Saturday, October 31, 2009

boo to you!

there's a goblin at my window
a monster at my door
the pumpkin at my table
keeps smiling more and more
there's a ghost who haunts my bedroom
a whitch whose face is green
they used to be my family
till they dressed for halloween

happy halloween everbody!

happy birthday today to my sister in law ruth :-) wahoo!!!

i'm grateful for the internet and all my blog land friends. for all the ideas an talents you share. and even tho we are miles and miles apart, i feel the compassion, friendship, humor and happiness you send my way. thanks much!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

cobblestone farms......

hey, just visited a new blog, cobblestone farms, where cathy has re-done her small laundry room. i love it. it's a lot like mine and gave me some hope! lol

if you have a small laundry room which is the back entry to your home, go have a pop-a-gander and see what can be done! i love it cathy!

enjoy your day :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

whatcha working on wednesday

oh the weather outside is fright full,
but the fire is so delightful
and since we've no place to go...
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

only to bad for me, because i don't really care for the snow.
however, it will be gone soon, and on the bright side of the snow storm, it was warmer walking this morning!
i am once again joining
leslie for whatcha working on wednesday.
bright and early this morning we shipped our calves out to the buyer.
i'm always glad when this day has come and gone. dh gets worried about all kinds of things and always the price of the calf crop is not what it should be. but once again, the calves are gone. the cows will bellow for a few days, and hang around the corral looking for their calves, but after that they will contend themselves with the daily task of eating.

i have made myself a ginormous witch shoe/boot and would like to get that done today and hung on the door. i loved mimi sue's witch boot that she made for herself after she saw some that were spendy. i saw some last week end, and oh my goodness, they were very it's off to home to make my own. i have only begun as you can see and it is still a very plain jane witches boot at this point

i am downloading the rest of my christmas music onto my ipod as i type this post. i know you are saying she has more christmas music? i do.

also, i am going to finish my halloween banner........that was also from sue's porch!

i know, i'm such a copy cat.

i can't help myself, i loved her porch !

thanks sue for sharing all these ideas.

do you think i'll get them finished before halloween?

sue has been showing us pictures of her next door neighbors's a beautiful home.

makes me feel the need to get my broom out and go through all my stuff and get rid of it! lol

i have cards with all the girls in my family this afternoon, and for potluck i'm taking chili and corn bread.

that's about it for this whatch working on wednesday. visit leslie and see what the others are doing today.

#2 daughter was on her way to vernal this morning, and was driving through the twists and was following a truck pulling a trailer loaded with culvert pipe. she was not on his bumper, but following a ways back, which was good because the chain broke and the pipe flew off the trailer. it was a blessing that she was not hit with any of this huge pipe. and neither was anyone else. once again i'm so grateful for the daily safety we enjoy. for the power of family prayers. i think when we get on the other side and realise how many times we were protected daily in our journey through this earth life, we will be amazed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


katie from humming bird chats has bestowed upon me this honest scrap.
10 things about me you don't know......
10 things........and i have to be honest.......hum.....

1. i can play the piano by note, and some by ear....but it really scares me to do so in front of large amounts of people.....but i have done so.

2. a very good friend and i started writing a book. we combined our names to make one name, and that is our pen name. the book is going to be good!
at least that's what we thought over 20 some odd years ago when we began this project.............the morning mist hung low over the mountains of eastern tennessee.............
we had at that time probably 7 children between us, the oldest being somewhere around 6, which we always had with us when we were writing.......another time i should blog about the time they took the truck for a joy ride............on accident!
3. i have cooked, and eaten and fed to my children rocky mountain oysters. not too bad if you don't mind the texture.
but on the other hand, it's nothing i care to eat very often.
ok, so i can say i've had them...................i really don't need to ever have them again.
happy now?
4. i didn't know how to sew when i got married. dh bought me a bernina 830, which i'm still using today, and told me if would learn to sew i could buy all the fabric i wanted! i did learn to sew, and i do buy fabric and he has never ever once even come close to complaining about the cost.
5. the scary truth. i have been listening to christmas music for almost a month now! when i walk in the morning on my home, when no one else the car when the almost 13 yr old isn't......when i'm fixing supper and the guys are outside..... i play it on the piano every night as the tween brushes his teeth...... but, after halloween, it's an everyday sound no matter who is here! lol
6. i really dislike it when the clerks at stores send you away with " happy holidays". it's a pet peeve and i always wish them a merry christmas!
7. i'm not very outgoing. it's painfully hard for me.
8. i don't color my hair like i have done in the past. ( i'm a beautician, my hair has been every color in the rainbow) because i'm lazy, and i don't like the "skunk stripe" down the middle of women's heads.
9. my dh is the only man i have ever kissed......... ok, this does not include dad's and baby brothers and uncles, sons, grandsons and grandpa' get the picture.....
10. i have a son with type 1 diabetes, and until he was 16 and became diabetic, i really had no clue about this disease. i just knew if was really bad and we didn't ever want to deal with it...........well, for the last 8 years this # 2 son has been one of my hero's! ..........this would be another good post!

