Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day everyone!
The weather man has called for snow here. Looks like we may get some. Ah, but snow this time of year is a fleeting thing!

My sis posted us a link for shamrock hair styles! Isn't this pretty? There are some fun hairstyles on this blog, Adopt a 'do wish I had some hair on my own head...LOL
Hope you all have a corn beef in your slow cooker, and some cabbage waiting to be steamed!

I'll just leave you today with this simple Irish Blessing

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
a full moon on a dark night,
 and the road downhill all the way to your door.

................and may you home be too small to hold all of your friends!

Blessings from the Stone House

Monday, March 14, 2011


These came to my email. They did make me smile and a few of them made me laugh.
....and yet..................... here we sit, on the brink of buying a truck!  ;-)

My heart is with Japan and other places affected. I simply cannot imagine what this would be like. I watch the news reports and see the pictures, and still, I can't begin to understand what these people are going through. 
Makes all my whining about the price of gas seem out of line somehow.
My life, here on mountain top dry land is good.  High gas prices and all.
Oh I have so much to be thankful for.
Blessings from the Stone House

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gift Table

I LOVE my old doors! Wish I had some place to use them in everyday life. The gift table was an old metal bed. A cot really, I think. At one time, before it was old and rusted, it folded. It was a lucky find by the Mr one day at work. His line crew was building line and he saw this old bed, equipped with bed springs, under a tree in a field. He came home and told me about it and of course I wanted it.......(dah).....anyway he asked the land owner who was a little grandpa gentleman if he could buy it and ended up with the bed for free! I don't have any where for it in my house...yet. I would like to put it in the teens room as a company bed for when his cousin sleeps over, but he has a HUGE adversion to "old"! (There really is just no accounting for bad taste! old is wonderful!)
So, we have our old bed, with two old trunks at each end, a glider bench and a coffee table, all of which held gifts. We had a feather bed underneath TS find crochet tablecloth,
linen covered pillows and velvet throw pillows, a bucket full of roses and hearts,  old doors and tiny sparrows under glass to welcome the gifts.  The door on the left has missing panels in order to hold and display the brides quilts. She had a bunch.

This little table was in the foyer to greet  reception guests. There was a photo album full of pictures of the bride and groom.
 This is an old desk that used to be (three days before the reception) brown with a checker board painted on it's top. It was in the teens was leaving there anyway, and it's new home is beside my bed on the Mr's side. It does a GREAT job of hold the "V" pap machine . I love the little drawer. The green knob is truly old. It came off of a cupboard that had be made for my mom when she was a child.

Our snow is here going quite fast. In just the last week its warmed up so much! I have been enjoying walking outside again.
My mom took a tumble down her outside steps. She is banged up but OK. Nothing is broken. She didn't tell any of us, in fact she kept it a HUGE secret! And that had to be work cuz my sister lives with her and I just down the lane! When she was hurting so badly she finally told my sister, who then called me.
 Mom called her a tattle tale, and me a snoop! LOL I am so grateful she did not break anything! So grateful!
Enjoy your weekend.

Blessings from the Stone House

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Bride wanted "old" for her reception. Could we do "old" without making it cowboy?
Yes, We could do "old" without making it cowboy...LOL
( I do like cowboy however...I ARE one..ish.....the MR is through and through)
SO, here's our "old" for the cake table.  The back drop doors here, behind the dresser went on either side of the oak door that was in the door back drop.

The Mr. pointed out the windows were dirty.....we thought we had them washed so we washed them again... Or maybe the Mr did! Got them clean anyway!

suit case label

blue canning jar with old silver ware in it

Brides friend made her cake.

I like having the cake in front of a mirror.  

...................blurry picture, sorry
. The reception was HUGE. People came and stayed and visited with each other. No one seemed in a big hurry to leave. That's a compliment to their families and the bride and groom themselves I think. :-)
Next post, gift table area.
Until next time......
Blessings from the Stone House

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where For Art Thou????

I have LOST you from my side bar!!!!
I. Have. No. Clue. Where. You. went.
I want you back! I NEED you back!
If by chance you read this and I haven't found you and put you back, leave me a link to your blog OK?
I'll be blue without you.
Oh distress!!!
Oh Pain!!
Oh Sorrow!!

Really, how do these things happen?

Blessings from the Stone House

well that was close......... I think I have most of you back............. not all tho :-(
I'll keep working on it......

Saturday, March 5, 2011


HI everyone. My craziness is over, for this week anyway! lol  Here are a few shots of the back drop the morning of the reception. Just the bride and groom stood here. When our oldest daughter was married 10 years ago, she requested an old door back drop. The middle door is oak and was the front door of my parents home in Rexburg Id. They did a remodel and were getting rid of the door. I couldn't let that happen!  I have no clue how we got it here to Ut. I'll bet the Mr. remembers tho! lol   The white door was the old kitchen door here at the Stone House, and the other three doors my friend kindly gave us from her folks old home.  We have enjoyed these doors as a back drop a bunch of times.  This reception was for Lindsey Mitchell, a friends daughter.  So, this is what we did with the church gym!

I really loved the flowers, which the bride and her mom arranged.

The picture on the green door was the brides maternal grandparents. I LOVED this picture! Thanks again Sarah for doing this for me! AND for all the other help you were to us!

This was the root beer float table.

 This was the cookie table. It was loaded with homemade cookies and brownies galore! SOOOOO yummy!
 Inside the wire egg basket.
 Next post I'll show you the cake table. Hope your week end is going well. I apologise for my bloggy absence. I'm sure I've missed some good times.  We have been having very fine weather, and  I'm NOT going to be a complainer about the MUD! It is HEAVEN to have it warming up! The tree buds are swelling and patches of grass are green and, the Canadian GEESE are everywhere!  A very sure sign of warmer days! Wed morning I stowed away with my mom and sister and went to Idaho. It was a very pleasant two days.  We were able to get together with my other sister before she had to go up the mountain to work. I was bummed we didn't get her for the full time we were there.  Here we are together with our Mother, and I'm there by her. I'm the oldest sister.  ( ya, my 1 1/2 inch hair has grown some from my self inflicted whacked job!)

I am so grateful for sisters!

Blessings from the Stone House