Wednesday, December 2, 2009


OoooooooOooooooOOooooo! Brrrrrrrrrr. It was cold walking this morning! 11 degrees.
AND, it's snowing now! I was sure it wouldn't because it's almsot too cold to snow! Silly me.
If we lived in the humid areas of our nation instead of the dry arid west, I don't think we could do it. My fingers took an entire miles worth of walking before they warmed up!


PFATT blog is hosting a Christmas giveaway! There are lots of beautiful handmade items being given away, an they have kindly invited us all to enter.


Wahoo!!!!! Our daughter and son in law are getting their baby on monday December 7th, if the tiny sweetheart doesn't come on her own by then. Lucky little baby girl, she has three big brothers! We are all getting very excitied!


OK, because I still don't know much about what I'm doing........I tried to get an adobe account, but was toooooo impatient, and it got messed it up, sigh, so now I will have to fix that, but in the mean time I wanted to get this out today........please bear? bare? with me while I learn how to work the computer! :-) ANYWAY, here is a Christmas story for your books. I believe I got this from a woman's day type of magazine.....but I really can't remember. It's been forever ago. So, with that in mind.......... hopefully I'm not stepping on any copy right toes. :-)

so, I think..... you can right click and save as a picture to your picture files, which is what I post it from, and then open it and print it and it will be the right size. OR, I think maybe you can just click on it, and print your screen?

Sorry for all the rig- a- ma- roll, good luck. For the next story I'll try to have my ducks in a row! LOL


OHHHH! Linda, from Behind My Red Door, just shared with me this link for some Christmas stories. Some of them I already have. They are good ones, especially Wallys Christmas pagent! Thank you so much Linda! Plus and also....she said that yes, all she had to do was right click and print her screen and the above story printed off. Wahoo! and, while I'm at it, if you love prim homes, you should go see Linda's home all decorated for Christmas. It beautiful.


Today, I'm grateful for Starlings! Yes, Starlings. Wacky I know. They are considered to be a trash bird, for lack of a better word........I love the song birds in the springtime and summer time, but I also love the starling in the winter time. I love to watch them fly. I don't even know how to describe it, other than like a sheet of paper gliding and twisting and turning in the wind . They fly in huge flocks, and they all turn at the same time, this way and that way, spiralling down, then twisting over, and then surging upward. Who gets to be the lead bird? Who gives the command to turn? They fill the trees like giant black leaves, and then, at once, they take flight! Starlings do sing after a fashion, and I like it. There is something happy and thriving about the sound of birds........I'm just grateful that all birds don't all fly south for the winter! :-)

Enjoy your day.


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How exciting - a new baby in a few days!! WOOHOO!

I was able to click on each picture of the story which made them big and then print them out. THANK YOU!! Here is a link to some stories I found.

Julie Harward said...

I'm still trying to learn the computer too!!! Thanks for the stories...I love the birds too, still wish I could fly like them! Hope all goes well with the new baby coming..that will be SO fun! You are braver than me..11 degrees?! Oh my!
Come say hi :D

Julie Harward said...

P.S. Do you know Cathy from "Ridin the Range"? She lives right in the next little town to me!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Starlings make me smile. I love their iridescent feathers and their cleverness. They always used to tease our cat, but they were never caught!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just stopped by to pay a visit and to answer you question about Juvenile Diabetes. Did you say your son has it. My oldest son got it when he was 13 and now today he is 39 so he has lived with this 26 years. Then in July my granddaughter Kaci got it at age 7 and I am still devasted over her. She just is so young and on 4 or more shots a day.
I tried to raise money on my site for her when she had a walk in Austin in October. Sometime I believe soon her picture will be on some invitation Ball that their having in Austin to raise money.
I have signed up to volunteer for this cause and hope that I can be of some help. I hate this disease.
BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is right where do you live.
I am in south central Texas and we are suppose to get snow sometime tomorrow and that has never happened in our history ever this early in the year. Very seldom do we see snow especially not this early. Strange....I wish I did not have to work and drive in it this weekend but I work for the Sheriffs dept so way am I getting out this. lol
Let me know about your son and how he does with his diabetes.
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment
I love your picture on your headboard. Is this your husband.
Stay warm
oh on a old post I have a diabetic recipe for meatballs and plan to put more recipes on my site one these days for diabetics. My family always loved these meatballs

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I had to come back again after I read your comment to look at your picture header again. That is such a great picture for Christmas. You might have to let me post it on my site. hahahahaha
Thank you for the kind words and understanding about my grandbaby. Yes my son got on the pump this year after doing the shots for 25 years. I would give anything if Kaci did not have this. It depressed me so bad I like to never come out of it.
God will take care of her I know

Mimi Sue said...

We have lots of starlings in our neighborhood too. I can't say they're my favorite bird but they're pretty entertaining. So fun to have a baby girl in the family. Hope all goes well on Monday. Mimi

UPON A HILL said...

Oh what a great gift for Christmas ; A new baby!!!!! Oh what fun! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!!!