Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bee's knees!

Well here it is Tuesday morning. I can not believe how fast the days zoom! Yesterday we helped to move one of our sons and his family. We have two little grandsons staying with us, and one of them is sleeping in my spot in the bed! :-) I am not as young as I once was, and not in very good shape. I was a tired woman last night when we got home. It is TIME to get out and resume daily walking!!

The baby has an official name. Ta Da......drum roll please..........her name is Paislee Jo.......So after all the debate, she was a Paislee after all. lol!
AT the Hospital
Sleeping in her Grandma C's arms in her new dress! lol

Of course we think she is BEAUTIFUL!


On sat. we picked up two new hives of bees. This is always a fun day for all of us. We buy our bees from Jones Bee in SLC. http://www.jonesbee.com/The kids always talk their dad into new gloves, or a new veil, or whatever they thought they needed to have in order to "tend" bees, and they always come away with some kind of honey candy! Sometimes I buy wick for dipping candles, or taper candle molds, or sometimes I buy a new chunk of bees wax to wax my linen thread with. One of my favorites is to "people" watch. I know......... but I like to see what kinds of folks come to buy bees. I always get get a kick out of this, and then I realize, that I myself am one among the numbers!!!! lol!!!!! There are a huge variety of us........some look like hippies, some like yuppies, some look like farmers....some look like business men......some bring all their kids......some bring dogs......some come in company trucks, some come in mini vans, and station wagons.....some have suvs. Some are in a hurry, some take their time. The Jones Bee yard is filled with noise and laughter and people. I bet they are glad when the bees are all gone to their new homes, and there are no more people hanging around!

Our 2 and our DD's 1 hive in the trunk of the car at home

All the way home, the trunk of the car is buzzing with the sound of bees, and inevitably, the "hitchhiker bees" escape the trunk and find their way up in the car. This has worried some of my children more than others, and most of the time the errant bee gets squashed! LBC is no exception to the others. He had some yummy honey candy this trip, and he did squish a bee or two. Lucky, none of us are allergic to bees! We bought two new hives for ourselves this year, one for our DD, two for a friend, and two for a co worker of DH. So all together we had 7 hives buzzzzzzing in the car! It is a total family affair to watch and help put the bees in the hive boxes. Our little grandson, stepped on a bee in the house, and it did sting his little foot. I felt really bad because he kind of limped around on it for a while. That was the only sting this year, other than the dogs who just don't know how to stay out of the middle of anything! lol It has been a treat to have our own honey all these years, and it has also been a treat to watch as my children tended bees with their dad! Big guy in white bee suit, veiled and gloved, whole bunch of little guys in white or light colored clothes, the legs of their pants duck taped tight, wearing too huge of hats and veils tied on them, following after their Dad, talking and asking questions non stop!
.......................................... I think the honey was actually just a by product of tending bees........lol

The lighter bees are Hitchhiker bees that came all the way from California on the out side of the boxes

This is how they come packaged, and then you have to "shake" them into the bee box.

DH and DD getting "suited"up

This is a close up of the queen in her little box. (pic in not too good :-(

SIL watching the bees crawl on his hand and arms.

Have a great week everyone!♥


Parkers said...

The whole bee thing is just awesome, and I love the honey you gave me, and I still have more than half. When your bees start doing their business Misty would like to buy some, or maybe trade honey for chickens LOL! She has 70 chickens right now, 7 roosters, and is STILL in the process of acquiring more chickens as we speak! I didn't want to share too much of my honey, as you weren't doing bees anymore, but I did to her and Laurel, some time ago. Have fun with the bees, they do freak me out, but they are awesome little things!

Kath said...

Oh Paislee Jo is just so precious!!
Love her little dresses.
Your bees bring back wonderful memories for me :) My gramps used to have bees! I remember he and gram canning the honey and always havin a piece of honey comb on the dinner table and just cutting into it and spreading on our bread! Makin honey butter...YUM. What a wonderful memory! THANKS! :)


UPON A HILL said...

She is beautiful & sweet!!! So you do the whole bee thing??? Do you sell your honey???

Beth at Aunties said...

She is so beautiful and I want to love all over those kissable cheeks. Can't you just feel heaven holding these precious new ones. Truly gifts from a very loving Heavenly Father.

I so understand about the body...and walking! LOL
The bees are interesting..WoW!

Hugs, beth

vilatesniftynook said...

Congrats on the little one, and I never knew you did bees. I keep discovering interesting things about you! :)

Brandi Sorensen said...

OH my Goodness! I didn't know you had Bee's too! I wanna know how it all works and how you get the hunny and stuff. I will have to come on a field trip to your house one day!

Mimi Sue said...

That baby is a keeper. She's so darn cute. She'll be a lot of fun for her grandma! Who knew there's a place to go to buy bees? Very interesting. Have fun with that baby. Mimi

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How kewl is that - your own hives.

But Paislee is the best part of the post. Of course she is beautiful - (almost as purty as Liliana! wink wink!)

Oh yes, you do sound like someone with a new grand daughter - I can tell you are so in love with her. What pure joy!!

hugs, Linda

Beth at Aunties said...

No...I didn't recieve your email!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful baby, makes me excited for mine to get her, only 6 more months, wow - that's a long time! I'm not sure there is anything in this world my husband is more afraid of than bees! I think it's from painting the outside of one too many houses!

live.laugh.love. said...

That was an interesting day. Your littlest of grandsons staying with you got stung on the bottom of his foot though :)He's a trooper!! love ya

Lex-a-roo said...

Bees and babies your having too much fun these days.