Friday, March 26, 2010

Fridays on the Farm

Spring time on the farm is here at last! I'm loving it! The Mr. and # 2 son got themselves some ewes last year. Just 6 of them, and a buck.......................

which means............ lambs.

They are so cute! I have been really enjoying them. They run and jump and well, ................. they literally, frolic! :-D
We had two sets of triplets, one set of twins and one single. Of course triplets means one gets bottle fed. So our grandsons are bottle feeding a couple of lambs.
We had a neighbors dogs get into our sheep and as a result, one ewe slipped still born triplets. We lost another ewe and her twin lambs also. A down side of farming for sure.

The Mr. feeding his cows. He'll be feeding them at least till the first of May.
We are calving, and so far, knock on wood, we haven't lost one yet. It's always a good thing when they are all here.

I love this time of year on the farm. All the new babies and the green starting to poke through . The days becoming warmer, and staying lighter longer, and I love not having to keep the fire going.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our Belgian draft horses got colic, it was horrible to watch, and in the end, she had to be put down. It was pretty heart breaking.

I have been learning how to cross stitch on Osnaburg. I think it's good therapy for what ails me. hahah. I have given some away, and put some away (St Patrick's day and Valentines day) and am just making some for Spring and Easter. Can't see this very well, but it's a pattern from primitivbettys, on a little fabric covered box.

AND I have made a bunch of wax pantry cakes. I have three little jello molds that I like to use.

I do like these, and I like making them. But what do you do with a bunch???

well, I have pawned them off on anyone who is willing to take one home! LOL
They are easier to make than their flour and salt counterparts. I didn't have any beeswax, so these are just made from old candles, with some cinnamon and reg coffee added. The coffee sinks, and so the top of the cakes are dark. After they are cold and can be taken out of their molds, I sprinkle them with more cinnamon.
Just a fast post today. Hope you are all enjoying the spring.
Did you hear the fun news? APP (A Primitive Place) is going to be a magazine! How fun is that!
Congrats APP!

Carpe diem.......Seize The Day