Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm here, just holding onto the summer!

I know you who live in the mid west or the south , east or the south west are NOT going to feel sorry for me, and I don't feel sorry for myself either. I do feel sorry for the Mr. and my sons who have to work out side in the heat though. But we have been HOT here in our neck of the woods! My skin is drying up and peeling away! But I am still in love with SUMMER, and am fast holding on to every moment of it, because soon enough it will look like this again! Ugh.

Remember wayyyyyy back when I told you we were BBQing a goat on a rotisserie? Here it is.

and here's the "vultures" waiting for a bite! LOL It was tasty.

The Mr and I went on a road trip not too long ago. We had planned on maybe going up to Jackson Hole Wy, and going to the Bar J and enjoying ourselves, but I just didn't like the thoughts of driving in a mad rush all day long to get there in time to stand in line for our seats, and then driving in a mad rush to get home sat evening. So, we did something so fun, something that we really haven't done before. We went south, with only one thought in mind, and that was to go see Cove Fort. The Mr. had never been here, and it was only four hours drive. Not too bad.
No deadlines, no motel reservations, and not that far of a drive. Now I had been to Cove fort before, because for almost the first 11 yrs of my life my family lived over the mountain in Monroe. My dad's mom lived in Delta, so we drove by there lots. I knew that my GGGrandfather Charles Wilden had built a fort close by out of wood, Fort Wilden, which had later been abandoned. I had been before on a field trip with my grade school, but I had never been back to Cove Fort since it has been restored and is a mission. The mission part was of great interest to the Mr.
I could go on and on about this little fort, but I shall spare you. If you have an interest, click on the link and you can read and view some more about this historic place. I will tell you, that there were 12 rooms on the inside of the fort, which housed the family and over night stage guests. Pine was used for the roof and the massive doors on the east and west ends, but the fort was made from lava rock and lime stone. The stages stopped twice a day, one from the north going south and one from the south going north. The fort was built instead of a town because of the scarcity of water, and was to be a way station for pioneers traveling along the "Mormon Corridor"....settlements stretching from Idaho to Nevada connected by a network of roads, telegraph lines and postal routes. ( I love historic sights...can you tell?)

looking out one of the gun slits, towards the vegetable garden.
ceder pole corral, tied together with rawhide. It was rock solid.
Telegraph office
This is not an old quilt, but was made and donated for this bed. It was all done by hand, and double stitched like the old ones were.
I loved the kitchen and the dinning room. I could have taken it ALL home with me! LOL
Do you see that pie safe Sylvia? I "need" one like it!
This is inside looking towards the south side of the fort. The north side is a twin. There is lawn and tress in the middle, with huge massive doors on either end.

Ahhhhhh. The kitchen!
WE had such a good time on our trip. If we saw something we wanted to see, we stopped and saw it. We ended up staying the night in Filmore, and even went to the park there where they were having a Fourth of July celebration, and bought us some supper, and ate it as we watched "Filmore's got talent" !
We went to a lavender farm, a fruit farm and an art show. And the best part of the trip was, I got to have the Mr ALL to myself, and I had his entire undivided attention! :-) We both enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to the fall when we are going to go somewhere else kinda close by and see what there is to see!
Our SIL works for the division of natural resources, (DNR) and we had the opportunity to go stay at one of the DNR's cabins. This one was up by the Strawberry Pinnacles. We had a good time, and were sorry that we could not stay longer .
We did........
a little mountain climbing with the Mr and three oldest grandsons...
and a little fly tying...oldest son...
a little humming bird "nest" watching...

a little sitting and thinkin..... #4 GS
a little fishing... SIL
a little tree climbing... #1 GS
a little long bow practicing to get ready for Rendezvous... DIL, #2,#3 GS, and son #4

GS #2

a little sleeping....GS #5
and just some relaxing.

One of our little "chick-a-bee's" came for a sleep over last night! She kept us entertained.
She did enjoy her "redneck" bath! LOL

We are having a busy summer. I am LOVING it! I have been antiquing, playing, reading, working, dreaming, visiting, and trying hard to walk 4 miles 6 mornings a week! We have even been running some!! ( I'm so proud of us!) The Mr. has a beautiful garden and we have been eating some of the fruits of his labor. I truly hope your summer has been as nice as mine. I hope you can find the time and money to squeeze in some travel of some sort, and some visits with dear friends and family. Our family is growing again, WAHOO! Grandchild number 8 is due to arrive this winter. Blessings for sure.
Soon it will be time for Rendezvous at Fort Bridger, and back to school, so I'm holding on to summer with all my might and strength. I LOVE IT!

