Thursday, March 26, 2009

My life is one big RUSH...( no drugs involved) (well, maybe an asprin here and there)

GOOD MORNING! Well, here it is the day after........ I had such grandeeoso plans for yesterday. And really, I was sure I get get them all done. WRONGGGG. Here's what happened after I published my post yesterday..... so, I had to run up to the school and take lunch money to LBC, but no way could I go looking like I did. Are you kidding? I looked scary. So I hopped in the shower, and that's where I stayed all day. WRONGGGGG. Oh, but it felt so good! I wanted too. Ever felt like that? Anyway, I knew it would involve time going to Altamont, but I killed two birds with one stone and ran to the grocery store for some weapons of war!

And while there at the store, I ran into a couple of dear friends that I haven't had the chance to visit with forever,which was so fun, and we had to catch up on our lives and you know how that goes, and then I rushed home to get my fruit salad done for pot luck for cards, remember, wed is card day with all my girls and my mom, after that was done, I rushed up to my daughters home and we ate, and then just as we started playing cards, my # 3 son was leaving to fly back to Missouri to work, and couldn't find his truck we all looked for his keys. FOUND them, Son left,and then we sat down and played some enjoyable HAND AND FOOT. Anyone played hand and foot? It is a blast. You play in partners. So at 3:20, I rushed back home so that I would be there before the bus, I had a few minutes of time, so I opened my book and read some more..... after the bus got there,a friend of LBC's called and needed to use the printer, so he came, and I found out that LBC had a report on Venus that was due and he didn't have it done...(swear words....but I don't swear...)...(Thank heavens for Saulo coming) SO after the computer was used, we ran Saulo to Bluebell to meet his mom, we came home and got after the report on Venus. Then of course it was time for chores, and for LBC to go off to scouts, which meant his dad had to go feed with out him..... So then we rushed off to pick up Alex for scouts, and then we thought we should stop and see if Cody was going to go and pick him up, and he was, and we did, and as we were driving through Mt Emmons on our way to the church we decided we should stop and see if Will was going to go and needed a ride, and he did, so we crammed everyone in and rushed the rest of the way to the Church in Altamont, and got there just as the Scout master was pulling out. We made it, not toooooo late. They had been waittttttting for us. But we had called and told him we were picking up every boy we could find....LOL They were going on a food drive for the food pantry. Oh ya, I had bagged up my food to take up with us, and as I was carrying it out to the car, the sacks all broke, so we had to stop and very fast of course, re sack everything up.......anyway, I rushed home from the church and started supper , sigh of relief here, because I was having left overs. DH had brought home a bag of huge mushrooms for us, and lucky us, no one else at home likes them... so he and I ate them all..... pigs huh. I'm catching a breath here, because I have a minute to sand my cutting board and black wash it. I distressed it and then black washed it like I had done to the bedside table. It turned out coolie. WRONGGGGG. Ugggggggg. Here is a picture of this little hummer......all the red paint came off.

So, you know what that means? No, I not throwing it away. But I felt like throwing it out! No, it means I should have sanded it all to begin with and was too lazy, um I mean in a hurry, OK, lazy ...SO after LBC got home, he had to sit and finish his report and get it printed and while he was doing that his Dad watched every channel on the TV for about 3 minutes each, and I snuggled down and read some more about Thomas BlackBull. Then it was time for everyone to go to bed.....but I stayed up with ole Tom. SIGH. You can guess how that went can't you? My eyelids have gotten so heavy as I have grown older-ish....LOL Tom's story is a sad story which leaves me feeling like I should have been there to somehow change history or make it all better for them in some way...........sigh. I did get some paint for Mom's clock while I was at Swasey's grocery, and I did get my little clock all painted and stained.

I can't even remember in between what that I did that....I'm not to hip on the way it looks, so I'm not sure what I'll now with it now. BUT, we did have some success with our private little war......DH saw a M.O.U.S.E. in the west bathroom, and I shut him in with it, and I'll be darned if he's not a good mouser! When I opened the door back up for him, after a serious of bangs and stomps and slams, he was proudly holding a dead mouse by the tail! I so wished I had a picture of that.... I'm thinkin I should just hang on to him, don't you agree? SO, that's how my Whatcha Working On Wednesday went. I haven't had much time to peek at your projects and am hoping to get some time tomorrow. I thank you for the kind remarks you left me, and I will return to blog on Friday, when Thomas BlackBull and I have parted ways. Oh, I have the best idea for Older-ish ladies for a fun apron! (OK, if you younger-ish ladies want to try it you can)AT least my Sister and I are in love with the idea................................OH NO.............I forgot to tell you about the flying Frisbee! At school the other day, LBC and his friend Will were tossing a Frisbee back and forth to each other, in the wind mind you, and LBC tossed it to Will, (they said they were trying to hit low...) anyway the wind caught the Frisbee and it hit into Wills mouth! Yes, you are thinking right....Oh No, Gasp and all of did, it broke his two front teeth off!!!!!ya, and it broke the Frisbee as well.....not that that matters. Another sigh here. So to make a long story short (which is what I should have done with this entire post....) he is having a root canal done and some porcelain caps put on. Who knew that a Frisbee could do such damage? Talk to you in a day or so. I'm off to read!

I never did get my popcorn........and you're not going to believe this, I FORGOT BUCKETS FOR MY 50 POUNDS OF OATMEAL AGAIN!!! what is going to become of me???? Is the word DEMENTIA tattooed across my forehead? (Kassie, one of us MUST be rubbing off on the other...LOL) (it must be YOU that is rubbing off on me.)

Oh, one more thing, My kids are getting married here!

Isn't it beautiful? It truly is gorgeous..........San Diego California here we come.....! We are going to have a BLAST on this trip, for a plethora of reasons!!


Patch of Heaven. said...

Holy Crow! LOL Your life is a rush. at least yesterday. Love you tons

Lex-a-roo said...

What a day! Sounds like you had some fun though.

UPON A HILL said...

What a busy day you had yesterday. Hope that your day is moving a little slower today. Blessings,

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

Congratulations! It sound like a lot of fun! We love that Temple, we visit often! Our Youth love this temple!

Jeanne Evans said...

Yuck...root canals. And to think those dentists get rich from them too, I had one like three years ago and they are like majorly expensive.

Eric and Caralee said...

Yeah, root canals are intense...but not like implants!! Eric is hoping to do lots of those..hehe. I enjoyed reading about your crazy day, congrats on triumph over m.o.u.s.e! If you can find them peanut butter glue traps work AWESOME!! I'm jealous that you are going to San Diego, that will be awesome. What a gorgeous temple, hopefully I can go see it sometime. :) Do Landon and Kassie have their date yet?

Vilate Thacker said...

WOW, how do you comment after a post like that? There really isn't anything left to say! i think the clock is cute though!