Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hallooooooo Out There Blogger Land

Well, it was bound to happen. I only have myself to blame. Only now what am I going to do? The symptoms are undeniable. I should have stayed away and not let myself become exposed. I did not. I Could not if the truth be known. Alas, I am ill. I have been bitten by the blogger bug. I have succumb and now suffer from this sickness. However, I am not one to sit idle and shall make the most of my time while under the influence of this germ. No lolly gagging around waiting for a cure. Up up and away! LOL :) Before I was "under the weather", I spent hours (enjoyable hours for sure) reading your blogs. You have shared many smiles, much laughter, great ideas (thanks Char), happiness, hope and even tears with me. There are those of you out there, that are my kindred sisters that I may never in this lifetime meet, except here on a blogspot. Hence, the succumbing. So, lets see what I'm made of, and see if I can get it together and follow the lead of my four daughters that have bravely gone before me. Thank you jp,jo,bug and ad.

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