Wednesday, August 26, 2009

whatcha workin on wednesday......

Well, like I said on Monday...this is crunch week here at the Stone House. We are getting ready for our annual trip to Ft Bridger for the yearly rendezvous! We camp and laugh and play cards and when the fort opens we go ( wearing our period proper clothing...) and participate in the rendezvous activities! Leslie, you should come and bring your family! Wyo is not too far from PA is it? (smiling )
Today I am sewing DH some drop front knee britches! Out of linen. Hummm. These will be a different kettle of fish for him to wear. Not as heavy of fabric as Wranglers! LOL We play cards with my Mom this afternoon, and I am making traditional taco's for my pot luck dish. Later on I am hoping for time to run to my daughters and help her sew a linen "Robe 'a l' Anglaise a la plolnaise" Why is it that 18th century pattern instructions are almost unrecognizable to read as being English?

I was able to go to a TS is Idaho on our way home from our road trip, and found some fun treasures. I scooped these books up for a dollar each. They are old time life books. They have lots of colonial as well as the more "fluffy" (quoting LBC's word) country look. They have lots of helpful info. I was excited to find them.

Janene showed us her sweet clock this morning and I. AM. SO. IN. LOVE. WITH. IT. I am going to be on the look out for one that I can re-do similar to hers! If you haven't seen it, go have a look see!

Here is a little clock that I picked up at the TS. I think I may have a thing for clocks! lol
Not sure how I'll re-do it yet.

While we were tripping we stayed a night at my Sister's home, and she fed us the most incredible breakfast ever! We had our choice of yummy honey butter, or freshly made from freshly picked, Huckleberry jam , on hot scones, Hash browns, eggs ( for them that likes em) and these beautiful little steaks wrapped in Bacon, hot off the grill! The steaks were Buffalo! Never eaten a Buffalo steak before. It was sooooooo good! (ya, even LBC woofed his down) Thanks Anne! She sent us home with some Huckleberries, and a jar of her highly coveted pickled asparagus! Which we did manage to wait to open until the kids were all at our house. (and I did threaten all of their lives if they didn't save any until their dad got out of the shower....LOL) It goes pretty fast once opened!
See how pretty it looks in the jar!

Just got a reminder call to go tie quilts at the I will most likely not get too much done on the knee britches this morning!
That's how it goes huh! :-D

LBC is loving school, and is signed up to try out for the school play, The Wizard Of Oz. Hope he gets a part. Have a great day and don't forget to visit Leslie
and see what she as everyone is working on this Wednesday!
I had better get a move on it!


Neabear said...

Oh, lucky you finding those books. I never did get the whole collection when they first came out. So I am drooling over those here. This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice. Sounds like you have busy times coming up. Interesting sewing projects!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on gardens with me. I'm impressed with your sewing skills! I have a hard time figuring out patterns. I hope you'll show us the finished result.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

My Mercy, you sure are busy and that breakfast sounded so good, I think I'd like to try buffalo steak I bet it is good!

Love the clock and be sure to show a picture when you redo it:)

Hope LCB gets a part in the school play...keeping fingers crossed for him.

Janene said...

How sweet of you to mention me in your post today!
I feel very honored :)
I have some of those same books...I look at them so often for references...they are great!
You definately got them for a steal!
I have never had pickeled asparagus...but it sounds wonderful!
Have a great week!

Vilate Thacker said...

so he is really going to wear them huh? I want to see pictures! :)

Thanks for supporting us and doing the quilt tying it is so fun to see you there.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning great that you participate in the Fort Bridger outing...sounds like lots of fun and oh how those linen britches are going to itch hubby!!!

I have the set of books you picked up...I love them and use them for reference a lot.


Leslie said...

When you mentioned your yearly rendezvous, I didn't realize it was this weekend....just like the Fair :) And I didn't know you dressed up like you are. I hope the weather cooperates and you're not too hot.

Sorry, but I could not possibly miss Grange Fair to go to Wyoming...that would just be so wrong! LOL I have been to Wyoming, though, so I do know how long of a drive it is. Over the summer between my Junior and Senior year, I went on a 3 week trip with my brother, cousin and grandparents in their RV. Our destination was the Calgary Stampede but we traveled through many states and got to see things like the Badlands, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park, to name a few. I liked it out there but this is home :)

Have a great weekend!


Parkers said...

The "little steaks wrapped in bacon" were buffalo filet mignon. I received them from a friend for taking her huckleberry picking. The best gift ever. Anyways this is the same steak we sell @ the lodge, it's cost is $37 a plate...without the huckleberries. LOL! We ate the other two for dinner that night, and Jade was is HEAVEN! It was a fun evening and next day for me. I was glad I didn't have to work. I love when you visit!