Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's crazy how fast the summer is passing! My bench is all black washed and done. I'm pleased with the outcome. I took pictures out in the sun..... so it's hard to see all the color changes very well.

I had so much fun with the spray paint, that I decided to re-do a couple of other little projects. For some reason I hadn't thought of spray paint to do either of these before.......so I was putting them off cuz I didn't want to paint them with a brush.......lots of cubbies and drawers.... These are both TS finds. The blue one, I used the same method as for my bench, the black one came brick red and I used it like that for a couple of years. I just painted it black and sanded it down. This one has a home, and the other one does not. ( I refer you to the paragraph after next where I make a slight mention of life time patterns....... lol)

my "new favorite" color

it's not really so shinny.

AND......I still to
this project
that I started
before I broke
my wrist........ (refer to again to patterns......)
We are busy with summer happenings, and plans for vacation. In a nut shell this is what is going on in our life...... The plans we had for California are off, but in the mean time we are busy getting ready for Rendezvous at Ft Bridger which is the first week of Sept. LBC is learning the art of changing wheel lines, riding his dirt bike, weeding in the garden, swimming at the lake, and he has out grown his moccasins, and is sewing himself some new ones. I'm proud of his sewing skill! I'm still trying to finish my period clothing.....(this has been on going for the last 11 years that we have gone to Bridger and camped there....)( I see a pattern in my life that I'm not all together comfortable with...) LOL . Our SIL is still working in Wy and job hunting for another job where his family can be together. We have a couple of married kids that are house hunting for houses in their budgets..... LBC is preparing for 7th grade.........and all the adventures he is sure are waiting for him there...... :-) Our SIL "B" got the job promotion he applied for!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! DH's garden is giving us wonderful veggies already............. we have plenty of water for our hay crop....... the pigs went to the butcher the other day.......Yumo Bacon and ham on it's way!..... we are trying to decide if we want to tile the kitchen floor, an we are trying.......... to begin........... to pour a patio, to keep the lawns watered and mowed, and, our grandsons have learned how "fun" it is to crawl out the upstairs window and walk on the roof.................We've had some good visits with family and friends, had some fun road trips.......have stayed up too late, have slept in when we should not have.....and we have laughed and enjoyed each others company while sitting around our fire pit in the evenings, slapping at mosquito's and eating smores!

I hope your Summer is passing as pleasantly as ours is! I hope you get to have Vanilla soft ice cream cones from McDonald's ! ( I know, my scope is small lol. BUT I LOVE them!


This week we are going to go see some of this.....

and some of this

and some of this

and some of this

and some of this

WaHoo! I love a Rodeo


No, I have not yet, been to see my good friend Harry Potter. LOL However, that's in the plans for next week.... :-)


Mimi Sue said...

You guys have been busy! Did you already have the wedding? Did I miss it? Or did I forget? Sounds like you're having fun. Summer is more than half over and time is flying by. Mimi

Kellie said...

Did the wedding get postponed or called off or what happened to cancel your California plans?

Jessica said...

I love all the items you refinished. The little drawers are my fav!