ok there we are. 10 things some of you may not have know about me.

i will have to think about who i can tag......
in the mean time....

my sweet dil's mom made this for me! how fun is this! we had a girls day out last friday and did indeed make it in to gardner village where we wore our witch hats, and lisa was able to come with us.
thank you again lisa for thinking about me!

any occasion is really about the shoes huh........well........ok....... and the right clothes

here is my home made footed cake plate ready for the halloween party.

glass plate and candle stick from $ store. e 600 glue. ( i love this stuff!) black gloss spray paint.

ok, i am supposed to tag 7 bloggers with this honest scrap...........

......(refer back to thingy # 7)

but here goes all the same.


2. gayle @

3. tara @

4. evelyn @

5. lisa @

6. naomi @

7. blue rabbit design @

i'm so grateful today for my nice cozy wood stove. the wind is blowing up a storm......... for real! and i am nice and toasty warm. i'm grateful for the trips up the mountains to get wood, for the picnics we shared and the memories we made.

i am going to make bread as soon as i can pull myself away from and the warmth of the fire, and the smell of bread should make for a nice welcome home to my two guys later in the afternoon.

i'll leave you with another pumpkin carol.
this one is sung to the tune of "please put a penny in the old mans hat"

halloween is coming the pumpkins getting fat,
please put a trick in the witches hat.
if you haven't got a trick then a treat will do.
if you haven't got a trick or treat
then goblins will get you.
goblins will get you deary

goblins will get you.
if you haven't got a trick or treat then goblins will get you!

................and who in their right mind wants a goblin to get them!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TS re-do

i am going to a halloween party next week, and i needed/wanted some dishes that were more halloweenie than what i had. so, a trip to the ts was called for........
......and i'm sorry i didn't get a total before picture as i was in a huge hurry to get this done......

i thought this had good party bones! lol ....this is the bottom and you can see how shinny it was

i primed it grey.......

here it is all done.

i also wanted a black footed cake plate. but didn't find anything at the ts that i could re-do, so, i headed over to the $ store. there i picked up a plate and candle stick, which when i got it home i discovered it was uneven and the plate tilted......... had to wait until i had another chance to head to town (48 miles) to pick up another one. as soon as i get it glued and sprayed, i'll post the re-do.

i could not help being grateful for a glorious sun this morning! every morning as soon as i get lbc on the bus we head out for our walk. it is light, but the sun is not fully up yet, and it's still kind of shadowy and cold. this morning i was walking alone and about the time i had gone about a half mile, the sun crested the tops of the mountains to the east. it was just beautiful. everything around me became radiantly gold! i turned and faced the sun and just soaked it in. with it's rising, the sun brought light, hope and warmth, and the promise of a glorious day!

what an amazing way to start my day! and to think, i almost talked myself into staying home this morning!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...good news...bad news....

well, i have some good news and some bad news.....

bad news is, my giveaway winner never did contact me...and it was getting past time to get the package in the mail, so ..................i drew another winner out of the hat.

the good news is that nifty nappy is the new winner!

Vilate from Vilates's nifty nook
has become the winner of the stone house giveaway! Congrats Vilate! PLEASE email me .

today i'm so thankful for the power and influence and peace that reading the scriptures together as a family brings into our home.

