Monday, January 19, 2009

Angel Tracks!

For the last year, our oldest Daughter and her family have been living with us. They started a new job and bought an old house, which needed many repairs before they could inhabit it. New Years Eve was their first night in their home. We were all excited ! I’m sure when my son in law woke that first morning and I was not in his house, he was over joyed! And our home on the other hand, felt like something was missing. Three little children to be exact. A pair of 6 year old twin boys, and a 16 month old critter. As I was walking through my living room one day after they had moved , I saw these on the wall…………………..
I can't quite bring myself to wash them off them the wall yet. The most scathingly brilliant ideas are thought up by this identical pair of boys. They are never still. They require only a minimum amount of sleep, and even as they are closing their eyes at night they are making plans for the morning, and as they are waking up in the morning, their plans are already going full swing. Their curiosities have no bounds, and some of the things they say are the best crack ups ever! They love me unconditionally, and I know that my heart is theirs. Grandchildren are some of life's sweetest blessings! So far we have 5 of these incredible little blessing, soon to be 6, and look forward to many more. Lucky us! Hope your Monday is full and rich with hugs from little arms and may you too have hand prints on your walls:-)

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Patch of Heaven. said...

That made me grin. I bet your house is really quiet right now.