Sunday, March 29, 2009


Thursday night was our book club. Once a month a group of women from my church, get together and discuss the book we have chosen to read during the month. This month the book was "When the Legends Die" by Hal Borland. A few of my children and my DH had read this book in school, but I never had read it. I wasn't sure I would like it, and therefore was slow to begin reading it. I did like it. Very much. So now that our book club is done, you would think that Thomas Black Bull and I would go our separate ways. Nope. I don't think I'll be separated from him for a long time to come. His story haunts me. You see, I live here, in the heart of the Uintah and Ouray Ute Indian Reservation, and "The Noochew "as they call themselves, ( meaning Ute People) and their ways intrigue me.... And until a few years ago I didn't even realize, that it had been illegal for tribal members to leave the reservations with out permits! A permit, just to leave and go anywhere different.... Clear into the 1930's or so! Blew my mind to think of it. This is an issue in the book during the first part of Thomas's story....... (And truly, I have to be careful here, because this is another soap box and that's not what my post is on today)! So, thank you Sylvia for choosing this book for all of us to read. I did enjoy it! Our book for this coming month is.......Jane Eyre. Oh Boy.......I haven't read this book's thick! LOL! Whom ever chooses the book, also chooses the place we meet. We met at Sylvia's home this time, and it's a fun place to go. She so very kindly allowed me to take and show you some pictures of her fun home. However, my camera and I weren't on good terms that night, and the pictures turned out blurry. But I wanted you to see anyway. This is the living room, and I could sit here all day and just look at everything! I can't remember what was in this box, and I don't want to guess, I'll get it wrong. But I have one almost like it, and it was made for and still is filled with dry beans out in the saddle shed. As soon as I get something to put the beans in, It can come into my house!

Lamp made from a small milk can(maybe a cream can?) , old church pew, and some more MarCrest ware on an old school desk

Beautiful table behind her love seat.

This is one of my very favorites in the living room. This open shelving unit filled with all of these fun white dishes. Some are old and some are new.

Closer look at the bottom bins.

This awesome cupboard is fill to all most over flowing with brown MarCrest ware.!

I love this little old rocker that you can see in these two photo's. ( OK, so you can't see it that well....)I thought I had the entire thing in a picture, but did not. I love this old sheep picture and the old frame! She has several pictures from this era.

Some more of her white dishes, and this beautiful stove!

This is the living room coffee table. It;s an old tool box! LOVE IT! And you can see some more brown ware peeking out!

These are around the hall. The ice box, in the summer, holds ice and soda pop for the grand kids! And again, I thought I had all four of the courier and Ives tin pictures, but didn't get them...sigh, and another sigh, these cute little fruit tins are so blurry that we can hardly see how fun they are. So Sorry!
This is the COWBOY ROOM! It's just a tiny little room, but packed full of so many wonderful treasures!

I love this horse shoe coat rack! Hand made for her by her Son. And this little bin she has put extra blankets in, needs to come to my house and live!

I love this, because every time you see me play the piano in church, you know that I "saddled up anyway" I don't know if you can call it courage, but I never get over the "scared" part of doing it.
This little bed is so narrow and long. She has made a little sleeping pad and cover for it.
I think this is neat, the plant in the childs rocking horse...

So these are just a few of the treasures in Sylvia's home. Hope you had fun looking at them. Thank you Sylvia for letting us have the tour! And for treating us to this wonderful chocolate fix! Which tasted all the better because it was served on old dishes! We had a blast this night.

I have been sooooo busy this week, like all of you and I've gotten behind. I'm going to be able to slowwwww down some this week......I think! LOL. I missed all of you and look forward to some visits this week! AND Kim, my swap things are going to be in the mail this afternoon! WaHoo!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Thanks for taking the time to take pics of your friends home, I love the stove!!! And her bins and old dishes are so neat!
Thanks for sharing:)

Janene said...

I love Sylvia's home!
I love the open shelves with all of that fantastic white stoneware! That is wonderful!

Parkers said...

She must have the biggest house ever. The thing she has her blankets in that you want to come to your house would be fairly easy to make, if you were so inclined. I am still unsure of when I'm coming down, might not be until the end of April, as it has snowed, yet again, in Island Park.

UPON A HILL said...

Sylvia has some very nice things!! You are gonna love Jane Eyre???, I hope that you are a romantic at heart!!! Your swap is almost done, been working on it today. It will be out this week.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a fun house to visit - thank you for taking us along for a tour!

One problem though - now I am craving chocolate cake! :-)

Mimi Sue said...

Fun time, Lewaina. I love poking around other people's houses. Nosey me. I'm sending you the honest scrap meme. Go check it out on my blog. Mimi

Vilate Thacker said...

Thanks for the memories! It was a fun night and the cake was delish! Isn't Sylvia absolutly amazing? I think you are right up there with her though! I enjoyed sitting and visitng with you ladies until very late! :)

Eric and Caralee said...

Beautiful house! Thank you for sharing, I like to think about these sorts of things a lot lately. Jane Eyre is a little different,it's been awhile but I think I enjoyed it! It's always good to "expand your horizons" and read something out of the ordinary.