Monday, October 19, 2009

and a ............winner

a random number generator, has given us a lucky winner

of the stone house giveaway

the winner is comment number 32 left for me on oct 16th.

gayle at

congrats gayle. i need you to email me no later than tomorrow evening,

so that i can get some mailing info from you.

thank you all for joining with me to celebrate a100 posts . i had a fun time doing this giveaway, and i believe i will do a christmas giveaway too. thank you for all of your kind comments and well wishes. i so wish i could have had a prize for each and everyone of you that entered. blogland is full of kindred spirits!

halloween candy sticks

all you need to make these is

one dowel, 5/8" by 36"
saw to cut
sander or sand paper
white paint
halloween colored paint
small paintbrush
wood stain

cut your dowel into 5 sticks apx. 7" sand the edges smooth.

base pain them white. i spray painted my newer ones, the first ones i did, i just hand painted them with a brush. so which ever way works for you......

paint color stripe of choice. i start at the top, and holding on with my left hand, loaded paint brush in my right, i slowly turn the dowel. this is what you get at first. squiggly lines that aren't very dark. so you let them dry and then re-paint them darker and straighter.

when they look like you think they should, you can either stain them, or add a tiny narrow stripe in between the wider ones. i have done that. then when that's done, use your favorite wood stain and wahla, prim halloween candy sticks.
if you don't want them to look prim, don't use the wood stain.
stand them in an old jar, or an apothecary jar. have some fun with them. post some pictures.

last week end, we went back up the mountain and got another load of wood.......

this looks a little scary to me....... a tween and a chain saw......

some of the family came over, and we dug our potatoes................

and i read some fun blogs with some fun halloween ideas on them.

julie at tattered threads and willing hands shows us how to make these

ml at house of whimsy gives us this spooky little tutorial

oh, and sue has a giveaway, which i'm so sure has my name on it.........i need the she has invited us all to join...........

after you go sign up for her drawing, go here and learn how to make these jar jack o lanterns
and some yummy praline pie

and then......(because i can't seem to help myself).....................sue shares with us some recipes for






how good does this look?

and this.........

and this one too......

and we don't want to leave this one out!

oh i have a weakness for fudge! sue's blog is very full of post after post of beautiful food. remember, i am a non lover of cooking! but i would love my food to look as pretty when it's all done and set on the table. lol

thank you all again for your support in the giveaway.

today i have been trying to get fall and halloween decorations out and set around, and i am feeling very grateful for this old stone house that i live in. it was built in the very early 1900's, by my dh's grandfather who came from sweden and homesteaded this land. our home is built out of native sandstone and the walls are well over 2 feet thick. the inside burned once in the 40's and was rebuilt, this time to have a bathroom inside. my in-laws added siding when they lived here, and when we moved into the house almost 16 years ago, we built on and finished the room upstairs, added new windows and re-sided it. i'm also grateful that they who lived here before me, planted trees all around the yard. i love this old stone house and feel very privledged to be the care taker of it for this generation. hopefully the next generation will also find joy living here in the stone house.

have a good rest of the day......good luck trying to pass up the fudge!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

In Hymn Of Praise

I feel my Saviors Love
words: Ralph Rodgers Jr., Newell Dayley, Laurie Huffman
music: Newl K. Dayley
I feel my Savior's love in all the world around me.
His spirit warms my soul through everything I see.
He knows I will follow him, give all my life to him.
I feel my Savior's love,
the love he freely gives me.
I feel my Savior's love; it's gentleness enfolds me,
and when I knee to pray, my heart is filled with peace.
He knows I will follow him, give all my life to him.
I feel my savior's love,
the love he freely gives me.
I feel my Savior's love and know that he will bless me.
I offer him my heart;my shepherd he will be.
He knows I will follow him, give all my life to him.
I feel my Savior's love,
the love he freely gives me.

I'm grateful today for another beautiful fall day, and for the blessings and privileges of Religious Freedom.

I love my Savior, who is Jesus Christ the Lord.

