Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentines Day Plans???

I have been thinking about what it is I'm going to make for Valentines Day for all of the loves in my life. Last year I didn't think about it until the day before. Too late and way too rushed were all those splendid plans. That was my first and last time ever cooking prim rib. Now don't be laughing at me. I never have professed to be a chef. This year, I have no such lofty plans. In fact thus far, I am plan less. However, you can bet I'm not going to wait until the last stroke of midnight to finalize this years plans. I wanted to share this fun idea with you, from KSL's Studio 5. You can view and download the pattern there.
This is a great idea. Last year, due to bad timing, I didn't make the entire coupon books, so rather, I made tags with coupons on them, and hung the tags over the necks of glass soda bottles. They were a big hit. Each Valentine recipient received their own 6 pack of pop, with Valentine embellished carton, with 6 embellished coupons, which were redeemable over the next few months time. What was on the coupons? For Little Big Chief, A pint of Ben and Jerry's his choice, pkg of sock, (he can never get enough) date with Dad and I to a movie, date with Dad and I to dinner.....I can't remember them all, but the fun thing is to personalize them to fit your needs, and, they get the soda to boot! In fact, Little Big Chief still had his 6 pack squirreled away in his treasure box! Minus the embellishments and the coupons. He kept really good track of redemption times on those coupons! And no, I haven't got any pictures of my Valentines from last year.......too harried and hurried! LOL If any of you have any great ideas for home made Valentines, I would love to see them:-)

If any of you happen to be in the Marysville Kansas area and happen along some guys with Entercrest trucks working along a pipeline, and if you happen to see a handsome dark haired green eyed young man, ask him if he's from Utah then give him a hug and tell him his mom loves him! LOL


Mimi Sue said...

Great idea with the coupons. It wouldn't have to be expensive but I like personalized ideas. My kids all have valentines of their own now. My husband will be working out of town. So I'll be babysitting and trying not to miss him too much. Mimi

beth at aunties said...

Your ideas are wonderful! We have grandchildren coming over for an afternoon Valentines party:) I missed KSL segment so thanks I need to watch it! Our son (who I featured today) will be in town for an evening time slot to attend the open house of the Draper Temple. Our daughter is also going with her family that morning. So we get everyone in the afternoon:-) We haad these each year until our three sons moved out of state.
Prim Rib sounds delicious! Loved the coupon idea:)

Thanks for your sweet comments. My post was a heart wrenching one to write. I felt I had to. Somtimes these promptings aren't easy to follow. Do you feel it will be offensive to those who do not share the same beliefs? I have been tempted to pull it.
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Nicole said...

That is such a fun idea! My husband with be in love for sure if it was some IBC rootbeer! I remember trying to make a steak on our first valentines, it was awful, we still laugh about it!