Monday, February 21, 2011


Late Thursday afternoon we got our first babies of the year. They were a surprise! Too early in the season for our babies to be born! But aren't they cute? The Mr. warmed them up some, and the momma did everything she knew how to keep them safe and warm. (which mostly amounted to gentle sounds and stomping her foot at us)  I was very excited and wanted to have a spring giveaway in their honor. But unfortunately,

Yesterday afternoon one of our little babies died. Sadness. We need a much better place for the ewes to lamb before the rest begin.  Sigh.  I would still like to do a spring giveaway .  It's in the works.

One of my grandsons climbed a tree and brought me this nest. He was very proud of himself cuz he knows I like them. I do, so we oohed and awed and then I put it in a jar and added some blue glass eggs and it's going to be used for decoration at a wedding reception this weekend.  (pictures on a later post.)

The other morning, walking through my dining room I thought I saw a man standing outside where no man should be standing this time of day. Just caught a glimpse out the corner of my eye, and it kinda startled me. You know how you do that?  Well I looked again, and it was only Kevin and his beautiful tail!  I had a good laugh at myself. 

We had more snow everyday this past weekend. Yesterday the wind also blew and drifted the roads. We had a  very kind neighbor from a few miles up the road who came around and plowed every ones driveways and roads sat night, and then again Sunday morning after we got even more snow. I would not have gotten down our lane in my car other wise. And speaking of cars... the Mr and I need to get a new one. We are driving a Park Ave. ( the teen calls it 'the boat' )and it has almost two hundred thousand miles on it and has begun to fall apart piece by piece.  So we are in the process of trying to decide what it is we want/need to replace it with. A car? Better mileage. A 1/2 truck? Better for the farm and other things but not mileage. Which is a major consideration with our fuel prices. Diesel is almost 4 dollars a gallon and gas is well over three. We will most likely need a newer 3/4 ton truck before the tractor is paid for, and so we are in a quandary. We were hoping our car would just keep lasting and lasting and lasting and lasting and then some more.  It has been a good car, nice to travel in and dependable. When we get something else the Mr will end up driving it to work and we will park his truck and use it more sparingly. We are leaning towards a truck, which sounds very good this time of year! lol  But we haven't made any decisions yet. I have cub Blue and Gold this Thursday, which is causing me all kinds of planning stress! ( lets face it girls, a simple picnic causes me all kinds of planning stress...), and my oldest DD and I are helping a friend do her daughters wedding reception Friday night. AHHHHHHHH!  Next week will be a veggie week for me. lol
When it rains it pours! THANK HEAVENS for the PACK COMMITTEE and a DAUGHTER! I'm not in these fine messes alone!
.....and the MR. He's the mussel and heave ho guy behind all of my schemes!

I have a love for sunbonnets. I like the way they look displayed. In my quest to make a more period correct  mid 19th century sunbonnet for trek this year, I have come across a pattern I want to try.  And for anyone who also likes sunbonnets and wants to try their hand at making one to display, here is a pattern for a slat bonnet. It's  ready to print.   
 This is a google image. But looks very much like the Elizabeth Clark's pattern.
To see the real thing visit  Buns and Baskets blog.   
You can find other sunbonnet patterns there as well.

If you have an interest in sewing period clothing, which I do, you will enjoy Buns and Baskets and you may also enjoy these two blogs. Romantic History by Sarah Jane and her other clothing blog, The Sangamon Settler - Clothing of the 1820s & 30s

This is Sarah Jane and one of her three sons.  She is wearing a slat bonnet.

Hope everyone is doing well, and keeping warm. I see that some of you are having signs of spring. Well, this I know, it will come! lol Even here to the land of seemingly endless winter!
Welcome to my new followers, and thanks for the visits from old and new alike. And if you don't see hide nor hair of me this week, know I'm insanely busy running around like a chicken without her head :-)   and I'll be by to visit and catch up on your fine happenings at odd moments when I NEED a break to calm myself down.

Blessings from the Stone House


cottageprims said...

Sorry about the sweet lamb.Sounds like you have a busy week.Hope you find some enjoyment in it all.The nest gift was such a sweet jesture.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Lex-a-roo said...

It sounds like it can't figure out if it's winter or Spring out there in the basin.

Mimi Sue said...

Next week will be my busy week. I have to teach RS on the 6th (which I always freak out when I have to do it)and I'm in charge of a big ward dinner on the 4th. Plus the regular grandma things. So sorry to hear about your little lamb. It's just too cold to be standing outside all night for those little babies.? More snow coming this week! This too shall pass. Hopefully. Try to stay calm...Mimi

Julie Harward said...

I am so sorry about the baby sad. Sounds like your life is busy...have a good week! :D

Cowboy mom said...

SIGH!!! Lambing, I get so emotional over lambing time. With 500 ewes and so many that get brought to me nearly dead so I can try to revive them.....It takes it's toll.

I Loved the Kevin story. I think I'll go watch "Up" with Chance and Oaklee.

we're seriously needing a new car as well. But we may just have to make do for now. I have no suggestions. We were looking at Chevy traverses, We need a family car. Sigh
And...lastly, I'm getting desperate for summer, I say that because we don't get Spring here at 7000 feet it just goes from to cold to stand it, to Hey It's Summer!! Again, sigh!
Oh!!! I love the sunbonnet If I ever get to go on that trek I'll either pester you, or try my hand at making one. Thanks


Eric and Caralee said...

Well I thought it might be spring, we had several days last week of 65 degrees (but then 50 mph wind, ahhh I thought I was back in the basin!). But then it got cold again and has snowed off and on this week! I think Spring is trying..but we'll give it another month! So sorry about the little lamb :( and good luck with the car hunting! Love Caralee

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear about the baby lamb.
Stay warm!
love, Brenda

joy said...

We don't see many baby animals. It is one of my favorites though. I understand about the car issues. We have a roof issue ourselves. It will all work out!! It always does. Take Care! Love, Joy