Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My Blogging friend Mimi Sue, @ http://mimisuescottage.blogspot.com/, which is a coolie place to visit, has given me this Honest Scrap, and I too am required to share 10 things with you all...... Humm Hummm Hummm.

1----I have always wanted to learn to Belly Dance…..I even bought a Video once, but I really can’t seem to get my body to move like that!

2----I have always desired red hair! Lots of thick wavy red hair. I also wanted the freckles and green eyes to go with it…..I prayed each time I was expecting a baby that they would be born with glorious red hair…..LOL, none of them have it. Two have green eyes, and they all have a smattering of freckles. :-)

3----I will be buried in the Upalco cemetery. It’s just a fact. The first time I saw this place, it was a shock to me. They bury people in places like this in this century? It is a far cry from your nice green perpetual care types…..just sand, lizards, weeds, stickers and a smattering of wild flowers! AND, I’m OK with it. When that time comes, I will be in good company! My dad, my FIL and MIL and grandparents and aunts and uncles in law down the family tree, and neighbors that I have know and loved!

4----I am a beautician. I sometimes cut my own hair, but I no longer color it…(of course it has been red) I am kind of a lazy woman, and I don’t care for the white strip down the part line. Which I would have because I would never get around to that re-tint…..so, for now a days, I am dark with all of this lovely silver! AND, I’m OK with this too! I like my big streak in the front!

5----I love, love, love History! How can you not? I love to read the historical road signs, and it is almost painful to zoom by them as we travel! LOL (but even I don’t have time to stop and read each and every one!)

6----Ok, this is really going out on a limb here………..I love the movie “Winterhawk”. There, I said it. Whew, it’s out in the open…..….My name is Lewaina and I’m addicted to low budget films….…..LOL My bestest girl friend and I in while sr. in high school saw this poorly made movie 11 times!!!! We drove all over south eastern Idaho to see it! I have my own copy and you should hear my kids groan when I pull it out to watch it! LOL It really is bad…….:-)

7----I used to be the best hay baler this old farm has ever had! I hold the record for never shearing a pin! (OK, it may be that I haven’t bailed as much as my DH, but I did do a lot of it in my day)……I was replaced by our sons when they each in turn got big enough…….We had a little truck with a camper shell on the back of it with one of those carpet kits in it, and we would drive it out to the field where our little kids would sleep, and I would pull the tractor and the baler into the waiting field and go to work, and DH would take the swather and go into another field and cut hay. We had more hay land then, and DH worked full time then as well. (hay needs some dew on it so you don’t beat the leaves off while bailing it). I liked to bail hay. When I pulled into the field, there it was, all cut just laying there waiting, and when I was done, there it was, all done. No one came behind me and undid it! LOL Which was what happens at home with a family of little kids….:-) oh memories….

8----I love the smell of horses! LOL I always have as far as I can remember. NO surprise I’m married to a true blue died in the wool cowboy huh? I love having farm animals and living out away from any town!

9----I used to be 5’, but I don’t even reach that great height any more. (maybe I never really did! Ha ha.) My DH is 6’2”. An yeah, we do look like Mutt and Jeff. His arms are as long as my legs!

10----I want a Jeep. Hard Top. Two door. No lift. When I long for the car of my dreams, that would be it. AND, I will have one!

OK, that was long winded……………..and talk about layin it all out there to be seen! Now I am passing this fun along to
Laura @ http://patchofheaven2boyz.blogspot.com/
My swap partner Kim @http://uponahillkggrace02.blogspot.com/
Kassie @http://onlyonehappiness.blogspot.com/
Vilate @http://vilatescorner.blogspot.com/
Anne @http://parkersest2002.blogspot.com/
Caralee@ http://theturnidgetales.blogspot.com/
YESTERDAY afternoon, Maybell had twins!

Maybell belongs to D#2S and his wife. But we have all been awaiting this moment! :-)

Nothing cuter than a new baby Kid huh?........Someones kid sure needs a hair cut! LOL

