Thursday, September 17, 2009

hello to everyone out there! long time no see! we have been to the 18th century and back again...and are running in full swing! goodness! we have been freezing corn, bottling tomatoes, peaches and plums, and today i am making peach jam. i did 75 quarts of peaches, and 32 quarts of plums!

i know, that's only a drop in the bucket of the amounts i used to do when my family was young and all lived at home, but all the same i feel a silly amount of pride that i was able to get it done! we found out about an orchard in Neola, where a person can go and pick tree ripened fruit. which we did and it was. so yummy! trouble was, we picked on sat, and i didn't get around to preserving until tue. on dear, my peaches were very ripe and needing doing at once if not sooner! so i did them all the same day. very long day! :-) i'm telling you, the over 50 energy level isn't what it used to be! lol I still have more corn and tomatoes that need done, and we have a niece getting married up in Logan next week. however, i wanted to keep my finger in this pie and let you know i'm still alive and kicking. my next post will be my 100th. humm. next time i'll have giveaway news and some rendezvous pictures.

# 2 son wife and p-jo
(a sneak peek)

i'll also have the recipe for these filled goodies

i went to see julie and julia last night.
untill next time,
bon a petite!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

good heavens! this is my 98th post! wow. i've been thinking that maybe i'll be like the big girls, and have some kind of a give away for my 100th post. i'll be thinking about it while i'm away visiting the 18th century this week.
halloween is coming up, an i was thinking maybe a halloween themed 100th .....ish..... post, give away would be fun.... see you when i return!

don't forget to try the pumpkin fudge from ct log cabin, an tell me how it turns out!