Tuesday, October 27, 2009


katie from humming bird chats has bestowed upon me this honest scrap.
10 things about me you don't know......
10 things........and i have to be honest.......hum.....

1. i can play the piano by note, and some by ear....but it really scares me to do so in front of large amounts of people.....but i have done so.

2. a very good friend and i started writing a book. we combined our names to make one name, and that is our pen name. the book is going to be good!
at least that's what we thought over 20 some odd years ago when we began this project.............the morning mist hung low over the mountains of eastern tennessee.............
we had at that time probably 7 children between us, the oldest being somewhere around 6, which we always had with us when we were writing.......another time i should blog about the time they took the truck for a joy ride............on accident!
3. i have cooked, and eaten and fed to my children rocky mountain oysters. not too bad if you don't mind the texture.
but on the other hand, it's nothing i care to eat very often.
ok, so i can say i've had them...................i really don't need to ever have them again.
happy now?
4. i didn't know how to sew when i got married. dh bought me a bernina 830, which i'm still using today, and told me if would learn to sew i could buy all the fabric i wanted! i did learn to sew, and i do buy fabric and he has never ever once even come close to complaining about the cost.
5. the scary truth. i have been listening to christmas music for almost a month now! when i walk in the morning on my ipod......at home, when no one else is.......in the car when the almost 13 yr old isn't......when i'm fixing supper and the guys are outside..... i play it on the piano every night as the tween brushes his teeth...... but, after halloween, it's an everyday sound no matter who is here! lol
6. i really dislike it when the clerks at stores send you away with " happy holidays". it's a pet peeve and i always wish them a merry christmas!
7. i'm not very outgoing. it's painfully hard for me.
8. i don't color my hair like i have done in the past. ( i'm a beautician, my hair has been every color in the rainbow) because i'm lazy, and i don't like the "skunk stripe" down the middle of women's heads.
9. my dh is the only man i have ever kissed......... ok, this does not include dad's and baby brothers and uncles, sons, grandsons and grandpa's..........you get the picture.....
10. i have a son with type 1 diabetes, and until he was 16 and became diabetic, i really had no clue about this disease. i just knew if was really bad and we didn't ever want to deal with it...........well, for the last 8 years this # 2 son has been one of my hero's! ..........this would be another good post!

ok there we are. 10 things some of you may not have know about me.

i will have to think about who i can tag......
in the mean time....

my sweet dil's mom made this for me! how fun is this! we had a girls day out last friday and did indeed make it in to gardner village where we wore our witch hats, and lisa was able to come with us.
thank you again lisa for thinking about me!

any occasion is really about the shoes huh........well........ok....... and the right clothes ....lol

here is my home made footed cake plate ready for the halloween party.

glass plate and candle stick from $ store. e 600 glue. ( i love this stuff!) black gloss spray paint.

ok, i am supposed to tag 7 bloggers with this honest scrap...........

......(refer back to thingy # 7)

but here goes all the same.


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i'm so grateful today for my nice cozy wood stove. the wind is blowing up a storm......... for real! and i am nice and toasty warm. i'm grateful for the trips up the mountains to get wood, for the picnics we shared and the memories we made.

i am going to make bread as soon as i can pull myself away from here.....lol and the warmth of the fire, and the smell of bread should make for a nice welcome home to my two guys later in the afternoon.

i'll leave you with another pumpkin carol.
this one is sung to the tune of "please put a penny in the old mans hat"

halloween is coming the pumpkins getting fat,
please put a trick in the witches hat.
if you haven't got a trick then a treat will do.
if you haven't got a trick or treat
then goblins will get you.
goblins will get you deary

goblins will get you.
if you haven't got a trick or treat then goblins will get you!

................and who in their right mind wants a goblin to get them!


Julie Harward said...

Hi..fun to know more things about wonderful you! We have things on common for sure! Thanks for the cool idea and the cute poem too. You asked about the spider cake..2 layers..cut out a small round from one of them, use this for the head. Fill that empty hole with the jello, lay the other round on top, frost. The cupcakes...pull the paper off the cupcake, insert half a marshmallow and frost. Have fun!
Come say hi any time :D

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Mountain oyster eh? Someone in NC tried to get me to eat those - NO WAY! LOL

Love your make do cake plate! Pretty crafty!! Whatcha gonna put on it??

Beth at Aunties said...

You make me smile and laugh out loud! I love learning more about my online friends. I am so sorry about #2 son and think each person who ahs this horrid desease is a big HERO! My 5 year niece has the skinnest arms and has 5-7 shots a day! Heart breaking:)
Kathy served in the S RS with me as my counselor and we became the best of buds. None of us knew she had cancer so it was too sudden. Thanks and HUgs!
We also have things in common...unfortunately for me it is not being musical!:)

Vilate Thacker said...

you are awesome! that is all I have to say! :}

Mimi Sue said...

I love that you combine Christmas music with Halloween lyrics. That way no one can be upset if they hear Christmas music before halloween;) I was at Gardner village last Fri. too. Had lunch at Archibald's. Bought stuff at Pine Needles looked at the witches. Wish I'd known you were there too! So fun to learn more about you. Mimi

marie said...

It's so great to read all that info about you ~ every little bit helps when you're doing a swap! :)

Re: Oysters ~ I tried them this summer...I will not be trying them again. :(

I just finished making three of those cake plates, but i never thought about painting them. Thanks for the idea!