Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello the Camp!

Happy Spring all!
Ok, TONS and tons and tons of life has been happening!  You too eh? Well, I told you I would get around to this blog Again someday. Today, is not really that day. BUT, we, my daughter and a couple of DIL's and one DIL 's mom, are going to be building a new blog. We're all way excited by the prospects , but we're are going to be leaving blogger behind.... Sad sigh. It was a fun ride while it lasted but we are looking for something different.  We're going to be having an etsy shop as well, with the hopes of a twice a year market show.  When each little detail is set in stone, we will shout it from the roof tops! For now, I have reopened this blog for an old friend who had a quirky desire to read it. ( oppps, did I say the word "old"? Well we iz what we iz ) Molting Here...
For the most part I have been a silent reader to your blogs, and I want to thank you for the good times!
I quit enjoy Pinterest. It can really suck a person in I think.
You can find me there , on pinterest, simply as Lewaina Nelson. My profile picture is tipis.
I also follow a few of you on Instagram.
Hopefully, When the new blog is up, we'll be sharing with you there as well.

Hope spring is warming your neck of the woods! It's a VERY welcome item here!

Blessings from the Stone House