Saturday, March 5, 2011


HI everyone. My craziness is over, for this week anyway! lol  Here are a few shots of the back drop the morning of the reception. Just the bride and groom stood here. When our oldest daughter was married 10 years ago, she requested an old door back drop. The middle door is oak and was the front door of my parents home in Rexburg Id. They did a remodel and were getting rid of the door. I couldn't let that happen!  I have no clue how we got it here to Ut. I'll bet the Mr. remembers tho! lol   The white door was the old kitchen door here at the Stone House, and the other three doors my friend kindly gave us from her folks old home.  We have enjoyed these doors as a back drop a bunch of times.  This reception was for Lindsey Mitchell, a friends daughter.  So, this is what we did with the church gym!

I really loved the flowers, which the bride and her mom arranged.

The picture on the green door was the brides maternal grandparents. I LOVED this picture! Thanks again Sarah for doing this for me! AND for all the other help you were to us!

This was the root beer float table.

 This was the cookie table. It was loaded with homemade cookies and brownies galore! SOOOOO yummy!
 Inside the wire egg basket.
 Next post I'll show you the cake table. Hope your week end is going well. I apologise for my bloggy absence. I'm sure I've missed some good times.  We have been having very fine weather, and  I'm NOT going to be a complainer about the MUD! It is HEAVEN to have it warming up! The tree buds are swelling and patches of grass are green and, the Canadian GEESE are everywhere!  A very sure sign of warmer days! Wed morning I stowed away with my mom and sister and went to Idaho. It was a very pleasant two days.  We were able to get together with my other sister before she had to go up the mountain to work. I was bummed we didn't get her for the full time we were there.  Here we are together with our Mother, and I'm there by her. I'm the oldest sister.  ( ya, my 1 1/2 inch hair has grown some from my self inflicted whacked job!)

I am so grateful for sisters!

Blessings from the Stone House


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, I LOVED this backdrop made of beautiful old doors. So charming!!! And what a cute idea to serve rootbeer floats. Can't wait to see the cake table!
And if that's a "whack job" on your hair, it turned out ADORABLE! : )
Mary Lou

Mimi Sue said...

I agree with all that ML had to say! So fun to get together with Mom and sisters. Root beer floats are one of my favorite things! Spring is definitely on its way but I'm trying not to get too excited since I know it's going to take it's own sweet time to finally arrive. Pray for me! Tomorrow at 1 PM I'll be teaching. AAAAAHHH!! Why does this stress me out soooo much? Next week a quick trip to Phoenix (and 80 degree weather) for a nephew's wedding. Mimi

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wonderful photos of the wedding backdrop - very unique idea...thanks for sharing.

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

it all looks beautiful as does everything you have a hand in. Looks like you had fun with your sisters too. How fun to have time like that.

Julie Harward said...

Yay for sisters! I love the old door backdrop idea...very cool. Aren't we glad that we don' have to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding! Great idea for refreshments too ;D

Cowboy mom said...

The doors are very unique. I love the way they turned out.

Sometimes I think computers may just be a little to agravating!
Maybe I'll get my pictures figured out and be able to blog them someday. sigh....

I have to admit I was relieved that you hadn't lost me. I'm not big on bloggy buddies but I sure enjoy you :)

Thanks for your comments.