Friday, April 17, 2009

she's here! wahoooooo!!!!!!

Our baby girl is here! I think this waiting might be a tad more nerve racking than the actual being there and doing the labor! JK My DH works out of Roosevelt, and he mentioned that he was going to stop in every now and then , when he had a minute, and see how it was going, and he would call me and let me know. He never called. It may have been because he hadn't had the time to get there yet, and it may have had something to do with the fact that I called him a zillion times! When he finalllllllllly had time to go see how it was going, Angie was pushing. So then he called me, and dutifully reported his news! lol And that was good news because we knew it wouldn't be much longer after that. She only pushed about 15 minutes. Not too bad! Then came the phone call I had been biting my nails waiting for all day long!
Cell phone rings.......I answer.......
Lee....Hey, how ya doing?
Myself....very good, annnnnd how are you? ( i am laughing because i can hear the happiness in his voice)
Lee....real good....wellllllllll,.......she's here!
Myself........... how are they doing? Is everything OK with Angie?
Lee....ya, she's good.
Myself......wellllllll, tell me all............................
Then at last he spilled his guts and we got down to all the nitty gritty. What an absolute blessing a baby is! What an amazing Miracle! I can not describe how it feels to watch your own child, hold and lovingly gaze at their own new born baby! I get all silly and gooey! So, she was born at 4:44 pm, April 16th 2009, she is 19 inches long, and weights 6 pounds 12 ounces! AND she has HAIR! I don't now why that is so startling to me, some babies do. She has her mom's nose, and long fingers. Of course she has a beautiful little rose bud mouth! Her little eyes are still all swollen from being born, but oh my goodness, her little spirit filled the entire room! And our poor little baby remains..............nameless! lol But both Mom and baby are doing good! Angie is sore, you know how that is, and I'm sure little Paislee (that was her name until last week....) is sore from the work of being born too. She is so small, but it's hard to imagine how she fit into that small little space!!!!! lol Can't wait to see them again today! We were up late so I have let LBC sleep in, but we have got to get school underway! There are a million things that have to be done before this day ends.
Angie and "Paislee" (i just can't call her, baby girl....)

Lee was afraid she was going to be sooooo ugly that he wouldn't be able to love her. lol

I just laughed and told him not possible!

No doubt about it, our son is smitten!

LBC and his new little niece. He's smitten also!

What a pretty little round head she has..........see that hair! She looks so tiny in Grandpa's arms.

Oh we will have wonderful times with this blessed little girl!

She will lead all of her handsome, energetic, ruff and tumble, loving, curious, total "boy", boy cousins a merry chase. I just know it! She will have them all eating out of the palm of her hand! lol


Kath said...

What absolute BEAUTIFUL pictures!
Congrats to all!
She's perfect and so pretty :)
What precious blessing!

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful, what fun!
Cheers to little girls! There is nothing better!

Beth at Aunties said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. There is something about little granddaughters that gets your heart a racing. They are so fun:) Congratulations!!! "Paislee" is a beautiful name! Loved all the pictures!

Enjoy! Beth

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Now you got me crying big ol tears just knowing I will be seeing the same thing soon as our son holds his little girl while his Angie looks on! What a blessing - she is just gorgeous!! Congrats!! hugs, Linda

Linda Nelson said...

Congrads to All she looks beautiful and I am so happy for all of you on your first granddaughter. Tell Lee he looks good he will make a great dad.

LoL Linda and Karrie

Eric and Caralee said...

She is soo beautiful! Congratulations on being a new Grandma and of course Lee and Angie being parents!

Mimi Sue said...

She is a beauty! You're gonna have so much fun with that little girl. You are so right about watching your kids love their kids. It's the best. Mimi

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a sweet, beautiful bundle she the pic of pap's hands and her's :)
Have fun with hugging and kissin her:)

Jo-Anne said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! How wonderful that she is finally here!! Congratulations.
Give her a kiss on that perfect little head for me!! :):):)

Lex-a-roo said...

Aww... I am just really moved by all those touching pictures. Give them all my Love