Monday, April 13, 2009


It's amazing how much fun, for a long time, kids can have on a parked four wheeler!

sticky face and fingers....yeah, and a fat lip! (he fell on the sidewalk) :-(

This is our "baby", that is until Thursday!!! Cute little face! This was before the smores, and a fall on his knees in the cactus..... :-( darn it!

We enjoyed a busy and full week end, and I personally ate soooooooooo many jelly beans that I never need to eat another in my entire life! We had very HEAVY rain on sat, so we had our picnic inside. We built a fire in the wood stove and opened up the doors and stuck our hot dogs on roasting sticks and went to town roasting away in the living room!! We had a good time.

My sis is here (at my mom's house) from Idaho, so this week will be filled with lots of card playing and laughing.....Last week our DIL was here, and I was so busy we hardly had time for much playing. I really dislike being so over loaded that my time isn't my own. We did have the baby shower, and our little mom still hadn't delivered so I was glad for that. (sorry Angie, I know how much you want to be done...LOL) ****** UPDATE ON ANGIE................she just got home from a doc apt. and they are going to induce her this Thursday!!!

Our DD and DIL, are doing cloth diapering! I am proud of both of them! I remember well when we stopped needing to use cloth diapers! LOL I loved being able to throw that messy diaper away! But there are all kinds of moms out there now a days, who have become involved in what they feel is a better way! :-) For budget reasons, or for Green reasons, or because they feel it's better for their babies behinds. There is a plethora of info out there on cloth diapering. Not justa folded diaper, pinned and covered in plastic pants any more. We're talking hemp and bamboo inserts, ( very soft!) covered with the cutest little cloth snappie diaper covers, and then covered with a wool soaker which has been lanolinized. Sounds like a lot of stuff huh? These girls...hummmm, I mean young women, are pretty savvy about this! They're on the ball! I have a very good friend who cloth diapers also. She has been a wealth of info for my girls! Thanks Vilate. If you have any interest in finding out more about the new diaper.....jump over and visit her web page.

The "new" cloth diapers are pretty amazing. The down side, yeah, you have to wash them out...LOL BUT, did you know, they have a diaper sprayer that goes on your toilet? Kind of like a dish sprayer.........

So this morning, I am needing to recover the house. Only, I don't know how faithful I will be. Last day of spring break, which this year with "home school" has an entire new meaning..........I have lots to do and places to go!

Yeah, so I'm going to be like this headless boy of mine, and hide my head in the sand....or my sweat shirt...and throw it to the wind for awhile! LOL (no will still be here waiting for me, when I return! ) Maybe recovery came happen tomorrow! LOL


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How exciting - I can't wait to meet her!! I will be looking for the post about her!!

Vilate Thacker said...

Ahh, gee thanks for the kind words. I love to CD and i love to make them. I hope that Laura got it all figured out. Sounds like you had a fun Easter though! Hope to visit with you soon!
*oh, yeah Kristen is up to Swap at her place. she is excited!

Mimi Sue said...

LOVE your new header. Cute little boys! They look like they've got lots of energy! Good for your girls wanting to use cloth diapers. I didn't know there was so much interest in them. So much better for the environment and budget. Glad you had fun on Easter Saturday. We've had some more rain and snow today. Will spring ever get here?? Mimi