Saturday, April 4, 2009

Honest again...............

WoW, This has been a week! Long agonizing story, but DH and I have taken LBC out of school and I'll be teaching him this last 7 weeks at home! In our small area, our second choices are very limited. So..... this is not how I invisioned this school year ending, but when something is broken, it needs to be fixed. Sigh.....BUT.....The internet is sooooooo amazing!!! Our Princapal has been very helpful, and I've had some dear friends who have given me much help and encouragement.
Our grown children have shared both concerns and support. Thank you all! I love you dearly! And now that I'm in the thick of it....I am liking it! I should have done this much sooner, and I hopeful not too much damage has been done and LBC will be ready to go back 7th grade in the fall! I have a few pictures I want to share with you and then I'm going to be Honest again! :-)

This is my DD's little half bath with her fun things. I couldn't get a very good picture of the entire room......

On the living room wall, is this picture of my FIL and his first wife, who died very young. The letter is from her, to him, while he was alway in the service. The date on the letter is the same date as pearl harbor was bombed. Our oldest daughter gave this to her sister for a birthday gift one year. I love this,(envy envy) I think it's way neat.

On wed. I get together with my Mother, and most of my girls, (DD's and DDIL"S) and we play cards. We take a pot luck dish, and just have a good time. I took deviled eggs and thought I would share with you how I fill them........and maybe you already do this, or know another way.........After you have mixed the filling, spoon it into a baggie, and either zip it or twist it closed. snip the end of the baggie off, and now you have a fast easy pastry bag. Just fill up the egg whites.

Here is the quilt we worked on the other day, and you can see that the quilt top is covered with a white sheet that has been cut full of holes. This is the guide for the ties. We don't always use this, but it really helps when the fabric doen't have an easy even pattern to tie. You just tie in the holes, and you don't have to worry. We have an enjoyable time when we get together to quilt. We tend to try to solve the worlds troubles! LOL

Yesterday I was a judge at a Potery recitieding contest. It was very hard! The children all did such a good job! We could only have three winners, and three Honorable mentions.The little Gal in the pink was first place. She was fun to watch. She has a very natural "dramatic gene"! LOL

Nicole, (Our Cozy Nest) has tagged me with another change to be "Honest". So once again, here are 10 things about me that maybe you do or don't already know.....

BTW, if you haven't already gone to visit Nicole, you really should. It's a fun blog and she shares with us the coolest things to make and things she has made. AND, in case I forgot, Congrats Nicole on the new Baby!!!! And Congrats on the Moda Bake Shop tutorial, on the scrappy letter!!I love that letter!

1. I love popcorn. It’s my very favorite treat to have. Especially on rainy days! I love it plain, or with butter and salt, or with Carmel, or chocolate, or butter and salted with hot tamales, or hot buttered with sugar babies in it too! (Thanks Mimi Sue, I love it)
2. I love the sunshine! I have a struggle with dark and dreary days. (But a good book and some hot popcorn help …LOL)
3. 3. I love purses. Shoes and purses. I like them in leather. OK, true confessions, I never have bought a new leather purse. I always buy them from a TS.....I have found the most awesome leather bags from DI. (TS)
4. I am a daydreamer, a mountain out of molehill maker, a true worrier, a romantic, and an optimistic. My glass is half full! I have a blue personality.
5. I am not a coffee drinker, but I am always dying something with it and I don’t wear gloves, so my hands are often brown stained, and my house often times smells like coffee.
6. I Love old dishes. I think the chore of eating is much more pleasant if eaten off of old dishes.
7. For the last 20 years or so,(totally sounds like I’m way old here) I have had a longing to become an Anthropologist. Now that I am on the winding up end of raising children I have been thinking of pursuing something along those lines. I would love to work in the Ute Tribe museum. (It isn’t built yet, but they are in the beginning stages.)
8. I like Supper Massive Black Hole sung by Muse. This is not my “normal” kind of music, nor the type of band I care for, but I like this song. I liked Flightless Bird, until I read the lyrics, and that was the end of that song on my play list! LOL
9. I love to sing, but do not having a singing voice. I am an alto at best. BUT, I sing everywhere I go. (I also talk to myself…)
10.I haven’t been to Europe, but I don’t feel to badly about it. I love these United States, and have been able to travel all over them. But there are still so many places I haven’t gone that I want to go, that I can hardly even think of another continent. I do have a yen to see Ireland and Scotland. But other than that, I don’t have much interest. Where I want to go for a visit, is “back in time”. (Told you I was strange!)

So there you are again, some Honesty....

Here's just a parting smile for you this week end....My SonIL brought this to me one day. Made me laugh. Enjoy.


Beth at Aunties said...

Good Luck in your Home schooling adventure. LBC is so lucky to have you in his life.
It was fun to learn more about you my friend. How was your girlfriend related to Thomas E. Ricks. Was it through Elizabeth? I am and then through her son John.
Conference has been such a great treat.

Hugs for a great weekend.

Lex-a-roo said...

Loved the comic. That pearl harbor letter is so cool. What a neat gift.

Eric and Caralee said...

Best wishes with the homeschooling, it's definately a challenge and very different, but also very rewarding (from what I've heard ;)! It's hard to believe he's headed into 7th grade already! Wow. Love ya.

Vilate Thacker said...

How funny, at this exact moment I am eating popcorn!