Monday, October 12, 2009

lets be grateful

happy columbus day everyone!
and, i want to thank all of you who have already singed up for my drawing, and welcome any new comers to the stone house.
welcome !

i have been thinking.
an yes, i know that in and of it's self is an amazing thing, but in the last few days i have once again realized how much i have to be grateful for, and how little i show that gratitude.
my life is so full and rich and yet sometimes i whine and feel sorry for myself.
anyone else do that?

i really like to think of myself as a "glass is half full" kind of girl, but sometimes i am afeared that deity may have reason to call me "the whiner"
do you know,

along with the words grateful, thankful, gratified, contented, satisfied, pleased, appreciative, and delighted, are linked words like, rude, indifference, thanklessness, self centered, ungrateful, and cruel?

so there ya go.
i am inviting you to join with me in a simple challenge.
for the next 10 weeks every time you post, to add to that post a blessing that you're grateful for.
this is week one, beginning 12th of oct. week 12 will end dec. 19th.
what do you think?
are you up to this challenge?
i am going to post a link on my side bar, an if you choose to follow this challenge, grab the link and add it to your side bar and invite your peeps to take the " gratitude-attitude challenge" with us.
lets be able to say , i'm drinking from the saucer because my cup is running over .

a week ago, one of our son's horses got out on the highway and was hit late at night by an 18 yr old driving home with a friend and his 12 yr old sister. we have no idea how the horse got out, no fences down, no gates open, the other horse was still in the pasture, anyway the horse was mangled and killed. but the blessing was, that none of the kids in the car were hurt more than scratches! when you live rural place like we do, you know the guy who owns the horse, and you know the guy who hit the horse, and they're all a part of your everyday life. what a blessing these three kids were not hurt!

now, for some goodies. you should go visit Bakerella , and get this fun recipe for cowgirl cookies.

don't they look yummy! i bought some pink m&m's and we are going to "bake an take" some of these goodies tonight as part of our home eveing.

and then.....


haunted fudge!
how fun is this?

to make this sinful looking yummy, go visit gourmet mom on the go,
an grab the button for your side bar...

it really looks like i like to cook huh?
wrong. but i do like to eat! :-)

and don't forget to enter my drawing if you haven't already done so....

oh wait, there's more.......... i need some help. can anyone teach me how to make a real button for my side bar? anyone? .............anyone at all?............


Eric and Caralee said...

You can enter me for those beeswax tapers, I am officially following you now :)
My new dilemma is which of those yummy treats should I make first! That fudge looks tasty and cute too! :) Thank you for the great Home evening idea, we are going to do a little dressing up tonight, we are way over due for a family photo...

Nifty Nappy said...

oh, oh, I want to be entered, I just have to blog about it right? i will run do that.

to get mine. You copy and the html txt in the box under the button. then you go to your blog and add a new html txt box and paste my button link there. It will put the button on your blog. I just copied someone elses button to figure out mine. I can come over somtime and help you figure it out if you want me to. to do a link with a here kinda thing. you type the word "here" on your post then you highlight it. up at the top of the dialog box there should be a little link button. It looks like a chain link kinda. Then you just enter the URL you want to link to. Does that make sense?
I hope I didn't totally confuse you.

I love the idea of the Gratitude thing. I think I will do it!

Kindra said...

I think that is a wonderful idea to share your blessings each and every post! We have our bad days but the blessings should never be forgotten! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your blog background! I am always fond of vintage photos!

Mimi Sue said...

DO NOT ask me anything technical about blogging. 5 year olds know more than I! Anyway. I'm so glad no one got hurt in that accident. Well, except the horse, which I am terribly sorry about that, because I know they are part of the family. Tender mercies. I am a half full kind of person too but I know I take so much for granted and sometimes it takes a tragedy for me to stop and remind myself how much I have to be grateful for. Great idea with the gratitude attitude. I'll try to grab a button. Mimi

Julie Harward said...

Sad about the horse but relieved no one was hurt, my brother as a teen had just bought a car..that night he hit a know what a mess that was! The cookies and fudge look so good, I'll check that out for sure. I don't know how to post stuff on my side bars or I would..I know, I'm not very computer savvy, I have to call my daughters for help a lot! But i promise to be grateful, every time! You are such a sweet heart, I really appreciate your blog. Come say hi :D

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I am a follower now, Behind the Red Door add you on her blog and Grammy Linda said Join I did,so I did.
I love your blog.
God Bless
Hillcrest Home Prims

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Mercy:
What a fun blog you have. I like the lady on the sidebar Miss Marjorie Pay Hinckley!!! Sounds like my kind of woman!!!
I am following because you seem down to earth and joyful!!!
How wonderful.
Peace & Love