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Thursday night was our book club. Once a month a group of women from my church, get together and discuss the book we have chosen to read during the month. This month the book was "When the Legends Die" by Hal Borland. A few of my children and my DH had read this book in school, but I never had read it. I wasn't sure I would like it, and therefore was slow to begin reading it. I did like it. Very much. So now that our book club is done, you would think that Thomas Black Bull and I would go our separate ways. Nope. I don't think I'll be separated from him for a long time to come. His story haunts me. You see, I live here, in the heart of the Uintah and Ouray Ute Indian Reservation, and "The Noochew "as they call themselves, ( meaning Ute People) and their ways intrigue me.... And until a few years ago I didn't even realize, that it had been illegal for tribal members to leave the reservations with out permits! A permit, just to leave and go anywhere different.... Clear into the 1930's or so! Blew my mind to think of it. This is an issue in the book during the first part of Thomas's story....... (And truly, I have to be careful here, because this is another soap box and that's not what my post is on today)! So, thank you Sylvia for choosing this book for all of us to read. I did enjoy it! Our book for this coming month is.......Jane Eyre. Oh Boy.......I haven't read this book either.........it's thick! LOL! Whom ever chooses the book, also chooses the place we meet. We met at Sylvia's home this time, and it's a fun place to go. She so very kindly allowed me to take and show you some pictures of her fun home. However, my camera and I weren't on good terms that night, and the pictures turned out blurry. But I wanted you to see anyway. This is the living room, and I could sit here all day and just look at everything! I can't remember what was in this box, and I don't want to guess, I'll get it wrong. But I have one almost like it, and it was made for and still is filled with dry beans out in the saddle shed. As soon as I get something to put the beans in, It can come into my house!

Lamp made from a small milk can(maybe a cream can?) , old church pew, and some more MarCrest ware on an old school desk

Beautiful table behind her love seat.

This is one of my very favorites in the living room. This open shelving unit filled with all of these fun white dishes. Some are old and some are new.

Closer look at the bottom bins.

This awesome cupboard is fill to all most over flowing with brown MarCrest ware.!

I love this little old rocker that you can see in these two photo's. ( OK, so you can't see it that well....)I thought I had the entire thing in a picture, but did not. I love this old sheep picture and the old frame! She has several pictures from this era.

Some more of her white dishes, and this beautiful stove!

This is the living room coffee table. It;s an old tool box! LOVE IT! And you can see some more brown ware peeking out!

These are around the hall. The ice box, in the summer, holds ice and soda pop for the grand kids! And again, I thought I had all four of the courier and Ives tin pictures, but didn't get them...sigh, and another sigh, these cute little fruit tins are so blurry that we can hardly see how fun they are. So Sorry!
This is the COWBOY ROOM! It's just a tiny little room, but packed full of so many wonderful treasures!

I love this horse shoe coat rack! Hand made for her by her Son. And this little bin she has put extra blankets in, needs to come to my house and live!

I love this, because every time you see me play the piano in church, you know that I "saddled up anyway" I don't know if you can call it courage, but I never get over the "scared" part of doing it.
This little bed is so narrow and long. She has made a little sleeping pad and cover for it.
I think this is neat, the plant in the childs rocking horse...

So these are just a few of the treasures in Sylvia's home. Hope you had fun looking at them. Thank you Sylvia for letting us have the tour! And for treating us to this wonderful chocolate fix! Which tasted all the better because it was served on old dishes! We had a blast this night.

I have been sooooo busy this week, like all of you and I've gotten behind. I'm going to be able to slowwwww down some this week......I think! LOL. I missed all of you and look forward to some visits this week! AND Kim, my swap things are going to be in the mail this afternoon! WaHoo!

In Hymn Of praise

I Stand All Amazed

Written by Charles H. Gabriel B. August 18, 1856, Wilton, Iowa -
D. September 14, 1932, Hollywood, California

I stand all Amazed at the love Jesus offers me,
Confused at the grace that so full he proffers me.
I tremble to know that for me he was crucified,
That for me , a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died.
Oh, it is wonderful, that he should care for me Enough to
die for me! Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!
I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine,
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine.
That he should extend his great love unto such as I.
Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.

I think of his hand pierced and bleeding to pay the debt!
Such mercy, such love and devotion can I forget?
No, no, I will praise and adore at the mercy seat,
Until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My life is one big RUSH...( no drugs involved) (well, maybe an asprin here and there)

GOOD MORNING! Well, here it is the day after........ I had such grandeeoso plans for yesterday. And really, I was sure I get get them all done. WRONGGGG. Here's what happened after I published my post yesterday..... so, I had to run up to the school and take lunch money to LBC, but no way could I go looking like I did. Are you kidding? I looked scary. So I hopped in the shower, and that's where I stayed all day. WRONGGGGG. Oh, but it felt so good! I wanted too. Ever felt like that? Anyway, I knew it would involve time going to Altamont, but I killed two birds with one stone and ran to the grocery store for some weapons of war!

