Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My Blogging friend Mimi Sue, @ http://mimisuescottage.blogspot.com/, which is a coolie place to visit, has given me this Honest Scrap, and I too am required to share 10 things with you all...... Humm Hummm Hummm.

1----I have always wanted to learn to Belly Dance…..I even bought a Video once, but I really can’t seem to get my body to move like that!

2----I have always desired red hair! Lots of thick wavy red hair. I also wanted the freckles and green eyes to go with it…..I prayed each time I was expecting a baby that they would be born with glorious red hair…..LOL, none of them have it. Two have green eyes, and they all have a smattering of freckles. :-)

3----I will be buried in the Upalco cemetery. It’s just a fact. The first time I saw this place, it was a shock to me. They bury people in places like this in this century? It is a far cry from your nice green perpetual care types…..just sand, lizards, weeds, stickers and a smattering of wild flowers! AND, I’m OK with it. When that time comes, I will be in good company! My dad, my FIL and MIL and grandparents and aunts and uncles in law down the family tree, and neighbors that I have know and loved!

4----I am a beautician. I sometimes cut my own hair, but I no longer color it…(of course it has been red) I am kind of a lazy woman, and I don’t care for the white strip down the part line. Which I would have because I would never get around to that re-tint…..so, for now a days, I am dark with all of this lovely silver! AND, I’m OK with this too! I like my big streak in the front!

5----I love, love, love History! How can you not? I love to read the historical road signs, and it is almost painful to zoom by them as we travel! LOL (but even I don’t have time to stop and read each and every one!)

6----Ok, this is really going out on a limb here………..I love the movie “Winterhawk”. There, I said it. Whew, it’s out in the open…..….My name is Lewaina and I’m addicted to low budget films….…..LOL My bestest girl friend and I in while sr. in high school saw this poorly made movie 11 times!!!! We drove all over south eastern Idaho to see it! I have my own copy and you should hear my kids groan when I pull it out to watch it! LOL It really is bad…….:-)

7----I used to be the best hay baler this old farm has ever had! I hold the record for never shearing a pin! (OK, it may be that I haven’t bailed as much as my DH, but I did do a lot of it in my day)……I was replaced by our sons when they each in turn got big enough…….We had a little truck with a camper shell on the back of it with one of those carpet kits in it, and we would drive it out to the field where our little kids would sleep, and I would pull the tractor and the baler into the waiting field and go to work, and DH would take the swather and go into another field and cut hay. We had more hay land then, and DH worked full time then as well. (hay needs some dew on it so you don’t beat the leaves off while bailing it). I liked to bail hay. When I pulled into the field, there it was, all cut just laying there waiting, and when I was done, there it was, all done. No one came behind me and undid it! LOL Which was what happens at home with a family of little kids….:-) oh memories….

8----I love the smell of horses! LOL I always have as far as I can remember. NO surprise I’m married to a true blue died in the wool cowboy huh? I love having farm animals and living out away from any town!

9----I used to be 5’, but I don’t even reach that great height any more. (maybe I never really did! Ha ha.) My DH is 6’2”. An yeah, we do look like Mutt and Jeff. His arms are as long as my legs!

10----I want a Jeep. Hard Top. Two door. No lift. When I long for the car of my dreams, that would be it. AND, I will have one!

OK, that was long winded……………..and talk about layin it all out there to be seen! Now I am passing this fun along to
Laura @ http://patchofheaven2boyz.blogspot.com/
My swap partner Kim @http://uponahillkggrace02.blogspot.com/
Kassie @http://onlyonehappiness.blogspot.com/
Vilate @http://vilatescorner.blogspot.com/
Anne @http://parkersest2002.blogspot.com/
Caralee@ http://theturnidgetales.blogspot.com/
YESTERDAY afternoon, Maybell had twins!

Maybell belongs to D#2S and his wife. But we have all been awaiting this moment! :-)

Nothing cuter than a new baby Kid huh?........Someones kid sure needs a hair cut! LOL


Janene said...

It was great to read those and get to know you better!
And those babies look so darn cute!

Parkers said...

Okay, hope your happy! Goto my blog now and get the skinny. Oh yeah, cut that boys hair....unless he doesn't want it cut!

UPON A HILL said...

Baling hay!!!; I hated baling hay as a kid. No longer have to do it, but I would scratch all over. I will try to take your challenge tomorrow, as I am finishing up that 1 last item in your swap, right now, & I don't think I am blogging today. I hope to send it out tomorrow!Thanks for stopping my blog. Sam did have a great birthday. Thanks for the birthday wish.

Patch of Heaven. said...

Wow, you are so cool. Love the kids!1

Mimi Sue said...

Thank you so much for playing, Lewaina. It is good to get to know you better. I'm waaay taller than you at 5'1"! My grandparents were farmers and they always worked so hard for not a lot of money. No paid vacations or 40lK's! Not even a day off. I remember my boy cousins baling hay and taking those heavy bales and throwing them up on a flatbed truck. They were ready to play football when they were done! I don't think it's done that way anymore. It was back in the dark ages! Thanks again. Mimi

Karen said...

Lewaina, how fun was this to read! I LOVED IT.
It's wonderful seeing deep into the minds of people we chat with.
Thanks for sharing these inner thoughts/wishes.

P.S. THANK YO SO MUCH FOR VISITING MY BLOG AND COMMENTING...I love seeing your name come up - you are always so good with words.
Hugs, Karen

Vilate Thacker said...

how fun huh to air it all out there. I will get to mine I promise...

Love the kids though how fun!!!