Friday, October 16, 2009

giveaway reminder and a yummy fall chocolate!

just a fast post today, and not a picture in site! lol i wanted to remind anyone who has a desire to enter my giveaway. Today and tomorrow are the last days! Click on the link on my left side bar .

we had our book club last night. it was a blast! i love these ladies that meet together to discuss the books we read.....or don't get read which was my case this i almost didn't go because i didn't have the book read. i would have missed a really good time.

i have a fun cold weather goodie to share with you. no picture yet, so you are just going to have to "imagine" it. you just have to try it!!! it's easy sneezy.

ok, make some hot chocolate....and keep it scalding hot, if you're not going to be serving it for awhile, keep it hot in the crock pot.

when you're ready to serve it, pour it in over sized mugs and add a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.....

this is truly soooooo gooooood.

our dear friend who hosted our book club last night served this to us. we drank it out of antique mugs, which made it taste even better i'm sure! lol she served it up with vanilla wafers, but said short bread is also good. the combination of hot and cold is delish! i am going to make this for lbc and my grandkids, and then i will have pictures. i think it was better than a marshmallow by far, but that's good too!

another dear friend has told me how to make a button, but i haven't taken the time to sit down and get it done.... but there is still a link on my side bar for the gratitude-attitude challenge if you want to join in the challenge.

today i'm so very grateful for my daily walking partner. my mom. i love her so much and i'm so grateful she moved here. to the back of beyond to be close to me. i truly am a blessed woman!

halloween candy sticks are still coming up in a another post.......:-)


Kindra said...

Your book club sounds fun! I'm part of a mom group and just enjoy being around others once a week!!

Your so lucky to have your mom close by. I wish my mom lived closer to me. :)

Mimi Sue said...

That really does sound delish. It would be a great refreshment for a YW activity. You are so lucky to have your mom around. I miss mine every day. Mimi

Sue said...

Yes of course you may link back to my blog for the pie and those darling Mason Jar Laterns..