Friday, March 11, 2011

Gift Table

I LOVE my old doors! Wish I had some place to use them in everyday life. The gift table was an old metal bed. A cot really, I think. At one time, before it was old and rusted, it folded. It was a lucky find by the Mr one day at work. His line crew was building line and he saw this old bed, equipped with bed springs, under a tree in a field. He came home and told me about it and of course I wanted it.......(dah).....anyway he asked the land owner who was a little grandpa gentleman if he could buy it and ended up with the bed for free! I don't have any where for it in my house...yet. I would like to put it in the teens room as a company bed for when his cousin sleeps over, but he has a HUGE adversion to "old"! (There really is just no accounting for bad taste! old is wonderful!)
So, we have our old bed, with two old trunks at each end, a glider bench and a coffee table, all of which held gifts. We had a feather bed underneath TS find crochet tablecloth,
linen covered pillows and velvet throw pillows, a bucket full of roses and hearts,  old doors and tiny sparrows under glass to welcome the gifts.  The door on the left has missing panels in order to hold and display the brides quilts. She had a bunch.

This little table was in the foyer to greet  reception guests. There was a photo album full of pictures of the bride and groom.
 This is an old desk that used to be (three days before the reception) brown with a checker board painted on it's top. It was in the teens was leaving there anyway, and it's new home is beside my bed on the Mr's side. It does a GREAT job of hold the "V" pap machine . I love the little drawer. The green knob is truly old. It came off of a cupboard that had be made for my mom when she was a child.

Our snow is here going quite fast. In just the last week its warmed up so much! I have been enjoying walking outside again.
My mom took a tumble down her outside steps. She is banged up but OK. Nothing is broken. She didn't tell any of us, in fact she kept it a HUGE secret! And that had to be work cuz my sister lives with her and I just down the lane! When she was hurting so badly she finally told my sister, who then called me.
 Mom called her a tattle tale, and me a snoop! LOL I am so grateful she did not break anything! So grateful!
Enjoy your weekend.

Blessings from the Stone House


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well this wedding sure did take on a wonderfully old look.
I think you all did a fantastic job on it.

What a lucky find with the bed/cot.


Cowboy mom said...

I love the way everything turned out!! You did a great job.

I found an old "head board" that is metal with curves and curles. I love it. but, it's in one of my flower beds. It was in a junk pile and is all rusty and beautiful. After all my remodeling last summer and fall in my house, I have a huge urge to do my yard this summer. I've begun on it but I get impatient knowing that yards usually take years....good thing I know I'm not going anywhere. I look forward to looking for "treasures" in junk piles.

Have a great Day!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a fantastic job with the reception. I loooooved the cake table idea. Fantastic photo-op there with the mirror!!! And such a lovely couple.
So glad to hear your mom is ok after her little spill. : (

Mimi Sue said...

Loved all you did for the reception. So many cute ideas! It's hard to make the cultural hall look good but I think you did it! Glad your mom is OK. Could have been much worse. We're starting to warm up a little too. YAY! Mimi

colonialhomekeepings said...

Thank you for all the kind words you leave me on my blog - I love reading in your world and hope to meet you someday - maybe at a rendezvous!