Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Today is my DH’s birthday. He’s 51 and proud of it!!! Silly man. I made him pancakes, served them up with a candle, Little Big Chief and I sang, ( I guess you could call what he did singing…) He blew, and off to work he went. Today is IFA Days (Inter mountain Farmers Association) and we are going there for a steak lunch and some good sales. His choice. I’m so grateful for my husband. He is a good man, and sometimes I wonder how in the world a girl from south eastern Idaho ended up meeting a guy from eastern Utah. I kind of stumbled into a good thing I think. I knew it then, and I know it even more today after almost 30 years. WOW, what a ride we have been having! The views we have seen together, the laughter and tears we have shared. I can’t help but think of his parents on this day. They are both gone now, but I’m grateful to them for the son they raised and gave over to me as a young man ready to take on the world. He is a dyed in the wool true blue cowboy. Boots hat, duster and spurs. Oh yeah, a horse or two, or three or four or five, or six get the picture. he loves food, anything, well, he really doesn't care for french toast. On the other hand, he loves oysters in the half shell, Rocky Mountain Oysters, heart, liver and onions, and runny eggs. Go figure that out. Who in their right mind would eat runny eggs or rocky mountain oysters and not even like french toast? LOL His favorite color is sky blue. He loves dogs and is a pack rat. He's kind and very tenderhearted. He is the most incredible father ever. He is a workaholic, and a die hard farmer. Professionally he is a journeyman lineman, on the side, (don't kid yourselves) he is a farmer/rancher, and he is serving as Bishop of our ward (i.e. lay ministry, ward is like a parish)

Here he is at work, up a pole. ( I wonder if this is like up a creek without a paddle? For me it would be.)
Twenty Years ago on his Birthday, early on a very cold snowy morning, this is the gift I gave to him. ♥♥♥

This is Little "Roo" Otherwise know as Landon. I never have been able to top this gift! He is also a food lover, and like his dad, he eats everything including french toast, but excluding runny eggs and oysters in the half shell. He is also a workaholic and as a boy, he would rather dig post holes or pick rocks out of the field than sit in the house and read. He is also tenderhearted. He is however by far the best button pusher in the family, and can stir things up faster than anyone. He is an avid snowboarder, wake boarder, four wheel/dirt bike rider, and wrestler. He doesn't care to dance.( I think it scares him. he he he) He can ride a horse break neck speed, get thrown off and jump back on and finish his ride. Out of all six of my children, he is Mr. Clean. He has a funny sense of humor, but tends to worry about everything too much.

Scruffy Guys! Dad and Roo, climbing the key at Cedar Springs going after wood .

Three generations. Grandpa, Dad, Roo
Their hands are alike.

Wax museum Roo and John

Thanksgiving in sunny CA.
Birthday Little Roo


Mrs. Mordecai said...

How cute to put a candle on his pancakes!

Eric and Caralee said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Gary and Landon!! Where did 20 years go? It's amazing where the time goes, I remember the day my little cousin was born-with maybe just a little fog! Wow, oysters, I didn't know that. That just proves there is always something new to learn about someone you've known forever. :) Love you guys

Jeanne Evans said...

Landon sounds just like my fine brother Nelson...and Marvin too. (hehe)

Lex-a-roo said...

I loved this post it reminded me of how wonderful your family. I think of your husband as a my adopted dad... well I adopted his as my dad during High school anyway. What a good man you married. And Roo is just a great all around kid. I like the picture of your husband as a kid he you can see a little bit of each of your kids in him from that picture.
Love reading your posts I hope you keep writing.

Mimi Sue said...

Happy Birthday to your DH and your Roo. That was a pretty good birthday present, I must say. I had our first baby on Feb. 3, 1976. Your honey is a busy guy with being bishop and all. Mine is ward clerk and he's at church on Sunday a lot too. My husband worked for an electric company too. But he worked in the power plant and not up the poles. Since I'm afraid of heights it was a good thing because I'd worry too much. Hope you all have a happy day making a few memories.

Mimi Sue said...

PS I never got tired of artichokes. Anything you can dip in butter is my kind of food!

Vilate Thacker said...

I now know alot more about "Bishop". That was fun reading! what a fun day!

Linda said...

What a special day you just had! Imagine giving DH a son on his birthday! No wonder you can't top that one. Dh and son sound like wonderful men!!

Anonymous said...

I know I am late but Happy Birthday to them! I can not wait to spend that many years with my husband and share all those memories! Have a great day

beth at aunties said...

I hope they both enjoyed a wonderful day!

Happy bithday to Lewaine's men! I am so glad mine isn't bishop any longer...not that I see him any more though! That was a heavy duty calling....full of love:-)
Hey, I am a South Estern Idahoan also:) Both of us graduated from Poky!