Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Love

One of my fav summer loves is a horse ride in the cooler summer evenings! P-Jo got to have her first ride the other night with her dad. Her mom said she seemed to enjoy it.

Paislee loves to be wrapped up like a little burrito for sleeping . She is not always a very cuddly baby girl, but prefers to be facing outwards looking at everything that is going on, standing on her wobbly legs or sitting up. Sometimes she gets so sleepy and doesn't want to give in, so then it's burrito time for her. She just relaxes and off to sleep she goes! I am wondering if she will always like to sleep all snugged up tight? LOL Both of our all most 2 year old grandsons love her and can't hardly seem to pass her by without kissing her on her little head. ( and poking her eyes, and sticking grubby fingers in her mouth and pulling on her little legs...!!! lol ) But they surely do love her! Aren't 2 year olds a hoot!

BUT, one thing I don't love about this time of summer.................MICE! AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We've been invaded!!!!!!!!!

I know,................... old house, sitting in the middle of hay fields! ........................................But all the same.................................. I have declared war, and hope to win the battles. We have no cats. I know, I know what your going to say next, and you're right. But, (there always has to be one) It's not because we don't want any, but we have Heeler dogs, and cats don't live long lives with heelers around. (a couple of days really) Big sigh here............... We love our dogs, and they do help some with the cows, but they also keep the coyote's out of the yard, and the skunks out of the chickens, and we have cougars that roam not too far off, so it's a sort of toss up. Mice...coyotes...mice...possible cougars...........mice or skunks and weasels......lol

BUT the world has given us "one bite"! (ya, we chose coyotes skunks and possible cougars over mice) (what were we thinking?) A very successful bar bait! And, peanut butter scented sticky traps, and just plain old fashioned snap traps. We. Will. Fight. Back. Wa ha ha!!! (sorry, they make me a little crazy...) (can you picture me in your mind, hiding around the corner of the fridge holding a ginormous
mallet above my head, wild eyes darting this way and that, oh yeah, can't forget the hair standing on end! (which it always is anyway...) wearing a stained apron, it's pockets bulging full of mouse traps, just waiting for an unsuspecting mouse to scurry my way.....WHAM! Wa ha ha !!!) It's got to be them or me. We. can. not. under. any. circumstances. co-exist!

OK, a mush less morbid and far more uplifting topic, a new love I have found this summer.... Necklaces and bead watch bands. Haven't really had a 'love' for necklaces ever before......really, too much darn chest to bounce around a necklace on, just added to the bulk...why couldn't I have gotten the 'flat chest' gene? (Yeah, I know I have issues lol)......... But I am really loving these. ( which do bounce around) My daughter is full of talent! As of now, I have been bitten by the bead bug.......I am in the (very mind you) early stages of learning the how to's. ..........sorry the pic are horrendous...... the top one has a very stoic lady on the front and on the back it says something like....who can clean house when there is the whole world to save. That is so my daughter. :-) The other one has a fairy lady on it and says Flea Market Fairy and on the back it says 'she always has junk in her trunk'. That one belongs to me. So, I am going to have to start a saving account just to buy beads and findings and such! LOL

We are going to Nephi some day this week, to buy some hay forks. I love summer road trips...to almost anywhere! We still have school shopping to do for LBC , who doesn't lovOK to shop? (OK, so my mom is not a fan....) My apricots are just coming on. Gotta love apricot jam! And I love preparing for our end of summer bash, Rendezvous!

Hope you all are getting to enjoy some of your Summer Loves! ♥


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH MY Goodness - PJ is just so cute!! I love the pictures - can't decide which one is the best!! I wish Lili would sleep all bundled. The kids insist she won't but I have her, I wrap her and she calms down! Hummm - what to I know? LOL

Oh we have mice when it gets cold and they want to get warm. We can't have cats - too many family members are very allergic. We use peanut butter on the old fashioned traps. Works like a charm and keeps them from places we don't want them!!

Have fun on your road trip. We are long overdue for one!

hugs, Linda

Mimi Sue said...

What a little cutie pie. So sweet! We live in an old neighborhood where mice can be a problem. One winter we trapped 27 mice in about 5 days. (someone had torn down an old barn down the street and the mice decided to come to Mimi Sue's cottage to use as their new home) You could hear them scratching in the walls. They'd eat the dog food right out of the dog bowl in the kitchen. So not fun. Good luck with your mouse battle. Mimi

Juanita said...

What a sweet little girl! She is so precious! I enjoyed visiting you today and will be back for many more visits. have a blessed day!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH YES - Felicity is on my list!! Our Jen has one and all the stuff to go with it but I don't think Ang ever had one so I want to give Liliana hers!!

UPON A HILL said...

I don't think I could walk by her without giving her a big smooch; she is adorable.

I like doing doing beadery too. It is pretty fun & makes nice gifts for friends. The mice????yuk, PB always helped us when we lived down south.

Lee and Angie said...
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Lee and Angie said...

After that wonderful colorful visual I see you in my mind behind each corner of the house with a big mallet, ha. Well P Jo and I miss you lots, have loads of fun!

Love ya tons,


Eric and Caralee said...

P-Jo is just darling, and yes, those 2 year olds are just never ending entertainment. We have one mouse that we haven't been able to get rid of, Eric sits at the computer with the pellet gun sitting there waiting for him to make an appearance, he actually hit it the other night. Hopefully there was some serious internal damage!

Parkers said...

We didn't even think that we might have mice (outside, of course) until we got laurels cat, and began finding bits and pieces of them on the porches, and sometimes inside the house half dead. Ick! Bernice is scared of the half dead ones. LOL! My x-bosses wife accessorizes, and always has the cutest jewelry. But she pays full price for her treasures, how sad is that?! It started me wanting bead, but the bug just isn't that strong in me...... yet.