I am having some troubles with blogger templates....anyone having any trouble? I'm not too sure I'm a fan of the new stuffs. I am also having troubles uploading my pictures for my header, doesn't seem to shrink to fit.... also, some of the links on my side bar are not links anymore, but just pictures......I've tried to re-do them, but to no avail.... HELP ANYONE OUT THERE! ahhhhhhh I think I need to wipe the slate clean and start over! Or maybe throw my hands up in the air and walk away....yeah, that will do the trick huh!
I need to spend some time on here and get it figured out. Maybe another in the winter? LOL
A dear friend of mine and her little family are moving to southern Colorado next month. Work.
I shall miss her, but I'm also excited for them and the changes that will come their way. BUT, I know the way to Colorado..... I can go for a little drive and have a visit! :-)
I made bread today........however, it's still not in bread pans.....I just punched it down again......I had better get after it or it'll be a mess. Navajo tacos for us tonight! Yummy

Enjoy your day!


Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a fun trip away with the hub...I love Cove Fort, it's not that far away from us. Looks like fun with the family too, those little ones sure are cute! Have the rest of a good summer, it'll be on the decline in a couple of weeks!!! :D

Connie said...

We have some friends who are serving a mission at the Cove somewhere. They're in their RV. Just loving it also, sugar...

joy said...

I just love hearing what you have to say. It sounds like things are going well, except the template thing. I had trouble too, and I decided not to change anything anymore. Just the posts. Your trip sounds like fun. And your grandbabies are darling. Thank for the pic of winter, I needed it!! Love, Joy

Lex-a-roo said...

I'm so glad you got a get away with your DH. I bet it's hard to have time with him all to yourself as busy as your family and his demands are. I loved seeing the pictures of your family it melted my heart. I also like how you number your grandchildren but then I have to stop and figure out which one it is and who are the parents. Hope the rest of your summer is great.

Mimi Sue said...

Glad you checked in and are doing well. We love to do little overnight trips. We talk and connect without the stress of long car rides and deadlines. We stopped at Cove Fort a couple of years ago. Love how the church honors the history. They do such a good job. My husband's family is from Scipio. Just a short hop across the desert from Delta. Well, try to stay cool. The past week has been HOT! We need to enjoy it while it lasts. Mimi

colonialhomestead said...

I was excited to see you had a post today. I enjoyed your trip. CONGRATS! #8!!! Such sweet pics of the sleeping fisherman & bathing baby in the sink. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Cowboy mom said...

I love Cove Fort! I loved the little ones old fashioned bath!!
What a fun Summer!!!

Parkers said...

I have been to Cove Fort, um, sometime ago, I was married to Danny and we were on our way back from Page. Thats the only time, however. But I enjoyed it al ton. We are BBQing ourselves tomorrow, after the parade. We are expecting like 30 people, it should be a blast. I love and miss you!

Linda Nelson said...

So who is having #8? Has Gary got his paper yet? Love ya, Linda

Kindra said...

That place looks wonderful!! I'm still holding on to summer. I'm enjoying the long days with my boys at home...good and bad. LOL

Gayle said...

I love visiting Cove Fort - just wish I could help myself to all the great antiques displayed there! LOL Sounds like you had a fun trip.

Mimi Sue said...

I thought about you when we were driving through your neck of the woods. Kept looking for a road sign that said Bluebell 28 miles or something similar! Didn't see one though. You definitely live in beautiful country. Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

PS We didn't see any mountain goats but we did see some antelope. But they weren't playing with any deer. (I kept singing that song Home, Home on the range the whole trip!) Mostly in my head but sometimes it would slip out. Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

Funny you should comment about Cafe Rio. Guess where we had dinner when in Vernal? I got the tortilla soup! Sounds kind of complicated when you tell people where you live. I just think living in a little town called Bluebell is adorable. Mimi

Vilate Thacker said...

man lady! I sure miss you! Just wanted to let you know we got a house! YAY!
So who is having #8? I am super excited for you guys!

Love ya and miss ya!
I was honored to see I made it into your blog post. :)