And while there at the store, I ran into a couple of dear friends that I haven't had the chance to visit with forever,which was so fun, and we had to catch up on our lives and you know how that goes, and then I rushed home to get my fruit salad done for pot luck for cards, remember, wed is card day with all my girls and my mom, after that was done, I rushed up to my daughters home and we ate, and then just as we started playing cards, my # 3 son was leaving to fly back to Missouri to work, and couldn't find his truck keys.....so we all looked for his keys. FOUND them, Son left,and then we sat down and played some enjoyable HAND AND FOOT. Anyone played hand and foot? It is a blast. You play in partners. So at 3:20, I rushed back home so that I would be there before the bus, I had a few minutes of time, so I opened my book and read some more..... after the bus got there,a friend of LBC's called and needed to use the printer, so he came, and I found out that LBC had a report on Venus that was due and he didn't have it done...(swear words....but I don't swear...)...(Thank heavens for Saulo coming) SO after the computer was used, we ran Saulo to Bluebell to meet his mom, we came home and got after the report on Venus. Then of course it was time for chores, and for LBC to go off to scouts, which meant his dad had to go feed with out him..... So then we rushed off to pick up Alex for scouts, and then we thought we should stop and see if Cody was going to go and pick him up, and he was, and we did, and as we were driving through Mt Emmons on our way to the church we decided we should stop and see if Will was going to go and needed a ride, and he did, so we crammed everyone in and rushed the rest of the way to the Church in Altamont, and got there just as the Scout master was pulling out. We made it, not toooooo late. They had been waittttttting for us. But we had called and told him we were picking up every boy we could find....LOL They were going on a food drive for the food pantry. Oh ya, I had bagged up my food to take up with us, and as I was carrying it out to the car, the sacks all broke, so we had to stop and very fast of course, re sack everything up.......anyway, I rushed home from the church and started supper , sigh of relief here, because I was having left overs. DH had brought home a bag of huge mushrooms for us, and lucky us, no one else at home likes them... so he and I ate them all..... pigs huh. I'm catching a breath here, because I have a minute to sand my cutting board and black wash it. I distressed it and then black washed it like I had done to the bedside table. It turned out coolie. WRONGGGGG. Ugggggggg. Here is a picture of this little hummer......all the red paint came off.

So, you know what that means? No, I not throwing it away. But I felt like throwing it out! No, it means I should have sanded it all to begin with and was too lazy, um I mean in a hurry, OK, lazy ...SO after LBC got home, he had to sit and finish his report and get it printed and while he was doing that his Dad watched every channel on the TV for about 3 minutes each, and I snuggled down and read some more about Thomas BlackBull. Then it was time for everyone to go to bed.....but I stayed up with ole Tom. SIGH. You can guess how that went can't you? My eyelids have gotten so heavy as I have grown older-ish....LOL Tom's story is a sad story which leaves me feeling like I should have been there to somehow change history or make it all better for them in some way...........sigh. I did get some paint for Mom's clock while I was at Swasey's grocery, and I did get my little clock all painted and stained.

I can't even remember in between what that I did that....I'm not to hip on the way it looks, so I'm not sure what I'll now with it now. BUT, we did have some success with our private little war......DH saw a M.O.U.S.E. in the west bathroom, and I shut him in with it, and I'll be darned if he's not a good mouser! When I opened the door back up for him, after a serious of bangs and stomps and slams, he was proudly holding a dead mouse by the tail! I so wished I had a picture of that.... I'm thinkin I should just hang on to him, don't you agree? SO, that's how my Whatcha Working On Wednesday went. I haven't had much time to peek at your projects and am hoping to get some time tomorrow. I thank you for the kind remarks you left me, and I will return to blog on Friday, when Thomas BlackBull and I have parted ways. Oh, I have the best idea for Older-ish ladies for a fun apron! (OK, if you younger-ish ladies want to try it you can)AT least my Sister and I are in love with the idea................................OH NO.............I forgot to tell you about the flying Frisbee! At school the other day, LBC and his friend Will were tossing a Frisbee back and forth to each other, in the wind mind you, and LBC tossed it to Will, (they said they were trying to hit low...) anyway the wind caught the Frisbee and it hit into Wills mouth! Yes, you are thinking right....Oh No, Gasp and all of that......it did, it broke his two front teeth off!!!!!ya, and it broke the Frisbee as well.....not that that matters. Another sigh here. So to make a long story short (which is what I should have done with this entire post....) he is having a root canal done and some porcelain caps put on. Who knew that a Frisbee could do such damage? Talk to you in a day or so. I'm off to read!

