Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here I am writing to you with a full heart again. But this time my heart is swollen with gratitude. Thank you so much, all of you who are near and those far away through my DSL, for all the hugs, for your words of kindness, for the meals taken to my Daughter and her Husband, and for your prayers and out pouring of love! The bond of Sisterhood that women share is incredible . Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Lewaina


mercyottis said...

Thank you, each of you for your love and concern. I'm so sorry that any of you have had to experience the pain of having empty arms.
Thank you Vilate, for all of your concerns and thoughtfulness.
Caralee I love you too. Thank you and give Lili and Eric a hug!
Sarah, thank you for your love, prayers and for your sweet spirit.
Deck the halls, the hug was felt all the way here! We are Blessed. Thnak you for your thoughts and prayers.
Mimi Sue, thank you for your prayers and for your loving words, and understanding.
Lex, love you tons as well! I'm proud of you. Thanks for the prayers.
Beth, Thank you for all the comfort and prayers.
Phyllis, I'm grateful for your hugs and prayers.
Your sweet words and hugs were indeed felt and absorbed. I know, above the storm clouds, the sun is brilliantly shinning!

Deck The Halls-A Happy Valentines! said...

Hello Lewaina!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Brenda, I'm so happy to meet you! I gave the lesson today in Young Womens, your words echo our lesson-"Finding Joy In Our Divine Potential"
You are a sweet family, I already know by your sweet words! We are all Finding Joy in our Journey of life! Through our challenges and trials we find strength to move forward and become strong women! There is a sisterhood in women like no other! Thanks for your thoughts!
more hugs!

Mimi Sue said...

I, too, am so grateful to be a woman and enjoy the blessings of our sisterhood. I taught the YW lesson today too. It brought home the idea that everyone has trials and the strength we gain from them and the things we learn are eternal. Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. But the Lord sees it and knows what is best for each of us. Give your sweet daughter a hug from me. Mimi

Linda said...

I am so so sorry for the loss of the baby. My heart goes out to your daughter and SIL and all of you at this time.

How about the letter M!

hugs, Linda