Friday, February 20, 2009

WOW what a busy week this has been! Why? I'm not sure. Nor am I sure where the days flew to.......But fly they have. LOL There are some of you who have been buried in snow again. Lots of it. Here in the Basin, we are warming up. We will start calving next month, and hope for warmer weather. Sometimes it's so freezing cold that we have to really worry about our new calves. In a couple of weeks my DH will be going back to 4 10 hr days. The hours are hard to get used to for him. I love them. Well, I love him having Fridays off! It takes some getting used to at first, but then it's not so bad. I have had my fingers in several pies and have some things I wanted to post about, but never did get all my ducks in a row. LOL In a while, we are going to a wedding, and I am hoping to get some pictures of the view along the way there and home, then I can show you what it looks like here in the Basin this week. I had the chance to go to DI the other day....and of course I didn't turn it down, and these are the treasures I found there.

Not a treasure?........ But I have been looking for a round frame for awhile. I'll paint the frame and toss the rest. Lol

This is a 100% linen shirt. It will become a pre-1840 ladies cap to be worn at Rendezvous the end of summer. But the paddle was a real treasure!

I like this little box. I think It should be painted.

These are the kind of glasses we use for everyday around here! I love them. I have been lucky enough to find then from time to time in either green or amber. They are nice and heavy, and match all of my old Syracuse ,Shenango, Homer Lauglin and Iroquois China that are my druthers for everyday use.

Have a great Week-end Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine!


Janene said...

OMG! You found some great things! I agree, the wooden board is a fantastic find...of course I love the box too!
Have a great weekend! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Mimi Sue said...

You found some great things. Gotta love DI. I'm in sunny California. Wearing flip flops and enjoying the sun. Also enjoying playing with the grand daughters. Mimi

Karen said...

Wonderful treasures.
Yours is the 2nd round frame I have seen today and I've been searching for them.