Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

Hi! good morning!

Mam oh man did we get snow this weekend! I got stuck going to Church yesterday. Yes I did! I truly did a number on myself! I was able to catch a ride with my mom, and it was slow going the nine miles to Church. Three of the other wards in our stake (area) canceled their meetings all together. Ours was canceled after Sacrament meeting. ( we have a 3 hr block of meeting on Sunday) Folks were stuck out in the parking lot and some couldn't even get out of their driveways! Everything is covered and It's beautiful!!! (wait, did that just come out of my mouth?) (beautiful snow???) Everything is soooooooo Beautiful. AND, it has warmed up some, so it feels like we're having a heat wave!

It's official now.......................................once again, as of last Friday, we have another teenager in our home!

I love his "Bratty" musical, mechanical minded, self reliant, baby loving, door opening, cooking, messy room keeper, funny, mostly happy, Axe wearing, witty, tender hearted little man child Little self!


We had our family Christmas party on Sat evening. We do an ornament exchange, and play some kind of a game to do this. This year our Daughter made the sweetest little apron ornament. My younger sister was here, and she wanted it soooooo badly. Here is a little picture that I kipped from her blog, but you really can't see it very well. The entire apron from ruffle to neck strap is only about 4". My daughter made everything that is in the pocket of this tiny apron from scratch! The whisk is wire, the tiny barn star was a 'learned how to' from Chars blog, the tiny candy cane, the little spatula, all of it made with things she had at home.

In playing this game, we each take a number, and go from highest number to lowest, each taking our turn to go to the table and get an ornament. They are wrapped so that you can't see them. You go back to your seat, unwrap your ornament and show everyone what it is. The next guy to have a turn can either go to the table , or he can steal your ornament! However, an ornament can only be stolen 3 times! LOL We had a bunch that were stolen their 3 times, and there were even some threats of going to another siblings home in the middle of the night and "stealing " an ornament back! he he he.......BUT, for some reason, ( she herself claiming everyone was scared of her.....) everyone let Auntie Anne keep her ornament! :-) We had a good time!


We had a little family come Christmas caroling to our house the other night. It was so pleasant to have them come sing to us! The little children just sang right out! It was touching. Really brought the Christmas Spirit to our home!


Are you guys like me?

SO many things to do, so little time..........


HUMMMM. Yes, well,
I found this this morning, and It hit the spot and helped to get it all of this rush and jumble into prospective! It's just a short you tube video, click on the link below, it's worth it. :-)
The Christmas Spirit


WOW!!! We are in the final week of our Gratitude Attitude Challenge! Week 10. Really? can you believe it's been almost 10 weeks?

Today I'm glad for dirty dishes! You know what they say, having dirty dishes means you have plenty to eat!

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Enjoy your day.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

loved the little video..thanks for sharing..glad you got home okay..if we even get a tracing of snow..they cancel church here..and school and everything else...:)

Julie Harward said...

We are still waiting for threatened yesterday morn..but then the sun came out! Your party sounds like fun, I have done that(the candy bar game) and it's always fun! That tiny cute! I would want it too!! Enjoy this week! Christmas is here! :D

Jessica said...

I really enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Mercy - what a lovely post and I'm glad we didn't get hit with that much snow....but we did get quite a bit.
Thank you so much for sharing today.

UPON A HILL said...

Glad that you made it home safely. Loved the video, what it is really all about.

Mimi Sue said...

Our snow on Sunday was wet and heavy and icey. I slid into a ditch and had to have hubby get me out with the 4wd truck! Since he is Ward Clerk, he missed a meeting or two. But what could we do? That apron ornament is adorable. The adults in our family play that game with gift cards. We all put in a $25.00 card for anywhere we want. It's pretty funny when grandma gets stuck with Cabela's or Home Depot and grandpa gets a card for a pedicure! Fun traditions. Mimi

marie said...

Hi Mercy,
Thank you for sharing the video link. It was lovely! I love your ornament exchange game. I'm going to suggest that to my family for next year. It sounds like great fun! The apron ornament is amazing!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

WOW...Church was canceled??? Now that's a lot of snow!!!
The little apron ornament looks adorable. I'm so impressed that your daughter made it and everything in the pockets.
Stay warm,