Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Good morning everyone! It's a little chilly and overcast here this morning, but it's a beautiful day all the same! Our Son and DIL have gone to the hospital to have a baby this morning! I am just waiting here, on pins and needles, which really makes no sense at all because babies come in their own sweet time, and most of the time, that isn't fast! Angie is being induced, as her blood pressure has been high and just getting this is a good thing. I CAN"T HARDLY WAIT FOR OUR NEWEST LITTLE GRANDCHILD TO MAKE HER APPEARANCE!!!!!!Her dad has decided he doesn't want to name her the name they had picked out and have been calling her all along.....and Angie, has kindly given him his choice.....even though she loves the name they had picked out. I told her to stick to her guns and not let Lee have his way totally.....( aren't I a good mother in law?) LOL! It will be fun to go and meet this little girl and what ever name she has, will fit her fine and be a good one! and,...................................I'm so very glad it's not me down there with the pit,and in labor!!! LOL !

On a much more sober note, our dear blogger friend Linda, from Behind My Red Door, has asked that we become more involved in a volunteer service in any of it's many forms, for cancer victims and their families. This is a subject that is close to my heart because my DH is a cancer survivor. It was a hard and devastating time in our lives. I know beyond a shadow of doubt, that Our Heavenly Father blessed our home and our lives and sent us much comfort and love and support and help in the form of good friends and neighbors, and family, and many many other persons. We had very good insurance, and financially we were OK. But many aren't. They don't have the means to cope, physically, spiritually or financially. There are many ways we can step in and be a volunteer and help these families. Because as Linda said, it is a disease that affects the entire family, not just the victims. It takes much strength to endure the plague of cancer. Linda has a special request of any who are willing, You should read her post and her request. She has been a volunteer for many many years in her own area, and has a deep understanding of the trauma that families go through as they struggle to cope with, and understand this disease. In your own area you may already know of ways that you can offer your services to help a family or a child and their family in need! Sometimes, our own selves, and some time are a beautiful gift to offer to those in need!


Hand to Serve, Hearts to God



GRAMS said...

ooooh I love grand babies. Have fun loving her and best wishes to the Mom. Janis

Kath said...

Oh how exciting!!! CONGRATS!! Looking forward to lots and lots of "grammy" pics!!!
I will say little prayer for mom and the sweet little one! :)


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH I can only imagine the wait for the sweet baby girl and now another surprise - her name!! Can't wait to check back and see she is here! I hope mom and baby do wonderfully!

Thanks so much for posting about my post - it's wonderful to be able to raise awareness!!

lots of hugs from one grammy to another!!

Mimi Sue said...

Isn't it so much fun when your kids present you with one of their kids? Love it so much. Give the baby a hug and kiss from Mimi. My husband is a cancer survivor too. We were so blessed in so many ways. Miracles happen through faith and prayer. Mimi

Janene said...

By the time I write this comment, the baby will have already been born!
How exciting! I so love babies...and children in general.
Congratulations Grammy!