Monday, October 19, 2009

and a ............winner

a random number generator, has given us a lucky winner

of the stone house giveaway

the winner is comment number 32 left for me on oct 16th.

gayle at

congrats gayle. i need you to email me no later than tomorrow evening,

so that i can get some mailing info from you.

thank you all for joining with me to celebrate a100 posts . i had a fun time doing this giveaway, and i believe i will do a christmas giveaway too. thank you for all of your kind comments and well wishes. i so wish i could have had a prize for each and everyone of you that entered. blogland is full of kindred spirits!

halloween candy sticks

all you need to make these is

one dowel, 5/8" by 36"
saw to cut
sander or sand paper
white paint
halloween colored paint
small paintbrush
wood stain

cut your dowel into 5 sticks apx. 7" sand the edges smooth.

base pain them white. i spray painted my newer ones, the first ones i did, i just hand painted them with a brush. so which ever way works for you......

paint color stripe of choice. i start at the top, and holding on with my left hand, loaded paint brush in my right, i slowly turn the dowel. this is what you get at first. squiggly lines that aren't very dark. so you let them dry and then re-paint them darker and straighter.

when they look like you think they should, you can either stain them, or add a tiny narrow stripe in between the wider ones. i have done that. then when that's done, use your favorite wood stain and wahla, prim halloween candy sticks.
if you don't want them to look prim, don't use the wood stain.
stand them in an old jar, or an apothecary jar. have some fun with them. post some pictures.

last week end, we went back up the mountain and got another load of wood.......

this looks a little scary to me....... a tween and a chain saw......

some of the family came over, and we dug our potatoes................

and i read some fun blogs with some fun halloween ideas on them.

julie at tattered threads and willing hands shows us how to make these

ml at house of whimsy gives us this spooky little tutorial

oh, and sue has a giveaway, which i'm so sure has my name on it.........i need the she has invited us all to join...........

after you go sign up for her drawing, go here and learn how to make these jar jack o lanterns
and some yummy praline pie

and then......(because i can't seem to help myself).....................sue shares with us some recipes for






how good does this look?

and this.........

and this one too......

and we don't want to leave this one out!

oh i have a weakness for fudge! sue's blog is very full of post after post of beautiful food. remember, i am a non lover of cooking! but i would love my food to look as pretty when it's all done and set on the table. lol

thank you all again for your support in the giveaway.

today i have been trying to get fall and halloween decorations out and set around, and i am feeling very grateful for this old stone house that i live in. it was built in the very early 1900's, by my dh's grandfather who came from sweden and homesteaded this land. our home is built out of native sandstone and the walls are well over 2 feet thick. the inside burned once in the 40's and was rebuilt, this time to have a bathroom inside. my in-laws added siding when they lived here, and when we moved into the house almost 16 years ago, we built on and finished the room upstairs, added new windows and re-sided it. i'm also grateful that they who lived here before me, planted trees all around the yard. i love this old stone house and feel very privledged to be the care taker of it for this generation. hopefully the next generation will also find joy living here in the stone house.

have a good rest of the day......good luck trying to pass up the fudge!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Congrats to the winner and I love your cute little pumpkin! Aren't babies the best??!!

How blessed you are to live in such a house. Very sepcial indeed!

Julie Harward said...

No wonder your blog is called the stone house..what a great legacy. The fudge..yummy, everyone! The candy sticks are so cute and thanks for sharing all the good ideas. Congratulations to the give-a-way winner too!
Come say hi :D

Mimi Sue said...

Love that you live in a house with a heritage. That doesn't happen very much anymore. I'd love to see a picture of it. Your candy sticks are darling. They'd be a cute Christmas decoration too. I'm trying to stay away from fudge. I love it too much. When I eat it I carry it around with me stuck to my hips for a long time. Mimi

Eric and Caralee said...

Oh, that f.u.d.g.e looks awesome, I really want to make some...has it really been 16 years since you moved into that house!? Crazy how time flies.

Parkers said...

For some reason, I thought your candy sticks, were really candy sticks. LOL! I don't want wood candy sticks, I wanted to make real ones. LOL!

Eric and Caralee said...

Yes, blogging is the best! I have really enjoyed getting all caught up on everyones lives since we don't get to see each other often.luckily it won't be a permanent thing after next year I hope! Yes, Carmen has blue eyes, I was excited!

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hi Mercy!
I am so glad to have found your blog!! I am fairly new to the whole thing myself, but it has brought me great joy! Thank you for the great Gratitude Attitude Challenge. I am taking part in that! I could not get the button added to my blog.. I am "blogging challenged" lol!! But it is a wonderful idea! Please stop by and visit me at I always enjoy chatting with fun people! Many blessings!