek. Every time one of us searched anywhere close to where they were, the little stinks just hunkered down and hide and kept quiet. They knew they were going to be in BIG trouble so they just hid. We were all so worried about them, I know they didn't have any idea. They are too young to fully understand yet. They were barefoot and one didn't have a shirt on. Oh my goodness! It is so hard to breath when your heart is in your throat you know it? I'm sooooo grateful they were safe. I just wanted to alternately hug them and whack their behinds, but mostly I just wanted to hug them to me forever! I think the twin thing made them bolder than one would have been on his own. They are thinkers and planers, or shakers and movers as their uncle B call them!

Today we went down to my Mom's house and quilted a small quilt my daughter had pieced for a family reunion. We had a bunch of us, and our good friend Felicity came and helped us a TON! She is a pro, where as we are total green horns! And of course, I didn't have my camera with me. But here is some of the quilt before she was done making it. The light is too bright so it's hard to really see it.....

I am redoing a little bench I've had for years and years. I didn't get a before picture, but this is a half way one, from the back of the bench. I decided to spray this, and I need another can. I am going to black wash it when I'm done painting it, then sand and stain it when I'm done. I know, I'm way slow. The grasshopper's are eating all the leaves off of all my plants!!!! I have sprayed and sprayed. tomorrow I'm going to see if I can't find something better to spray them with.

My Mom walks every morning and she walks by our neighbors home and they have some nasty dogs that come running out sniveling and growling at everybody that passes by the road, weather on foot or on a four wheeler or truck or car . Well the other day one of them bite my Mom! I only found out about it this afternoon. My little mom is 75 years old! I was frustrated to say the least. She is OK, but the dog is getting more and more aggressive.

Lastly, pictures of P-Jo. Her mom is an OB nurse, and she still wraps her up tight like the newborns are in the Hospital. P-Jo loves it. She sleeps so good all wrapped tight! I need to take a picture of her wrapped up. It reminds of a little pea in a pod! :-) She is getting more and more smiley! Her eyes haven't decided what color they are going to be yet I don't think. She has lost lots of her hair, but I think it's starting to come back

Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

God Bless America!

May I echo my words from Sunday's post, I love America! I'm so grateful for this GREAT NATION! We live in an incredible country, it's beauty and freedoms are beyond compare! I love to see our FLAG flying! I'm grateful , for the gifts of NATION, HEARTH and HOME!