Monday, January 12, 2009

Fruit For Thought

There are soooooooo many things that are calling my name right now, I'm not sure where to begin.....shall I take the blue carpet off and refinish the floor underneath? Or should I repaint my kitchen cupboards? Or maybe, I should get my house back in some kind of order.....I might like to start sewing for Rendezvous. You can never get too early a start on that can you? But maybe, I'll just blog hop for awhile:) But really....I must clean the fridge today.AHHHHHHHHHHH I think there may be things in there that are alive! LOL! I found the funnest thing on Aunties with Advise, and I wanted to share it with you. It's called FRUITILICIOUS and was posted Jan 1 2009
We do need to embrace who we are. Can't do a ton about genetics. We certainly should improve what we can and be healthy, and learn to love the rest. :) They say, (not sure who they were) That Utah has the highest numbers in plastic surgery among women. Hummm what does that tell us ladies? Sad commentary. I heard on a radio show a couple of summers back, that the number one birthday gift for 16 year old girls in the middle and upper class (financially) in America, was Breast enhancements. I was pretty much astounded. Why would parents think that's OK? What kind of message were they telling their young daughters about themselves? WOW! I had better stop. I'm climbing up on one of my soap boxes. Remember that Modesty is more than just Apperance in Dress.
We here at the Nelson Home are well and happy. Hope this day finds you the same. I'm going to borrow from the "aunties" some of Sister Hinckleys words for my sidebar.


beth at aunties said...

I am glad you enjoyed the post! My husband and I doubled over in laughter when we read it New Year's day! Daughters are wonderful! Do you mind if I borrow Sister Hinckley's picture to post on my blog along with her quote? I sure love and miss she and her husband. Thanks for your visit:-)


Nicole said...

A neighbor of my mom's did the same thing for their daughter when she graduated High School, CRAZY. You absolutely don't need to ask for forgiveness for the Temple Button. I got it from If you don't mind I might need to steal your picture and quote from sister Hinckley, I just love her! Thanks for your sweet comments!