I never did get my popcorn........and you're not going to believe this, I FORGOT BUCKETS FOR MY 50 POUNDS OF OATMEAL AGAIN!!! what is going to become of me???? Is the word DEMENTIA tattooed across my forehead? (Kassie, one of us MUST be rubbing off on the other...LOL) (it must be YOU that is rubbing off on me.)

Oh, one more thing, My kids are getting married here!

Isn't it beautiful? It truly is gorgeous..........San Diego California here we come.....! We are going to have a BLAST on this trip, for a plethora of reasons!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

whatcha working on wednesday

Once again I am joining in with Leslie at My Counrty Home, for whatcha working on wednesday. You should stop over and see the many things she is doing today. I don't know how she gets it all done! Also, you can see what fun things all the other ladies are working on today. http://sweets-mycountryhome.blogspot.com/

Well......... today I feel like "I owe my soul to the company store"!!! This is what I want to work on, and, am hoping I can get to them in the afternoon....

The cutting board I have already painted red, and I am going to black wash it, and sand it and add some more cuts to it, and then I will stain over it.

The TS birdhouse clock, is for my Mom's house, and all it needs is some spray paint. Not sure about the color though. The small TS clock, was Burgundy, and I have sanded it and re painted it ivory. I need to do another coat and then sand it and stain it.

But the book? Ah, the book. There is a deadline on the book. It has to be read by tomorrow evening. I am in a book club. WHY? ahhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know why!!!!! I have only just started to read this charming book. Thank heavens it's not too big. I think I may have seen the movie way back in the 70's, and if I am remembering right, I didn't like it at all.........However, I am mildly intrigued with the plot so far, and my friend who choose the book this month "swears" we all will LOVE it. My # 1 daughter was trying to remember if she had read it in school, and was thinking she had and hadn't liked it. But do you know what's amazing? I have found that when I have to do something for a reason other than enjoyment, I drag my feet in the most ridicules way.

Have any of you read this book?

And another must do today......can you see the brown sacks in the corner of my 1st picture? 50 pounds of oatmeal. I keep FORGETTING buckets to put it in! AND.......This old farm house has been INVADED! Ahhhhhhhhhhh............. with horrible, disgusting, filthy, freaky, nasty beady eyed mice......... So along with buckets for my oatmeal I'm picking up traps. What is it about this time of year and mice and spiders? AND, I have to run up to the school and take some lunch money to LBC. I forgot this morning, and he's out.

You know what the farmers wife looks like on Chicken run? You know that look she gets in her eyes, the wild mad crazy look? That's the same look this farmers wife has in her eyes today. Only I'm not making chicken pies, but KILLING MICE!!!!! WA Ha Haaaa!!!! (very villainous laugh here)

and then .................... Because I have to get it done............I'll settle down LOL, and with some hot buttered popcorn, into which I'll dump a box of Hot Tamales, and I'll finish the afternoon by reading the saga of Thomas BlackBull, in Where The Legends Die!

Hope everyone gets to work on at least one thing pleasant, and can have a MICE free day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

make over

GUESS what came in my mail on Friday? Yes, my country sampler. I haven’t had the time to sit down and read all about Karen’s beautiful home, but I have carried it around from room to room and looked at the pictures!!!

This week-end I made over the bed side table in my guest room. It is about to become LBC’s bedroom, until # 3 son is married, and then LBC will move into the larger bedroom. We are making LBC’s bedroom into an office for My DH. Anyway, This night stand was built by #2 son in shop class some years ago. He didn’t want it, and I decided it needed a paint job. I was not thinking, and didn’t get a picture of what it looked like before. It was oak, and I felt some hesitancy in painting it. It’s almost like a breaking a law or something isn’t it, painting over oak? But paint it I did! Here it is in the painting stages. We sanded it, and then painted it blue. I mixed navy and lt. blue to get this color. Then the next day, I washed it with black, and when that was dry I stained it with Minwax wood stain. I am pleased with how it turned out. I do plan on fixing the broken doors, and putting them back on.

But for now, this is how it will be, and this is its home. What do you think?

I love this bedroom. It is very small…………but it’s my favorite of all my bedrooms. In fact, the room that inspired this room is found in a CS. The 2009 Home Tour Edition, shows this home again, minus my inspiration bedroom, “Changing for the Better”, on page 86

When I first saw this home in CS. I was hooked. It was the first time I started to buy this now favorite magazine. The Primitive bug had bitten me! Here are a few pictures of my bedroom. patterned after the one in the book

I searched ebay forever it felt like, until I could find the minnow bucket I was looking for to make this lamp! It was easy to make and I love how it turned out.

