Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random and tuck swap

Tuesday we had a wonderful Chinook wind blow into our neck of the woods. It was NICE, over 40 degrees, which was about 50 degrees warmer than on New Years day when we were sledding. I am loving the warmth!
One of my Christmas gifts this year was a blanket crane. I  have the first coat of paint on it. When it's done it will go above this bed in the spare bedroom.  I was soooo spoiled this year from everyone. Thank you family!
(the heart tuck belongs further down the post.....I
couldn't get it to move drove me Berserk-O  so in the end I just left it here ) 
Oh, and you can get the pattern here to make your own blanket crane. Scroll down to find it. Chris from Simply Prim blog shows us how.

I have a helper today. I put her on Rinse duty for our breakfast dishes. She's a very dedicated helper!

I had yen to frame a recipe for a snowman but didn't want to  stitch it myself..... out of January time..... Well a couple of years ago I had found a pillow with a snowman recipe on it.
 So, wal-la!  I had to add some fabric to the sides to make it fit into my frame, and I'm enjoying the way it turned out.

You can see it had more buttons on it. They were sewn to the bat and I had to cut them off and forgot to put them back on........yet.

I belong to a tuck swap with 9 other ladies and we meet once a month, taking turns hosting at our homes (last year we swapped ornies) We have a drawing which we all look forward too, and   sometimes more than one drawing  which was the case last night. We had 3 giveaways, and I won one which I'll show on another post. It was my turn to host last night and this morning I realized I should have taken pictures of everyone's tucks. Next month. :-)

This sweet little punch needle tuck belongs to me,  made by Laura. Its stuffed with rags and coffee stained.   I LOVE IT LAURA! Thank-you so much!
Here are a few others. I can't tell you who they belong to because the recipients were absent and they haven't see them yet.... :-) (remember the little tuck up top? it belongs here...)

The  love letters below were part of the main give away made by Angie. All the work. The stamps, the cancellation stamp, the lines on the bottom..... they have been coffee stained and glittered, cute
huh?  I just thought they were fun and you would like to see them.

Here's the total giveaway. oops....minus my knitting in the back ground..... Lucky girl LAURA!

Last week I was at the TS, and I found four of these 100 % cotton curtains. I had them in my cart and they decided to put them back not knowing for sure where I would put them. As I was driving away I had the thought because they have a colonial pattern on them, that I could make short gowns out of them for the  little girls to wear at Rendezvous. So after I had run a few errands I went back and got them. The next day, just for fun I hung them in my bedroom............. and here they'll stay.....sorry chick-a-bees, no short gowns from these fine curtains. (if your the kind person who donated these to the Ts, drop me a line an tell me where you got them I need two more!!! LOL )  ( and Thank You! )
( I know this is NOT a good picture, Curtains have a brown back ground, there's a touch of purple, green tan and red. Glorious red. )
And lastly,
I have a  another yen,
this time to have a valentine tree. This is Jennifer Bowman's tree. I love it. Jennifer's blog was the very first blog I ever set eyes on. I first saw her home in the Country Sampler magazine, where they gave us the blog address....I was hooked!
This is a way fun tree.

 Hazel Ruth has an awesome valentine tree you can see here.  It's loaded with goodness! :-)

Hope you are having a nice Chinook in your woods too!
Enjoy your day.

Blessing from the Stone House. Mercy


cottageprims said...

What fun to get together for a monthly swap.The tucks are sweet.The curls on your diswasher are adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Eric and Caralee said...

LOVE the recipe for a snowman! We've had quite a mild winter here compared to everyone else, average temp. about 30! But we get a wind here that makes me think of home (and makes it feel closer to 0) :) brrr

Julie Harward said...

What a fun idea..and I love your little helper for the day..she is so sweet! :D

Mimi Sue said...

I'd like to borrow your little dish rinser. Does she work for pancakes? I believe in starting them young don't you? She's adorable. Should I know what a tuck is? I feel kinda dumb that I don't. Yours are adorable. Love that one with the keys. A valentine tree is a nice idea. I know a gal that puts up a thanksgiving tree and then takes off all the fall ornaments and decorates it for Christmas. Kind of a lot of work but she loves trees. I'll have to mention to her about the Valentine idea. She could do Easter, Mother's Day, 4th of July... It could be endless!! Have a great week. Mimi