Sunday, September 19, 2010

all good things must come to an end......

Rendezvous came....and...sigh.....went......

Hallooooow the camp!
Fort Bridger Rendezvous is a Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Rendezvous. Where folks dress in pre 1840's clothing from head to foot, and sell and buy pre 1840's things. It's held every year on Labor day weekend, inside of Historic Fort Bridger Wyoming, which is also in the town of Ft Bridger Wyo. Most of our family dresses in mid 1750's era, or as colonials and long hunters, which isn't really rocky mountain fur trade, but it is pre 1840 and we love it. Our one daughter and her family dress southwest, or more in the style of Taos traders. We are still learning and researching and that's 9/10's of the fun for us. Our teen took first place on Friday's tomahawk throw, which won him 30 dollars in traders bucks, We were all excited for him. He didn't do so hot the next day, but it still gave him some ump to keep practicing for next year.
Here's our family. We were all here!!!!! You can tell we're in Wyo.... the w.i.n.d. was blowing! LOL We had a really good time and are already talking about next years rendezvous. We camp out of the fort in the "tin tepee" area in our campers and tents. In order to camp in the fort, or in the "primitive camp" as it is called, everything we would use and wear would have to be pre 1840. Tents, bedding, chairs, tables, dishes, clothing all the time, our coolers in wooden boxes, etc. We have talked about doing that, but then we always decide we like our campers and it would cost a ton to go 100% primitive. But we still talk about it. Maybe someday we'll just do it.

The next picture was taken on traders row inside the fort. Men and women come and set up their period tent's and sell pre 1840 type goods from them, and it's called traders row.

This young man and his brothers are Kirkmount. They play Celtic music which is mostly composed by themselves. They are really gifted.

These next pictures are just random shots of family

sorry this next picture is blurry. Kids met while they were out shopping, an I enjoyed seeing them visiting.

more of traders row....

I met this lady on Monday morning. I loved her outfit and her broom. You can see she's trying to ride it! LOL I'll tell you more about her broom in another post and give you a web sight whee you can buy handmade pre 1840's brooms and whisk brooms.

This is a daughter, tossing a frying pan in the frying pan toss. ( she is the one in front bending over )

Bath time rendezvous style

I love love love to watch the Native American dancers. In fact I don't feel like I've really been to Rendezvous if I haven't seen them dance, nor heard the bag pipers play. Two of my favorite things about rendezvous.

a couple of "longhunter" sons looking at a traders wares.

Back at camp, a daughter getting ready to go to the Fort. Over 40,000 folks come to Rendezvous. And sometimes it feels like that many are camped right next door! LOL For the most part, we circle our wagons so to speak, and our little kids play inside our circle and we don't notice so much that there are a ton of people camped right next door!

The Mr. trying out a rocking chair....we came very close to buying it...... it was a folding one, no nails nor screws holding them together. Very comfy to sit in.

Another view from traders row. AND my next rendezvous love, Indian clothing..... I have been talking about "moving" the Mr and I up 100 years and trading in my linen and buckled shoes for leathers and hawk bells instead!

All 5 grandsons.

That's my back. We're inside a traders tent having a look see. I'm wearing a linen petticoat (skirt) and a linen short gown (jacket) a shift, socks that go to my knee, buckled shoes and yes, stays. Oh also, a linen cap and a cotton kerchief. I'm carrying the Mr's haversack because I left my "pocket" back home in Utah lol

This is our oldest son and his little family.
They didn't know we were spying on them. :-)
( son is the one holding his long bow, dil is holding on to the wagon, gs's are in front left side of pic )

Well, can you believe it's early fall? Heavens I really can't! I have bottled peaches and salsa and frozen some ( very little but some) zuk. I'm helping a daughter make salsa this week, going to a fun fabric store with a good friend, going to book club, and planning cub scout pack meeting!
I have been called to be the Cubmaster in our ward. No more nursery for me, in fact today was my last day. I was pretty sad. It's so tender. But on to cubs. I've been there before, some 20 years ago...... but I am looking forward to it and all the fun that it will be.
I've been walking every day but Sundays since March, and my word, I have even lost weight! Just simply walking. I am still amazed.
I have enjoyed visiting your blogs but haven't been much of a blogger or commenter. Just busy like all of you. All of our projects DID NOT get done this summer, and so I have to hope for the next. However, I have enjoyed doing so many things that I can't or shouldn't complain. The fall is beautiful and this after noon we went for a drive up Rock Creek to view the beautiful fall colors first hand. It was pretty.
So everyone, have a great week, and keep yer powder dry!
Carpe diem.......Seize The Day


Julie Harward said...

Hi, this looks like fun and to do it as a family would be great! Sounds like you have had a busy summer..hope to hear more! :D

Lex-a-roo said...

Wow, That looks like so much fun. I'm so glad you get to do something so cool with all your family. We've missed hearing from you hear on the blogspot hope things slow down so you can still blog for us. But I know it gets crazy sometimes.

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

This looks amazingly fun!!
I wanna go!!

Thanks for sharing.

Parkers said...

Every time I see your pics from rendevouz I get so jealous, and think every year that I'll go next year. I do so love it.