Another TS buy from my trip to the city a week or so ago, was this beautiful dark red throw. It’s tag says it’s 80% wool, and 20% Cashmere. I paid 2.00 for it. It is the perfect size, folded in half to be worn as a shawl at Rendezvous this fall. It is very soft and will be a welcome addition to my 18th century wardrobe.

This is our # 1Son and his wife and one of their sons, at Rendezvous at Ft. Bridger Wyoming, last September.

This is how most of our family dresses, mid 18th century. EXCEPT DH. He wears his wranglers and boots, LOL, and I’m ok with that. .…….I do tend to get a little "sideways" about going to Ft. Bridger. We love going......... It's like a family reunion with all our kids and friends....... We camp out, we eat good, we play hard, we shop on Traders Row, and we laugh lots, and when it's time to pack up and go home, we start making plans for the next time!

And speaking of being bitten by a bug…….,

Yes, I did see Twilight over the week end. I know……...... But it's pure unadulterated fluff. And sometimes a girl just needs some fluff.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Hymn Of Praise

This hymn was written by Annie S.Hawks in 1872
Annie Hawks wrote:
One day as a young wife and mo­ther of 37 years of age, I was bu­sy with my reg­u­lar house­hold tasks. Sud­den­ly, I be­came so filled with the sense of near­ness to the Mast­er that, won­der­ing how one could live with­out Him, ei­ther in joy or pain, these words, “I Need Thee Ev­e­ry Hour,” were ush­ered in­to my mind, the thought at once tak­ing full pos­sess­ion of me. After writ­ing the lyr­ics, Hawks gave them to her pas­tor, Ro­bert Low­ry, who add­ed the tune and re­frain.The hymn was first pub­lished at the Na­tion­al Bap­tist Sun­day School Con­ven­tion in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, in No­vem­ber 1872. Some years lat­er, af­ter the death of her hus­band, Hawks wrote:I did not un­der­stand at first why this hymn had touched the great throb­bing heart of hu­man­i­ty. It was not un­til long af­ter, when the sha­dow fell over my way, the sha­dow of a great loss, that I un­der­stood some­thing of the com­fort­ing pow­er in the words which I had been per­mit­ted to give out to others in my hour of sweet se­ren­i­ty and peace.Hawks’ po­ems first be­gan ap­pear­ing in news­pa­pers when she was 14 years old. She mar­ried Charles H. Hawks in 1857. They lived in Brook­lyn, New York, and at­tend­ed the Han­son Place Bap­tist Church, where Rob­ert Low­ry was pas­tor. When her hus­band died in 1888, she moved to Ben­ning­ton, Ver­mont to live with her daugh­ter and son-in-law (W. E. Put­nam). She wrote 400 hymns in her life, most­ly for use in Sun­day schools.

This is my very favorite hymn. I love the words and the comfort I feel when I sing them. I think it's amazing that Annie wrote this song as she was cleaning house and doing other mundane tasks! ♥

I need thee every hour, Most gracious Lord. No tender voice like thine can Peace afford.
I need thee, oh I need thee: Every hour I need thee! Oh, bless me now, my Savior, I come to thee!

I need thee every hour; Stay thou near by. Temptations lose their pow'r When thou art nigh!
I need thee, 0h I need thee: Every hour I need thee! Oh bless me now, my Savior, I come to thee!

I need thee every hour, In joy or pain. Come quickly and abide, Or life is vain.
I need thee, Oh I need thee: Every hour I need thee! Oh bless me now my Savior , I come to thee!
I need thee every hour, Most holy One. Oh, Make me thine indeed, Thou blessed Son!
I need thee, Oh I need thee: Every hour I need thee! Oh bless me now my Savior, I come to thee!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little pineapple for prim lovers & HELP

Good afternoon. This has been a beautiful first day of spring day!!!! I spent lots of the day outside cleaning flower beds and burning. Ummm, can you smell me? It is a spring smell for sure. I wanted to share with all you prim gals, a little pineapple cutting board. I bought mine at a TS a couple of years ago, and was making a new one, and thought some of you may enjoy the pattern. This would be fun to prim up! I don't have the do hummer widget on my side bar, but I think you can just print this off and it will work. You will have to over lap the two pieces together and tape them.
This is my TS cutting board and you can see it's starting to split.

Enjoy your Spring Day!

P.S...............................Oh Ladies.....I have tried to print this pattern off, and although it printed well, it was teeny tiny. So you will need to copy and paste it in another program, and then enlarge it. I will work on the widget for my side bar next week as there are some more patterns I want to share. I am soooooo very open to suggestions. Thank you for being patient with this pattern .:-)