Thursday, December 10, 2009

another christmas story

Good Morning Ladies! Is it cold enough for ya?

Brrrr. when I started this post at 7:30 this morning, it was -8. Glad I'm not a cow! I feel badly for anything that lives outside in this kind of weather.

Today I'm off to the "long town" as my # 3 son used to call it when he was little, meaning it was a long drive. There was short town and long town. Short town was 9 miles away and long town was 48. He was the best little companion I had for shopping when he was little. The only thing that disgruntled him was the fabric section of Wal-mart. (which they hardly even have any more....) He would cry out, "no! no! not the fabric! anyplace but the fabric!" And if I was there with a friend they would know where to find me because they could hear him! LOL

But I wanted to give a shout out about Marie's week two giveaway. You should go visit her blog, Spun by Me and enter her giveaway. She is a way talented crafter.

My daughter made some fun Christmas stocking from recycled wool sweaters that she felted. They are so her. I think they are really fun! Everybody's Soc has their initial on it.

And lastly today is another Christmas story that I love for your Christmas books. It is also out of a magazine, but sadly I lost my original copy, but was able to make another copy from a friends book I had made for her. So here is a copy of a copy for you to you copy? LOL
Hopefully you can print this off dark enough to's kind of light. Sorry about the adds....That's the way I had it in my book......
But it's a sweet little story and worth the reading. It will bring the Christmas spirit into your home just a little more that it was before!

Thank you all for your loving thoughts. Our kids are fine, a little stiff, but fine. The insurance adjuster declared their car totaled, so now they are waiting to see how much money that will involve.

Baby Evie and her parents came home yesterday, so the boys were able to at last see their new baby sister! They all loved her. I have to go have my fair share today! :-)

My goodness, we are beginning week 9 of our gratitude attitude challenge! Are you still with me?

I'm so grateful today for (warm house!) my mom who made Christmas "magical" for us when we were kids! Many many of the traditions she started and we loved, my own children now do in their own homes! I can still remember her hanging the tinsel single strand by single strand on the tree! (it was the heavy foil tinsel that they soooo don't make any more!) We would help her, but after a short while we gave out. LOL She saved this tinsel and used it year after year! I love it, that you can recall the most wonderful memories when you smell smells that are connected with them?

Enjoy your day.
Merry Christmas


Parkers said...

One of the only christmas memoriesI have of mom and dad is this: One year, not sure how old I was her and dad (not sure who else went) went out to get a christmas tree. They were gone soooo long I got very worried. It was dark and snowing before they got back. Dad apparently got lost! Can you believe that? They couldn't find the car! HA Ha! I was extremely relieved when they pulled up into the driveway. I had been "perched" on that old floral couch waiting, looking out the window.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

It is too cold here, too! I want to make one of those stockings with a sweater that I loved (too much—the elbow gave way). Now I just need to get brave enough to try it and find some time without kids underfoot!

Mimi Sue said...

I had a tree full of tinsel as a kid too. After adding tinsel one by one for awhile, we always started to just throw it on the tree when mom wasn't looking. We saved ours too. Kind of a pain when you think about it. Give little Evie a hug and a kiss from this Mimi, will you? Mimi

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness...I've been away from Blogland for a few days. So much has happened over here. First, I'm so glad your little family is alright and doing fine. Tender mercies of the Lord, that's for sure. : )
And congratulations on your new little Evie. I'm so jelous!!! I want a new grandbaby. : )

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

"jealous" : )

Kellie said...

We did the tinsel thing growing up too and saved it for each year. Glad everyone is doing alright. Those stocking turned out great!

Nicole said...

First off, that new baby is gorgeous. Her nose isn't smashed or anything. My babies always have smashed noses. Are new baby has a nice bump on his head that the doctors say could take months to go away. I guess is from bumping on one of my bones in the birth canal. That is so scary about the car accident, I'm so glad everyone one is ok. Your so funny, I can't believe you remember me playing the flute. I haven't picked it up for a very long time. I play with a flute choir and decided to take a break for the new baby. My flute teacher growing up actually plays in the Orchestra at Temple Square though. She's the one with the short dark hair. She's actually the reason I started playing. She lived next door and I was always hear her playing, it was so beautiful. Congrats again on the new grand baby and I hope all is going well.

Nicole said...

Boy, I made a lot of typos in my comment above, sorry!