Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blessed SPRING!

I love Holly Hocks. AND, they grow for me! Which is and of it's self, a miracle.

My #1 daughter gave me this old bed. I love it. My Mom shuddered trying to imagine why I would want some more old junk! Ahhh, me thinks Tis not junk, but rather, a thing of beauty, a "treasure"! I plan on painting it black. It's on the "to do ASAP" list.

This table is another"treasure", but came from the TS. I think it has lots of personality. Here again my mom and I don't share the same feelings! LOL I'm not sure what color I'll paint it. The reason I bought this little honey, is to use at our #3 son's open house later on in the summer.

I wish I had room in a little breakfast nook for this little table to go......wait, I wish I had a breakfast nook! JK I love it.

OK, enough raptures over my cute little table. For all I know, you may share my Mom's views on my "treasures". Below are some sort of ideas on what I want to do with my old tables for the open house.

I want to use mismatched chairs and tables and benches, and I don't want table cloths, but maybe runners, and simple center pieces. We are having an old fashioned BBQ, with roast pig and lamb over a spit, and some salad and a roll...... maybe some cupcakes.........(have to plan early).... ...(here my hands are wringing and wringing....) LOL ! And lastly, another fun out side table setting. ~~~~~~~~~ Summer WEDDING, here we come!!!!

Enjoy your day today. ♥

BTW.....for some reason blogger isn't updating my posts. Sorry about that. I also have noticed that on some of your blogs, the followers boxes are empty and blank, where I know they were full yesterday. Anyone know how to fix this?


bluejeanprimitives said...

OMG That bed headboard and footboard are wonderful! Please post pictures when you're done with it!!! Ohhhhh and that table.... ya know, why don't I just come on over and we'll go shopping together... you have the eye and nose for the 'stuff'! hehehehe


Karen said...

Lewaina, not sure about anyone else but I have been having loading problems - it takes quite awhile when I click on other blogs and then sometimes errors out....think it's in the Blog main server if more than one is seeing problems. hollyhocks but my husband says NO....he said that's all that was grown when he was young (and I remember them too) and so he really doesn't like them...BUT I DO!
We have lots of sun at the back of our house and garage so thinking they'll grow great there and HE doesn't have to see

I like your TREASURES...and the tables scapes are yours will be too.

Hugs, Karen
My Colonial Home Blog

Beth at Aunties said...

The bed and the table will look great after you do your magic thing with them. Everything our daughter touches I am in awe over!
I so loved doing a table make over. I could do another and a another!

Did you or your friend know the Dean Ricks (Deanna was their daughter)family I asked you about from Rexburg? Dean recently Died and Carma has been gone for a while now.
When I was young I used to stay with their family and help sort eggs:-) The wedding luncheon Saturday was in Archer.

Have fun painting!

Mimi Sue said...

I've had a busy week and can't seem to find time to sit at the computer! Thanks for the rust recipe. That table is really cute. After the wedding if you can't find a spot for it I'd take it off your hands.;) I had a really good friend when I lived in California who was Cheryl Hunsaker Gant. She grew up in SLC an was born in about 1947. Maybe you're related. Mimi

Parkers said...

I have a MAC, and haven't had a problem one with the posts/blogger.
The head/foot boards are absolutely wonderful, as is the table. Mom just doesn't have the vision ya know, thats why your doing her house! I have the vision, but I just can't seem to bring it through. You are the most creative person I know, period! Also you always seem to be able to squeeze so much into one day, I really don't know how you do it!
Love ya,

Tausha said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments that you left on my blog about my hunny! We are blessed aren't we. It's good to know that they do get better-or is it that we get better and just accept more of their crap! :) I love the old bed! Are you going to use it as a bed or make it into a bench or something for the wedding. It would be super cute to paint it up in the colors and make up the bed with a cute simple, quilt and have people put their gifts on it. Ooooh-that would be super super cute. You should do that! Thanks so much again! I love your blog and your fun ideas-I will be back! DOn't be a stranger!!!! said...

I really like both of those table settings! I love the pillows on the seats. Way cute!!

Lex-a-roo said...

you are such a busy lady, I don't know how you do so much!