Monday, February 23, 2009

Catch Up.......

I've had a cold. Ugggg. This, however is the first one I've had for months on end. So I can't complain. I finished up a few things I was working on and want to share them with you.
This is my little green box from the TS. It will go in my bathroom after the remodel.

I had a bowl that I had picked up last summer, and I had painted it blue. I was very lazy, and I had painted it without sanding it. It rubbed right off. So we sanded it and repainted it. The bowl and the box are the same color-- They are the color of the bowl. The box in the picture didn't show up correctly. I used Acrylic paint, the color was Goose Feathers, and then I stained it with Minwax wood finish, Red Mahogany 225. These were just colors I already had. I loved the way they turned out. I wanted to repaint everything that color! :-)

These are all TS glasses and they are just our "everyday" glasses. I love them.

I wanted to share with you, a little needle keeper.

My daughter in law had made herself one and I loved it! She is always making the neatest things! One of these days I'll get the widget on my side bar to download a pattern or two, but in the mean time, here's all you need to make a needle keeper for you embroidery box or bag.

Outside fabric

Contrasting inside fabric

Bonded batting

Shank button

Needle and thread

Cut your fabrics and batt 6 1/2" X 3 1/2"For button loop, cut on the bias 1" X 51/2" of inside fabric

Sew button loop first. Hand press loop, you can see in the picture that I pressed each side in towards the center, and then I pressed both sides to the center, making a very narrow loop.
Slip stitch loop closed with needle and thread. (I can't seem to sew this part on the machine and get it to look like I want to. If you can do it on the machine, go for it.) Next, with right sides together, the loop pinned in place between the outside and inside fabrics, pin all fabrics to the top of the batting and sew 1/4" seam all around, leaving a 3" opening for turning.

Turn you work making sure to pull out your corners.

Finger press again, and sew down the center of your keeper. This will be your fold. Sew button on the outside, making sure to sew through only the top fabric and some of the batt. Do not catch the inside fabric at all. These were so fun that I made another one and then another one and another one and another one........LOL. I instantly put mine to use! They are a fun fast easy useful little gift for anyone who does hand sewing.

Here are the promised pictures of the "view". This is what the Basin looks like this February. This is looking west from the yard, where only this morning a couple of big big coyotes ran past and across this Field towards the creek.

This is looking southwest, over the mountains and Indian canyon, is Price.

This is the Notita, the sleeping Indian Lady. Rock creek lies at her feet. (Upper Stillwater) These last two pictures were taken about 13 miles north of our home. More snow here.

This is a view, looking North towards Mt. Emmons. This is where we take our horses and pack in when we go "up high" on pack trips. Over these mountains lies Wyoming.

We live surrounded by mountains on all sides. Hence the "Basin". The Great Uintas are beautiful Mountains . While I have been sewing or painting or folding that endless mountain of clean clothes, or vegging, I have been watching some of these.......

These ladies are my Favorite!!! If you haven't seen them go see if your library has them, pop you up some corn and indulge!

Here is a sneak peek of what I'm working on now.

Thanks for staying with me through this very long winded post this morning! Hope to see a needle keeper or two..............Lewaina


Nicole said...

Looks like you live in a beautiful place! I need one of those needle keepers. I'm losing them constantly and it makes my husband so made when he steps on them, I guess I can't blame him!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

It is fascinating seeing the basin in the pics. It is sooooo flat until you get to the mountains. So different from our hilly terrain!

Patch of Heaven. said...

I am sorry you have a cold. You probably got it from us. I love your treasures makes me want to go to DI. And the pictures make me homesick so much. Love ya tons Laura Jane

Vilate Thacker said...

Wow, that is way cute. I need to add one of those to my looooong list of things to do. I was going to come, but My kids showed up. they weren't supposed to come, but they did. I decided it is bad enough bringing my kids, but extras is too much. We will have to plan another time k?

Vilate Thacker said...

BTW great tutorial! very good job!

Mimi Sue said...

I have some friends that are stitchers. They're gonna make such great birthday presents. As soon as I come home from Calif. Great tutorial. Thank you. Mimi

Janene said...

Your Thrift Store items are so great!
I love painted wood! It ages so well!

Karen said...

Hi there, sorry I have been MIA and not posted lately.
Your surroundings are just beautiful!
The pinkeeps are really cute - they look quite easy to make too.