Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I want to sew valentines today..................

Good Morning. What's on your docket for the day? These are the things that are calling my name today. But you should see my bedroom. I have my sewing table moved back up stairs, and the sewing machine and the serger are on it... the cupboard that has been referred to as "my craft room" for the last year is also at the top of the stairs. Now all the stuffs that filled that "craft room" are still on my bedroom floor. Hummm. They were on my bed :-) (bed to floor, floor to bed, bed to floor........) Hopefully I have not passed on my bad habit to any of my children. If I have, stop it this instant! On the lighter side of life, did you know that it was National Popcorn Day yesterday? I didn't even know such a day existed. How have I gotten along all this time? However, even though I was in the dark about this celebration, I tried a new popcorn flavor yesterday. Just pop your corn and sprinkle it with the cheese from the mac and cheese box. Stir to mix. Wal-la. I liked it. The 12 year old "little big chief" wouldn't try even try it, he thought it looked "gra-roaaaaasssss". I wasn't shocked by his response, and I happily munched away leaving his 12 year old taste buds in the dust. I'm sure if I went to the store I would find a popcorn cheese along with other flavored salts. But if you live out in the boonies like we do here at the Stone House, just open a box of mac and cheese from your storage shelf and as your'e fixing it for someones lunch, snitch a little cheese powder for you afternoon popcorn, and have a HAPPY NATIONAL POPCORN DAY, a day late!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Awesome idea! I have a weakness for cheese-flavored popcorn.

Linda said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment!! I still don't have mine ! LOL

When I was teaching preschool, I used to celebrate all those unusual days with the kids - it was a lot of fun!!