Monday, August 17, 2009

Have you ever eaten chocolate dipped twinkies?

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like following the supposed behavior of Lemmings? HUMMMMM. Well that's the kind of day I had today. To make matters worse, I think the biggest part of it was self inflicted, which is not all together any sort of comfort. But like so much dirty laundry, it all got sorted out in the end.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Will somebody slap my face! ( Thanks in advance, I needed that.)

OK, Now that that is mostly out of the way......... I just wanted to ask, if any of you had indulged in any S'mores this weekend?

Any Creamsicles?

Any Lemon Pie?

I broke out of the traditional mode as far as S'mores were concerned, and I bought some coconut marshmallows, ( of which I did snarf more than my fair share... I told you ...) and some cookies and cream chocolate bars. In my opinion, the plain Jane S'mores are still the best to be had!
We did have some creamsicles, but I spaced off the pie.....( got to carried away reminding everyone else, that I couldn't even remember myself! lol )

BUT, I tried another way yummy treat! Chocolate dipped Twinkies! Have you ever tried them? They were soooo good. Our # 2 daughter and her husband had just returned from a trip on the Oregon coast, and they brought some of these beauties home for us to try. There were Cherry flavored chocolates ones, Watermelon flavored chocolate ones, Strawberry, lemon, orange, and cinna bun flavored ones. I was sold right then and there. I loved the cherry and watermelon flavored ones. They would be fun to make for a special occasion. I don't think they would be too hard to conger up.

After my DH got home from work, I flung myself against his rock hard and much taller chest, crying "wow is me, your son is yours for the rest of the evening, work him until his small fingers fall off", an then I drove into town for some hamburger buns. This may not see like much of an adventure to you, but for me, to just drive into town (16 miles one way ) for one item is not something I very often do...... But it was a much needed adventure, an may have even saved my total sanity, except by this time it had mostly returned.... I did manage to remember the hamburger buns, (which is a miracle in itself ) and I even went to Alco to find some fabric. I was not disappointed. I picked up a few pieces, some black vinyl to make a new seat cover for the 4 wheeler, and two other pieces to make some 18th century "housewives". The 4 wheeler seat will be a "no sew" project and DH will do that, the "housewives" will be a hand sewn project that I will take with me in the car this week. I will try ( Oh I know Master Yoda says there is no try, only do...) ( I'm pretty sure Master Yoda was never a busy mother...) to get some pictures of them when I get them finished.

I am sorry that I am again showing you blurry pictures.....

There is something so calming about touching fabric...can't explain it, but I surly do enjoy it! I also bought some wintergreen mints for on the way home, which must be chuck full of some kind of "calming" something or rather, because I know they make me feel better! LOL . I blissfully enjoyed myself the drive and the evening sky. I love love love the evening time! I think it is my favorite time of day. I remembered I had a camera in my purse, and so I snapped a few pictures for you to enjoy. This is what an August evening looks like in my neck of the woods. These pictures were all taken within minutes of each other, some are looking east, some west, some south, and some from my yard.

I love where I live. It has a different kind of beauty that other places, not as green as some, but lovely all the same. I hope you can take some time this week and enjoy the evening beauty in your neck of the woods.

So, in keeping in consistency with my memory, I can't remember if I showed you my ornies from my swap in July? Here they are. I have been enjoying them and now it's almost time for a new swap. The theme for July was simply, Primitive Icons.

Well, that's it for most of the week for me. We are going out of town for a last "fling" before school starts. :-D


This Country Girl said...

Hi Mercy,

Why is it after I've visited your blog, I'm always hungry? :) I never did get any lemon pie the other day!

You do live in a beautiful place! I love all the pics...especially the cows crossing the road!

Love those ornies too!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

LOL - you had a rouhg time of it for awhile there huh? I am glad the drive and the wintergreens did the trick! Witergreen smell and flavor make me sick to my stomach. It might have something to do with smelling it around the clock for years before my dad had his hips replaced. He used those smelly ointments all the time. UGH!!!! It is not allowed in my house now!

OMGoodness! I LOVE twinkies so I would be crazy for chocolate covered ones! And I have been looking for cocuntu marshallows for weeks and can't find them!! I would love them in a smore with plain chocolate. Now I am hungry too!
I love your serene pictures!

Have a great day! hugs, Linda

Have a great day and

Eric and Caralee said... you've gone and made me all homesick..there really is no place like the basin! I didn't have any lemon pie..but it's never to late right!? Enjoy your outing...

Ruth said...

Man it has been a long time since I have been to your house. It will be good when I come to the basin for Labor day holiday.

Nicole said...

Oh those twinkies look sooooo good. Glad you were able to get a way even if it was just to buy some buns. It seems like I need to get away lots lately. I'm sure it's just the hormones of pregnancy. But last time I decided to "get away" I went and got my hair colored. It was way too dark and two bleach treatments and another color job later, my hair was pretty fried. I told my husband to make sure I'm in a good state of mind next time I need to "get away". Ok, enough rambling, thanks so much for you sweet comments on my blog, even when I've been a cruddy blogging friend.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, your cloth looks great. I can't wait to see the finished projects. I've never tried a chocolate dipped Twinkie. I could go for one right now, I'm craving sugar so much lately.

Mrs. Mordecai said...
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Parkers said...

Two things: I LOVE the fruit you got in the swap, and keeping with signing your name the same, when we leave a post it says"thanks much for stopping by. Stay and have a visit Lewaina" Maybe Mercy should change that as well. Love ya