Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I run, I pray.

I used to walk outside 6 days a weeks. 4-5 miles a day. For the most part I enjoyed my daily walks. My shoes and I were tight!
Then we had our snow. I mean, the week of Christmas we got ALL of our snow! And then it dropped way below zero and was so cold forever that I couldn't walk on the slick roads.......
 The Mr. and I got a treadmill for Christmas.
Well, that sucker is hard for me to walk on.
I. Have. No. Clue.
 However, I have found to my delight, (?) that I can run on it. 2-3 miles at a time. I know that doesn't sound like much, but for a..... ahem,  well,  for someone like me, It's huge! I've had this cold or whatever has been going around, and it lasts and lasts and lasts. So needless to say I haven't walked or ran very well for the past while. Pretty sporadically.
  Now tell me this,
 why is it so easy to break a good habit?
and so VERY easy to start bad ones?
Like, loafing around eating who knows what and not moving all day long? Calling myself sickly and telling myself it's OK to "rest" again.
So I pray for the desire to run and walk.
I do.

I have a son who is trying to quit smoking.
 I know this is a way way, way hard thing.
  I've told him that while he's doing this hard thing, I'll learn to run. A way hard thing for me.
 If he can do hard things, I can too.
I'm running for you, Roo.
 And when it's hard and I don't think I'm going to make it, (which is about 7/10's of the way through each mile) I pray. And I keep going.
 I pray that I'll have strength, and then I pray that my son will also have the strength to pass up that next erg to smoke. And the next one too.
I could never run by myself. Running is pretty physical, an I'm not very. 
But I want to run. 
I want to be fit and healthy.
I want to push ALL diseases away that can come to an overweight middle aged woman.
I want my son to reach his goal. And if he slips up, I want him to have the courage and strength to begin again.
So I pray.
For myself and  my "little Roo".
That we can meet our goals, and better our lives.
 desires and prayers of a mom.

 Blessings from the Stone House


cottageprims said...

Mercy~ You can do it girl! So great of you to try to push your son too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Julie Harward said...

A pretty wonderful mom I'd say...what a neat thing to be doing with and for your son! Good luck, I hate the dreadmill too but still have to use it sometimes! :D

Cowboy mom said...

Nothing is more powerful then prayer. Especially the prayer of a mother for her child. Keep it up!!!

Mimi Sue said...

Run??!! The Mr takes me over to the gym and I WALK on the treadmill! You rock! And so does your son. We'll be praying for you both too. Our son has tried to quit several times. Hope someday it will work for him too. Mimi

Eric and Caralee said...

I love you both! You can do it, and so can that wonderful son of yours! I had NO idea how difficult it was to stop smoking until I met my bro in law, who has quit only to start time and time again. But it's possible!! Brownie points to both of you! xoxo

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I'm so impressed that you can run for 2 to 3 miles!! I've been trying to run for almost two years. All I can do is run for 3 to 4 minutes (most people would call it jogging, but I want to imagine that I'm really running). I continue at a fast walk, but can't really run much after.
I hope you can get back to running. Do it while you can!! Hope your son quits smoking, too. Hold each other up!
Patricia :o)

Julie Harward said...

I do live in Wayne Co. but I don't know any Lee's..I don't think!

Parkers said...

See, you are my mom! J/K LOL! I love you so much, and when I read posts like this I am so jealous of your children, and am grateful for you! Keep up the exercise, you're an amazing woman, very inspirational! Love you!