Friday, January 23, 2009

Got Axe?

Twelve year old boys are amazing aren’t they? They are such a mixture of little boy and teenager all rolled into one, and when you couple that with their straight from birth know everything, can do anything attitude, you get quite a little man child. “Little big chief” lately has become obsessed with Axe. I’m not talking about the kind you chop with, although he has mastered using that as well. Rather I’m talking about the kind you wear on your body! Axe you wash with. Axe you shampoo with. Axe you putty your hair with, under arm Axe, and the “king” of all Axe, the one you spray on! This little man loves to shower, but will wear the same clothes day after day if I would let him, and then, he tops his entire outfit off with spray on Axe. No kidding, we could call him “Peppy Le Pugh” as there seems to be a small sent cloud that hovers over him. He rolls his eyes at everything I say, yet he still skips, literally skips from his bedroom to the bathroom down the hall. Lol! He’s not overly concerned that his teeth are brushed, nor that his hair is combed. But goodness, he must at all costs smell divine! There is axe in the shower, Axe in his backpack, Axe all over his body, and Axe on my shopping list! :-) But this morning he went off to the races "Spray Axe free" (he's out). I do indeed love this little mutt! :-) Enjoy all the little joys and pleasures you are blessed with this day!


Mimi Sue said...

Absolutely, link anything you want from my blog. All of my kids have flown the coop. I miss the chaos sometimes. But I'm getting used to the peace. Mimi PS I love the name of your town. Bluebell. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Well my oldest boy is only 5 so hopefully I won't have to deal with that for a few years. I can only imagine what fun a 12 year old boy will be once I get to that point. However for now I will relish in the younger years! Have a great blessed day!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Guess what? I so love the quote on your sidebar I posted it on my facebook (and put her name with it...)is she someone famous or a family member?
I have 3 sons...and when I clean their rooms...I spray some "boy on a date spray" LOL cuz I love it! We have several different flavors!