Have an enjoyable Sabbath Day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

giveaway reminder and a yummy fall chocolate!

just a fast post today, and not a picture in site! lol i wanted to remind anyone who has a desire to enter my giveaway. Today and tomorrow are the last days! Click on the link on my left side bar .

we had our book club last night. it was a blast! i love these ladies that meet together to discuss the books we read.....or don't get read which was my case this i almost didn't go because i didn't have the book read. i would have missed a really good time.

i have a fun cold weather goodie to share with you. no picture yet, so you are just going to have to "imagine" it. you just have to try it!!! it's easy sneezy.

ok, make some hot chocolate....and keep it scalding hot, if you're not going to be serving it for awhile, keep it hot in the crock pot.

when you're ready to serve it, pour it in over sized mugs and add a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.....

this is truly soooooo gooooood.

our dear friend who hosted our book club last night served this to us. we drank it out of antique mugs, which made it taste even better i'm sure! lol she served it up with vanilla wafers, but said short bread is also good. the combination of hot and cold is delish! i am going to make this for lbc and my grandkids, and then i will have pictures. i think it was better than a marshmallow by far, but that's good too!

another dear friend has told me how to make a button, but i haven't taken the time to sit down and get it done.... but there is still a link on my side bar for the gratitude-attitude challenge if you want to join in the challenge.

today i'm so very grateful for my daily walking partner. my mom. i love her so much and i'm so grateful she moved here. to the back of beyond to be close to me. i truly am a blessed woman!

halloween candy sticks are still coming up in a another post.......:-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

whatcha workin on ammended......

well today i had grandiose plans for getting the halloween stuffs out and up....went for my walk, came home to the phone ringing, lbc needed something taken up to him at the school.( 10 miles north west) so i hurried and changed clothes and out the door i ran and then i decided, since i was dressed and out, (sounds like i'm a shut in i would run to town (15 miles east) and see if i could find some more halloween fabric, and maybe go to the family dollar and see if they had anything that resembled halloween labels for my bottles. the first mistake was not going to dollar tree when i was in vernal yesterday. the second, was thinking i could find these things in my own i sound like i'm complaining here? well i am. but only just a little. there was no halloween fabric, nor could i discover any labels. and not only that, the same things that you can find at dollar tree for.....of course....a dollar, cost more than that at family dollar! but still they(city council) say, stay at shop in our own town. which is good if your in the market for a tank of gas, a car wash, a hamburger or some over priced groceries....oh ya, and a movie rental. i also went to the local library, to find the book we are reading for our book club this month, did they have it? no. zilch. but in defense to our humble little library, they didn't have it at the bigger one 45 miles away either. (sour land.... for those who are curious, by william h armstrong. he also wrote the book sounder). sigh. i know there are pros and cons to small town living. and i really, i wouldn't trade it for all the stores in a city. but....... alco, get some stuff in we use in our everyday lives! and for a good price!

so what i have been working on is getting the halloween fabric and the christmas fabric that i have collected all pre shrunk, and it's also the day we (all my daughters/daughters-in-law) have a pot luck lunch and play cards with my mom.

i am making a halloween banner for my front porch. like mimi sue's. or like unto mimi sues! she was kind enough to tell me how she did it. thanks much sue. you should go see her fun porch. i love it!

later on this week i will be doing a short tutorial on making these halloween candy sticks for anyone who has an interest. we saw them in a little store last year and they were pricey little critters, so we came home and made our own.

go visit leslie and find out what everyone else is up to on this warm and balmy (57) www.

oh ya before i forget...betty has a new freebie, a thanksgiving one that she listed today

so i had this posted about 15 minutes and realized i .....yes me...can you imagine it? forgot to add to my post something i was grateful for....i'm such a lurp! lol
gratitude-attitude challenge
today i'm very grateful for stores that have bathrooms that are not locked!!! seriously here ladies, i am grateful for this! i really hate having to ....ask....for a key to go pa-tay. years ago, when i was a young mom with a bunch of kids it was important, and i felt like setting a vendetta against a store that would not let a little kid use the bathroom. now, i am a middle age woman with a had-a-bunch-of-kids-and-a-already-fixed-up-bladder, and i don't want to ask to be able to use the bathroom! so i'm grateful for unlocked bathrooms! :-)