Monday, February 9, 2009

Good morning to all of you on this slightly snowy Monday! We spent most of the week end out in the city, visiting our oldest son and his family. We had a good visit, too short, but we had a good time. On the way home we made a fast stop. We were a little worried about the weather, as we had come out in a storm. My DH went to check out some pack saddles, Little Big Chief went to view the guns, and me, I went for a pound of Fudge....

There are so many flavors to choose from! LOL Here we have Orange Cream, Cow Drool, Some kind of Delight, and a peanut butter one I love but can't remember the name of. Yummy yummy! They also have a pretty good selection of Sugar free fudges and candies as well.

Sorry............. I didn't get a photo of the pack saddle. LOL
Today it's back to the grist mill for me. Truly it looks like someone had a wild party here at my house! But it was only a house full of grown children and a few little ones thrown in the mix on a Sunday afternoon.
I 'm playing along with Linda over to Behind My Red Door, 10 Things I love. My assigned letter is M. So, here goes..........

1..MILK- I love milk. It is by far my favorite beverage to drink. Everything tastes better with a glass of cold milk! I've been know to almost stagger to the fridge in the morning, in desperate want of a glass or two or three of milk. LOL
2. MAPS. I love to read maps. I love to look at maps. I have maps hanging in my house. They fascinate me. I love to open them up, smooth them out, trace my fingers along the roads and rivers. I Look for airports, and lakes, and find out the populace of small unknown places, and how to get there. :-)

3. MOON LIGHT. There is something so pleasant about moon light isn't there? I love to be out side on a moonlight night. Where we live, there aren't many other lights around, and so the nighttime sky is so visible and open for gazing. Moon light cast a creamy glow over everything. No matter which season we are in, I love the moon light.

4. MOVIES. I am a Movie lover. I enjoy watching Chick Flicks, Adventures, Mysteries, Westerns, Musicals, and even Drama. As long as it's clean in both language and morality, and it has a OK, I think I have to add a disclaimer in at this point, because I like spoofs and satire too. And I must admit, though it will shock some of you, that I like Napoleon Dynamite. Why? I'm not sure other than maybe..... it's because the teenage years are so awkward and he's OK with his totally awkward self....Yeah I know, I'm grasping for straws here. I just like it. In all it's dumbness and everything. When I was little I wanted to be Cat Balou. I love She's The Man, but on the other hand I love Winterpeople and Hamlet. I love Christmas Movies and start watching them as soon as Halloween is past...LOL. I'm not however, a fan of Animation. There are a few I like, but for the most part I prefer to watch people.

5. Having MAMMOGRAMS..... JK!!!

5. MATERIAL. I'm talking about the kind you sew on! Can you ever have enough?

6. MUSIC. I can't imagine life without it. Can You? My family always sang in the car whenever we went very far. My mom had an old spiral notebook filled with handwritten songs. Just the words. She played the piano by ear and she would sit down, open up her notebook and play and sing, song after song. Her fingers moving up and down the key board of that old up right! There is nothing that can compare to music. It can set a mood or bring the Spirit faster than any else.

7. MOM. I am so very blessed to have my mom living just down the lane from us. My dad is gone, and my DH parents are gone as well. I'm so glad mom is healthy, and alive! I can not even express my feeling and love for her and do them justice. I am so many things today, because she showed the way yesterday. Does that make sense? Mom made holidays and family traditions "magical". I always loved being Home. I love you Mom!
8. MEN. I love the Men in my life. My Dad, My Husband, his Dad, my Sons, my Sons in law, my 5 little men Grandsons! What kind of world would women have without men? (OK, maybe less dirt and food But seriously, it would be a sad day for me if there were no men in my world. They are steady, they provide many things, and not just temporally. They support, they comfort, they bring love and kindness. And sometimes they pick up the pieces and put them all back together again. They protect, and add humor and love. They hold the Priesthood. They pray. They bless my life. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ. My Savior.
Where would I be with out the men in my life?

9. MODERN MEDICINE. This one is self explanatory. My DH is an 18 year cancer survivor. I have a son with Type 1 diabetes, not to mention a plethora of other breaks, illnesses, scopes, surgeries, and other common aliments that besiege families everywhere. I'm so grateful for the medicines we have today, from the simple antibiotics to the more complex. I'm grateful for Medical knowledge . Wow. Some of us would not be here with out it!!!

10. MIRACLES. Need I say more? They do exist. They are real.

So there are 10 of the things I love that Start with letter "M". What are some of your "M"loves? ♥♥♥


Nicole said...

I think my M picks would be pretty similar to yours, especially the Mom, Music, Miracles and Modern Medicine. Ooohh, I love the fudge and Cabelas.

Mimi Sue said...

I've never been to Cabelas but it is a place that the men in my family love. I didn't know they had fudge or I would have gone with them! I love all your M's. My husband is a cancer survivor too. Three years. What a blessing! Mimi

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

What a fun post! It looks like a fun weekend!
We love Cabelas, especially the boys in my life! I enjoyed reading about your "M"! Thanks for stopping by my blog! In answer to your questions--I have given away every bag that I have made! Actually, I am thinking about saleing them on ETSY or off my blog! Have a Good week!

Patch of Heaven. said...

I love your ten "Ms" I did a list some are the same but some are different. Thanks love ya
Laura Jane

Vilate Thacker said...

so I know I already commented, but I would like to do this, would you give me a letter?

beth at aunties said...

You are so cute! Many of my *M* favorites are the same as yours, including Mammograms:)
Music, Mormons, men and moonlight. My mom, being a mom.
The quote I gave you is not in any book. It was one BR Mc Conkie gave to an OB in Logan while attending a stake conference there. The Doctor told the stake President when he asked him, when he thought the spirt entered in the body. The stake President told my sister who had 5 still born births and MANY miscariages. Her last full term baby was born the day after my dad died and was buried in the foot of his casket with him. So daddy will rise in the ressurection with a perfect little one in his arms. The stake president shared with him what BRM had told him. It is a sweet picture in my minds eye.
((A book was written about my sister's life and was in Dessert Book for a long time. "Windows of Light". She spoke often in the North west at firesides before her death...
Enjoy your week!