Friday, January 14, 2011

canvas town and A BABY

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd share a few pictures of a favorite grandson toy. It's a town, painted on canvas. It was made for the Mr. and his brothers when they were children by one of their aunts. My own boys played with it, and now the grands love it too. It's 45" x77" .  I have no idea what year she made this,or what it's painted with, but the shops were all shops that were located in Roosevelt at that time.
 This is pretty much what the hospital that the Mr. was born in really looked like. It's the home health building now, and it still mostly looks like this.

 We don't have a railroad in the basin at all, nor is our airport building this big! But how can you make a town without a train or a big airport? lol

Lots of fun hours have been spent playing with this little town for 3 generations of boys here in the stone house. I love things that last and can be loved and passed down to be loved some more.
This is an exciting day for all of us, big brother and little brother came to spend the night last night because mom and dad went to the hospital early this morning to have a baby! (ya, big brother was not wanting this Kodak moment he he)

and to add to the boy mix,we throw in a girl cousin who came to play today cuz her mom went to the same hospital, where she will be one of the nurses for mom and new baby.

So while I was working on this post I got "the" call from our son. Our tiny new little granddaughter is here!!!!  Can't tell you anything more than that because they hadn't weighed her yet. Her dad said she was kinda bald tho.  ( like her Granna after her self haircut)  I always worry so much about
 both mom and baby and I'm so glad when labor and delivery is done and everyone is safe and well. I'll have to see about getting some pictures. I won't be able to go into town clear until the Mr. comes home  from work tonight and can sit with the chick-a-bees.  Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! (who is still nameless )

Blessings from the Stone House


cottageprims said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby.Those children look sweet but I'm sure they are full of mischief can see it in their eyes.LoL..Love the detail on the old floor cloth,truely a heirloom for your family.Warm Blessings!~Amy

adsgram said...

God Bless you all...what a wonderful day for you! Can't wait for pics and details on your new precious baby granddaughter. Have a wonderful weekend!


Mimi Sue said...

Another girl! Glad all went well. Expecting some pics when you get them. I'm going to be a mimi again in July. YAY! Stay safe on the icy roads. Mimi

Jo-Anne said...

How wonderful! Congratulations on your new little grand! I will be checking back soon to get all of her stats! haha!
Hope all is well. oxox

Gayle said...

What a wonderful, timeless toy - it's especially cool because of the local landmarks! I can totally understand why the boys love playing with it!

irslan said...

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